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zïppy (OCE)
: I agree, Crazy ShOtS .... If you block a troll it should never put you in the same games...
just look at my khaz game with the fkn dravern man.. says it fkn all
: You shouldn't be put with them, but you will be. Reported multiple trolls/afkers and I still get stuck with them often.
legit look at my fkn last game. look at the dravern- add me as a friend download the replay and watch it he runs down mid and watch him not get banned
Ingénue (OCE)
: It has been addressed in a recent[ dev post](, they know they screwed it up and they are looking to do a slight shuffle in diamond+ to try and get things back to how they should be. >We’ve also seen numerous matchmaking issues affecting players in Diamond and above. Some of this is expected since we rebalanced the top tiers and expanded the size of Master, as I noted in our previous update, but there are some legitimate issues we need to fix as well.
oh so we get our time wasted and Riot just says deal with it? or do we get some shit for this screw up?
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Arrowhead (OCE)
: I don't get how people who are leveling accounts don't realise that they are going to be playing with and against people their level, as if there are no noobs left in league of legends? Sure some people might be smurfing but if you're pre level 30 then get used to having those games where you either carry or lose horribly. Quit complaining. League isn't going to realise that you have played before on another account either, it's not like you will get any special attention when queuing either, everyone will go through it so get used to it and don't complain about bad teammates if you're pre 30 playing normal games.
imagine replying to what im asking instead of being a weirdo
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Gehirn (OCE)
: I think the part Seras Dragon may have left unaddressed is why your border from the 2017 season is gone. Borders are an indicator of your ranked performance in your most recent season. If you were honour 2 or above this year, then your border would have reflected your 2018 rank. But as your honour level disqualifies you for 2018 rewards your ranked border, or lack thereof, reflects that.
Honestly like how doing this with how long it takes to get it all back isn't addressed. I understand that being toxic shouldn't be left unpunished but we all know its a push towards people making new accounts and paying more money for the same skins... well done man great business move 10cent and riot XD
Asurine (OCE)
: they should have done it a long time ago too like wtf
how they only do it after every patch. this is the first patch since ranked has finished
Asurine (OCE)
: where the fuck are the gamemodes anymore?
they are on their way, there was no way they were going to waste their own time bringing them out during the last few months of ranked. pretty sure next patch will have a new game mode
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