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vSlyJam (OCE)
: Yes, its like that however. The problem with this is that, lvl 30s have access to full rune page, full mastery page. while the lvl 20s are what? only able to reach the one mastery keystone. thats the problem. Unable to fight back, obviously every lvl 30 will dominate.
I beat level 30s all the time on my smurfs. Sure I've been playing for longer but keystones/runes do not simply = guaranteed win Put it this way, if you learn to beat your opponents without the proper runes/masteries, imagine how easy it will be when you get them. The reason you are getting matched with 30s is because Riot doesn't want the matchmaking time to be long for normals. The longer you have to wait the less likely you are to play. So with that in mind, I say you take this opportunity to improve your skills, really master things like csing and map awareness that will improve your playing once you hit 30. The client is so buggy at times it doesn't switch runes and masteries over anyway. And I still win with the wrong build, vsing people at the same ELO as me. Think of it as a handicap for you to get better
vSlyJam (OCE)
: Riot, matchmaking is already fucked.
Level is not indicative of skill. I have plenty of friends that have played for years, know everything about the game and literally can't get out of Bronze V. And if it was indicative of skill, well you're getting some great practice and a good opportunity to improve on your skills
Corehog (OCE)
: Not really. It would be more like putting up "Speed Camera Ahead" signs, notifying avid speeders to slow down while they pass the speed camera, before continuing on their way, speeding.
Yes but you still end up with a greater positive effect in comparison to the lack of transparency. The ominous threat of something bad happening doesn't stop people from behaving "incorrectly". Humans respond well to prompts
: Lol I didn't read this post and I already agree with the title. Sorry OP I didn't bother to read but my opinion is, is that doesn't matter what you're gonna get perma'd for, you should get an official notice before saying "oh keep doing this and it will result in a permaban etc" Ok I should read your post gimme a second. Ok I read it. I feel bad for you...I don't use this account and I could totally give it to you but that's against Riot's stuff too so yeah...RIP...I don't play League now (I'm a noob/casual Dota player) but I'm still a 'law abiding citizen' xD (I play Dota now since you can go offline on that...if LoL had an offline version I wouldn't bat an eye at Dota)
Thanks for the kind words/offer man. I've got plenty of other accounts so I can play on them. I just find it ironic that Riot wants to increase transparency with behaviour, yet it's still glaringly cloudy
: bye
It's ok I'll still be around, making low division players tilt
: > This is what cost me my ~$800 account That's what you get for spending $800 on something that has absolutely no inherent proprietary value.
Was more than happy to support the game before they lost direction of their competitive gaming and became a nanny state. Have been playing since Season One
Corehog (OCE)
: The thing with the transparency you want is that it allows trolls to proactively avoid bans.
That's like saying putting up "Speed Camera Ahead" signs are a bad idea because it makes more drivers obey the speed limit
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Nez (OCE)
: Legit Riot, 6 seasons i've been playing and you have yet to fix it.. Riot you tools fix it already..
System is working as intended. You have the picture of progression dangled in front of you (Gold/Plat/Diamond). If they made it easier to get to the division you wanted, you would stop playing and stop spending money on the game. Realistically it's more or less another version of gambling
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TankerInc (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CrepeVictim,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=rscAKMRZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-05T05:41:56.401+0000) > > Sounds stupid doesn't it? That's because it is. So why do people do it? Because sometimes.. It is just easier to say " You fail " Then explain Freezing a lane. Pushing a lane. Last hitting. CS DOES MATTER. Move about in lane. Make your movement random. Not just side to side. Sometimes. You just want to say " I am sick of people like you. "
Unless they ask for help, they probably don't want your condescending input. Ever considered that? Everyone learns at their own pace. Abusing people or negative comments do no speed up this process.
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Ninox (OCE)
: It's not about profit. Banning someone unjustifiably would have the opposite effect anyway. The system doesn't discriminate. If he was punished then it means the system deemed his behaviour unacceptable, it doesn't matter who instigated it. If he believes the ban is made in error, he is free to either post his chat logs in the PB sub board for Marauder to look through, or to take it up with support. If he does not wish to do either then there is nothing we can do to help him.
Yup the system was just doing its job. I was swearing, I got reported for swearing; the game flagged me as toxic. Obviously I had too many chat restrictions in the past so the system dealt out a 14 day ban. Personally I don't mind a bit of banter in the game but it's a bit of a shame that if you swear and get reported for abuse, you will get flagged. That's what the chat filter is for right? I mean I've been flagged by an opponent I've beaten in lane, simply due to praising team mates with stuff like "f#€k yeah dude!" But the opponent has clicked verbal abuse because it has a higher likelihood.
