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shdwzone (OCE)
: Alistar Support
Tbh i trust in Braum... And Braum only {{champion:201}}
Nice idea.. but what about if one team just gets ganged up on??? kinda unfair then hah
: Rap battle thread
I get so much pussy they call me a placenta, My di*k is blowing up... JUST LIKE THE WORLD TRADE CENTRE!!!!!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Critterous,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=KlbetOlo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-24T10:36:40.228+0000) > > just saying if you play him now.. NO ONE absolutely no one knows wtf he does.. > So just play him and its basically freelo But with the tank meta everyone is trying to learn how to kite/BUILD FUCKING BORK and isnt yorick kite-able?
This is true... Except the part about the tank meta... Were out of that boy its all bout dem assassins
: Yorick Buff?
just saying if you play him now.. NO ONE absolutely no one knows wtf he does.. So just play him and its basically freelo
Bipolar (OCE)
: >7mbs down Meanwhile I get 500kbps. thank you telstra.
Lol u think thats bad... Im just out of range of one of those internet towers or something i get a SOLID 250kb/s - 300kb/s it used to be about 80kb/s but we got some stuff sorted out
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Rage all u like, because like some people they have BETTER stuff to do than play LoL all the time, such as study, i left BECAUSE of Tutor
Thats poor time management... you could of told us that you didn't have time and we would of got someone else
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: i made that ranked team remember...
Thats nice, and you're also the person to be kicked out of it because you don't know how to manage your time... "lets make this quick i got 10 minutes"
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: I was being helpful to the guy who made the convo, idm if he doesn't take my advice, but im being nice
If you were nice you wouldn't troll our ranked team games
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Well here's wat i did to get a feel of ranked: 1) Pre-season i yoloed it, people dont really play 'Serious' enough during pre-season, so i did pre-season pretty well Silver 5 :D 2) When the season starts, be careful of when ur playing! Take the time to try and main all lanes then u wont rage and feed like an ass cause u didn't get lane 3) Start ranked when ur confident enough, not when ur depressed, your emotions will affect ur play, believe all the people on the boards <3 That's really all i got. OH and if u get into bronze 5, just yolo it, seriously, yolo all of ur ranked games, i did it, got out asap, aka 1 day, but as soon as ur in bronze 4 play serious, remember the toxic crap in bronze 5 :/
now your stuck in bronze for ever and in low-priority queue 80% of the time Dont listen to this guy
: tips: Ban him
why would i ban a champ that has no carry potential
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: A Better System
Bump This is great Bump this
boy arms (OCE)
You can check Or BUT these are rough estimates of your MMR not 100% hope this helps
Oxx (OCE)
: 24 game win streak :D
Sweet Jesus, Well bloody done... Wish that happened to me in Ranked
dslxk (OCE)
: Ping Meter
Isn't it easier to go to and just check your speeds, takes about 30secs to 1 min :0
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: What's more accurate
ok thank you because lol king gave me 100 more mmr than guess they are just estimates thanks guys
: High Bronze - Silver Ranked team RECRUITMENT
Sorry we got a jungler we are now looking for a main support
: NAH, make poro king permanent, because that was SOOOOOOO fun and i think that it was the VERY BEST GAMEMODE EVER!!! (sarcasm, incase u didnt figure it out)
As if you didn't like poro King, I thought it was more fun than urf. (Opinion)
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: there is no such thing as high bronze. bronze is bronze. l3l
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Phalyx (OCE)
: It's not me doing it, im just trying to play the game aswell. Riot could be using my account to pause it?
Lol im so confused Although its not happening for my bro hes playing urf
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: What happened Riot?
According to OP.GG You shouldn't be struggling, your MMR is considered high for your league, The previous 2 game you had when you had 10 deaths in each game, maybe you just had a distraction or something ie- Tired, stressed or maybe just hungry. You should get back ontop of things your probs just on tilt, maybe play a few URF games they always lighten the mood
: was it that thing where you have to type "I agree" if so, don't worry. you get that the first time you leave a game since it was implemented.
