: supp main, can play mid and adc to some extent. Bad jungler. Will probably end up unintentionally feeding in top lane. bronze one piece of shit who tries their best. hasn't been ranked in flex. plays at least in the afternoon n.z time. not overly tilt proof, so i might need to quit pretty early on and play a different game. has a relatively small champion pool. isn't very aggressive either.
Sent you a friend request <3
: IGN: Blazeinfernal Mid main Thanks
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: supp main good italian boy nice english accent silver 3 ex-silver 1 before changing server really want to play team ranked games ^-^
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d3viant (OCE)
: Hey mate, Silver 2 atm, and I play mid lane. Thanks, dangerrlad
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Pohps (OCE)
: Hey Crunchy, I am an active player and I would be happy to join your team. Regards, Pohps
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: > No minimum rank required Even a pathetic, skill-less Bronze V no-life such as myself?
Sent you a friend request <3
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: not in club but im club leader
Same problem ! Club members can see me inside the club but i appear offline. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}


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