: I would recommend only sending a ticket in if you forget to report someone at post-game or if the offence occurs out of game ( chat). The automated system works a lot better than you think.
Oh believe me, I know it works. Works so well it doesn't take in any other factors other than "did you do the wrong thing" and if so, you got ban
: If you submit a ticket to report a player the report will be forwarded to a member of the Player Behaviour team, an actual person :). But seeing as you reported in post-game, this is not needed. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Oh ok that's good to know. So basically, if someone is being abusive and a punish, just let the system take care of it. But in extreme situations, rather than reporting I should send in a ticket for potentially harsher (and presumably more accurate) punishment?
: Did you report them in the post-game screen? If not you can [submit a support ticket]( and they will forward the report on to the Player Behaviour team, however you won't receive any feedback on any punishment given as they're not allowed to release those details.
Yup, all four were reported. And when you say Player Behaviour team, you mean the automated system that determines if you get a chat restriction yeah? Because that one guy in particular (player #1) deserves more than that if you ask me
: Hey there, Could you remove the offending summoners names from your post as naming and shaming is NOT allowed on the boards and will only result in your thread being deleted.
I filtered the names....they aren't the real summoner names... But as requested. I just want these guys to actually receive punishment, they look like they do this every game.
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: > Basically I'm forced to smurf and ruin new players experiences. Good system :D Or you could accept your ban and not ruin another players experience. I doubt you are as saintly as you make yourself out to be. I'd say you are a pathological liar by the looks of your first post.
To be honest I've spent most of my time on my smurf coaching people, giving advice and encouraging good play. I don't get frustrated on this account as it is a smurf, so I don't get all riled up and lash out at people. But it is a shame for the people on the other team
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey, I'm more than happy to have a discussion with you about this. You should have received 3 chat logs in your email regarding this ban. If you post the chat logs to the Player Behaviour Sub board I will jump in that thread and we can talk about it.
Look to be honest, having a discussion would be a waste of your time and I don't want to do that. It's not going to undo my ban, you're just going to get frustrated so there is no win for anyone. I feel bad enough wasting your time as much as I have. Instead I'll just go have some fun of my smurf to remember why I actually play this game; for fun. At the end of the day, it's just a game and I think a lot of people (myself included) need to remember that. I had a guy do the post game add to rage at me the other day on this account. I asked him, if we we're instead playing a game of basketball, would your behaviour be acceptable? He later apologised when I performed exceptionally well the following game. Unfortunately LoL seems to have developed some undesirable social norms. That coupled with the huge issue of de-individualisation that affects all on-line gaming, creates a pretty nasty environment.
: > Don't you think there might be a bit of an issue if I'm having to report my entire team? An issue with what? That you were punished for your behavior? It doesn't matter who started it, because you'll both be equally wrong. Mute, report, and enjoy your account not being banned while the other people get punished. You don't get a 14 day ban for telling someone to sod off a couple times. You should share your reform card. Either this was the culmination of many games of negative attitude and a 10 and 25 game chat restriction that you felt did not indicate your behavior was wrong, or you did something so wrong that it required an escalated punishment (such as hate speech).
An issue with the community. If I'm having to mute and report an entire team. I just hear, time and time after again, that the victim gets punished. But it's fine, once the ban is lifted on that account I will only play with friends and mute every unknown player from now on. The social aspect is gone and I'm sure it wont be long until I get sick of it. Basically I'm forced to smurf and ruin new players experiences. Good system :D
: Hey CrepeVictim, You'll definitely want to mute players that are harassing you. Pings are more than sufficient for most of your communication needs, so there is no reason to let them bother you more than once. Retaliating against a toxic player can only make things worse. Not only is it likely to make that person redouble their trolling efforts or start tilting, you are probably becoming a problem to the other players as well. Trolls often are *wanting* you to get upset and show it, so the only way to not let them win is by not responding to them. Premade mass reporting has no greater effect on you than a single solo report in one match also; reports simply flag the match to be checked by the system, and more reports can't make the system check any harder. False reports are also filtered out, so if you just mute and not give their reports any value they will have no effect no matter how many report. They will even lose weight in their future reports for doing so. If you are unsure what it was that resulted in your punishment, please share your reform card so we can look over it. -DTN
Don't you think there might be a bit of an issue if I'm having to report my entire team? Are we beyond the point where we can be social in a video game? I NEVER instigate anyone on this game. I merely tell them to sod off if they're being a nuisance. Once again, this advice seems to indicate that the bully/bad guy wins in every situation. Good to know about the multiple report system though. Having said that, I still feel I was unfairly banned. Now I will just have to use this account and upset people by being a Diamond player in Silver
: Riot I need an answer now please!