O Yeah it was- Either way gonna wait till my internet fixes! Thanks Bro
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NiteDJ (OCE)
: Player Substitution in the event of AFK.
Alright --- First off this has been mentioned before a while back but here is my opinions. 1) Great Concept... Although it would be hard to find a balanced player to the one who just left 2) Since there is no LP loss players could go and feed as there are no consequences to there actions. (Sure you could report but you still lose LP right) 3) Smurfs... Speaks for itself And something else how would Player "X" get the option to substitute for Player "Y" who just AFK'ed, would it be an option in the menu screen or something or other --- Awesome Concept hard to execute (Just my thoughts)
Entrako (OCE)
: Toaster?
I believe when someone is referring to toaster (Previous experience) It's referring to how they take for ever to load in loading screens... E.G "Omg Nasus stop using a toaster as a modem" --- Don't know if this is what you're after
: No no, I don't mean game-commands. I mean things like swapping application focus (on Windows, Alt+Tab) or activating Sticky Keys (press and hold Shift for a few seconds).
A yes Command + Tab switches application
: U2bers.
Solwolf, Keyori, JayneeWasTaken, UberDanger, Sky and a bit of Aigey
: Does Mac feature any global shortcuts that involve Shift?
It does if you press Shift and Enter simultaneously it opens all chat Don't know if its the same for Windows
: Not sure if this is fate or not, but I actually experienced this myself very recently. Seems to be somewhat connected to opening the shop by key and closing it with the mouse. Spamming the shop open and close commands in various ways fixed it for me. It might just be a ghost shop staying open but invisible, which is ultimately a bug. We can't really make a bug report about this because there's no way to consistently replicate it. Hopefully they'll spot it out.
GOT THE ANSWER MAC USERS!!!!!! When this happens tap shift and enter a couple of times it should go away.. Really Really weird but it works
: I did not know you were on Mac. But still, it has accessibility options, just not by the same names. Nevertheless you can still try what I've suggested, just do it for Mac. I've never used a Mac myself, though, so you'd know how to navigate its menus more than I.
Yeah oh well it hasnt happened in a while just keeping my hopes up
: Did you accidentally enable stick keys? What that does is hold down the command keys for you, and waits until you press them again. The click would only turn red if you're holding down Shift while clicking, with the default key configurations. Go into your Control Panel, and disable all shortcuts set to automatically enable accessibility options.
Hmm.. Don't think so unless Mac has sticky keys
: PulseFire Ezreal Disabled?
Pulsfire Ezreal had a bug were when he used his ultimate, a bunch of random blue squares appeared around the ULT and it would be rather annoying .. Happened in a Siv HD stream
Vext (OCE)
: Hey I seem to have the same issue, although I'm still able to move.
Yeah im still able to move but i cant do much else
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Envidia (OCE)
: Street art singed
Dude... This sounds bloody awesome
Holland (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riso,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=tVa1681c,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-14T23:18:30.183+0000) > > Quinn.... Just Quinn I heard quin is really good since not many people play her so people don't really know how to counter hey which makes her laning really good.
Quinn MAINS ARE THE BOMB!!!! Quinn is nice mechanics are pretty easy, Give her a try {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}}
: *waves from silver*
Brucey (OCE)
: does it have to be bronze i want to join a team and I'm happy to do mid but I'm s2, s1 in a few wins???
Man of course not :) We just needed someone, and I was trying to offer to bronze players because anything higher and we would probs be seen as noobs compared to someone higher :) But man we will be happy to Take you on send me a friend request and ill add you to the team
: I'm bronze 3 I was bronze 1 but as you know bronze life is terrorble and I got out with some horrorble teams I will be your kid laner tho :3
Seems like your on a bit of a losing streak ahha! I'll get back to you :)
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Zazuu (OCE)
: How to Jungle S5 | Lee Sin Guide | Full Gameplay Commentary | Keep Calm ...
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Recruiting Bronze (Yes Bronze)
Check my profile out... I main ADC and MID main champs for adc are Quinn, Varus and Mid i have a variety of champs... IGN is Critterous (if u didn't see it on the top of this message) But yea contact me
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