And once again, it seems like I'm getting punished for being abused... The whole game everyone was abusing me, literally everyone on my team. Are you saying that I should have to mute the entire team?
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: Man id mod for free. I keep mentioning those 10-15 tos breakers i know that slip under the system no matter how many times i report them. Thats half a division group cleared of trolls right there.
I just thought RP might be an incentive to get people to do it. And I can see the cons of the system, providing certain players with powers that could be abused. But that's why you keep the team at a reasonable volume and punish those who abuse the power. But I totally agree with you, I've got to the point now where I have a list of tos breakers. If I see someone that looks familiar, look them up in the list. If they're in the list it's a dodge
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Tele (OCE)
: The bad guy never wins. What happens is by flaming at the other guy, you become just as bad as him. Think about it this way, if someone assaults, you what do you do? Go to the police right? Say you didn't do this, and went to his house with a baseball bat, and taught him a lesson. What would happen? Well, both you and the other guy are now up for assault charges. Same in life, same in League.
Comparing Riot's authority to that of the Police is almost cringe worthy. Not to mention going to the "Riot Police" actually has negative impact. Toxicity wise I used to be way worse and I never ONCE received anything worse than a chat restriction. No queue bans or anything. Majority of these guys do not receive punishment. I'm arguing that if a player has been bullying someone, the victim should have some leniency. I got my chat logs back this morning and all 3 examples had me requesting to report the abusers/bullies. No one ever reports those guys, everyone is out of post game lobby instantly. So you're 100% wrong, the bad guy wins 99% of the time, whilst the victim gets punished. Hell I'm not even negative when someone on my team is having a poor game because I don't want to ruin my chances of winning.
Tele (OCE)
: I can understand why you're frustrated, but Riot cannot excuse bad behavior because _"they started it"_, _"I was triggered"_ or _"they attacked me"_. Lets get something clear. **_Verbal abuse of any kind, from a victim or culprit, is not acceptable in League._** The rules apply to everyone. If you ever find any conversation in-game is beginning to get under your skin, please use these: 1. **The Mute button.** As soon as a conversation starts to become toxic, negative or unproductive, I suggest you mute them. If you choose not to, and begin a flame war with the other person, how can you not be to partly blame? Like I said before the rules apply to everyone, you're not excused from punishment because he was attacking you. The fact is, by flaming back you've done the same thing he did, and should get the same punishment. 2. **Report** People seem to believe they don't work. Chat related reports are actually extremely accurate and effective. If someone is clearly toxic, they will be punished. It doesn't matter if they use offensive language or passive-aggressive speech, the system will pick up on it. It will not though, identify that you were the victim and excuse you from verbal abuse offenses. 3. **Don't flame back.** There is no reason to respond to anyone who is toxic. It will never lead to a productive conclusion, it will never lead to an understanding and it will never lead to an end where someone wins. If you choose not to mute that's your choice, but just make sure you don't feed the fire. Concentrate on winning, not chat. 4. **De-escalate.** If someone does flame at you and you feel like helping them out. Respond in a respectful way that disarms the the situation. Usually blaming Riot is great for this ;) _"who the fuck fed lee sin, u guys are all shit"_ _"we all messed up, it's just riot balance is terrible, no champion should have that much damage and mobility lol :D"_ I hope this helps just a little bit. If you want more information on Riot's report system or behavioral research, I'd suggest checking out these 2 talks, [here]( and [here]( They go over what Riot's PhD psychologists think and act, when given common player behavior issues. You could also ask Riot Lyte any questions directly [here](
So basically what you're saying is the bad guys always win. School yard mentality. See how far you get in life with that attitude
: I think the issue is more that the instigator is also verbally abusing but receives no punishment. If it sounds retarded thats because it is, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Id name and shame a few people who i know get away with this crap but thatd break tos. And id get banned for trying to deliver justice to the people who actually need to get banned.
Yep, the people that are getting punished are realistically doing the wrong thing. There's no doubt about that. But the issue is there is someone instigating this reaction, that is not getting punished like you said
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: > [{quoted}](name=Url,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=RpVEoM0M,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-05T00:41:17.791+0000) > > YES YOU CANNOT CALL THE GUY SINGLE HANDIEDLY RUINING YOUR GAME A SPASTIC FUKING C*UNT, A GUY WHO IS REFUSING TO GROUP WITH EVERYONE AND REFUSING TO TEAM FIGHT AND CALLING EVERYONE GARBAGE YES DUDE Seems to me that you deserve the ban.
Such primary school mentality. Bully instigates, victim hits back. Victim gets punished
: For all those that think bronze is some sort of special ELO Hell
LOL I've played with PWN7, poor guy must get sick of this kind of crap (it's happened to us numerous times....having said that, he's abused me too so...) Welcome to High Platinum Gameplay!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Welcome to Player Behavior Sub board
If you receive enough verbal abuse reports (the "frustration" report most people go for), EVEN without evidence will the system chat restrict you? Furthermore, if you have had a chat restriction in the past, will frustration reports more easily restrict you? Basically what I've found is people will be disappointed in my performance for a game and I end up with the "verbal abuse" warning after a game. I barely talk in games now because some of the people I play with get me frustrated. And I'm playing a game so it should be fun right? This happens a few times and then I end up with a chat restriction. What I've found, is when this happens again after a chat restriction, it only takes one or two people to throw me back into a chat restriction. To be honest, that's why I play on this account now. My main account is basically in the toxic sin bin from what I can tell. Get matched with WAY more toxic players, which is kind of silly because the system has basically not given me an environment to improve if that is the case.
Zaps (OCE)
: Hey - the disconnection would have [been related to this issue]( - but this wouldn't have impacted the amount of LP you gained from the game - only the disconnection from the game.
Thanks for the quick reply! Just seemed odd as I had consistently been getting 20+ LP. It is crazy how often I end up on 99LP, I guess my MMR is significantly tanked at the moment
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: Reported for offensive language (but really for picking off meta champ)
Yup, just got a 10 game chat restriction because of the same thing. Player Malzahar Top, won lane but we ended up losing the game. Same duo reported me two games in a row, leading me to a chat restriction. THEN In the 10 games, I got reported for verbal abuse, when I literally DID NOT SAY A SINGLE THING LOL An automatic system is great when it works. The system at the moment, unfortunately, still has issues (such as my experience)
: Diamond 5 player looking for duo(s) to help get me back to Diamond 5
Anyone? Seriously, just need ONE other player. I literally always carry as Malzahar
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: 12 seconds champ select
I think the whole system as it is at the moment is redundant. You should be able to change who you're planning to pick at all times. I understand this is difficult in terms of UX, but I'm sure they could figure out a way
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: > [{quoted}](name=CrepeVictim,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=bURwIZJV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-22T03:50:25.603+0000) > > It is not exclusive to Silver. Every division is full of negative and insulting players, competitive games seem to attract those kind of people. There is nothing RIOT can do about it. Competitive online games bring out the worst in people this is the truth, it only gets worse. unfortunately for yourself you have passed the point of no return by enjoying the game, this game will consume every ounce of rationality you have and leave you a lifeless shell of your former self, and like a beaten wife you will crawl back for more, every time. we all sold our souls to the devil and we welcome you among the ranks of the souless. May the endless torment rest easy on your shoulders, as you attempt to carry yourself to the promised land. Peace is a lie.
Not sure if serious...but modern gaming is more or less time gambling
: I do have a friend but he plays ADC and i play mid, not a very good combo
That's a great combo, you just need to adjust your gameplay to your front line. Sit behind them and benefit off their good plays and even off their mistakes. I've had team mates get caught, but turned the situation around by counter catching the enemy. Jungle duo isn't all it's cracked up to be. Majority of the time your duo will be pre-occupied trying to help your team mates that don't listen to your requests to play carefully haha. Two players in two lanes, two out of three lanes controlled :)
DopeChikk (OCE)
: Salty Silver
It is not exclusive to Silver. Every division is full of negative and insulting players, competitive games seem to attract those kind of people. There is nothing RIOT can do about it. Competitive online games bring out the worst in people
Find another player or two that you get along with, and play with them. You will get out of Bronze easily if you think you've been shafted here
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: RIOT, this is literally ABSURD
AND, to top it off I got abused by my top laner because they lost their lane (apparently that's my fault) when I got bot kills and first drag. AND the best part is, I'll probably get banned because 99% of the game I was being nice, begging her to play properly, congratulating players and saying BL when something happened (when it was clearly their fault). And then I lost it, because now I'm going to get dropped in to low plat thanks to the grading game system. IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PLAY PROPERLY, DON'T PLAY RANKED
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