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Com Blue (OCE)
: Map editor
There used to be a program that would customise summoners rift. It would simply change textures and such by giving it winter themes and such, though the program is no longer supported. The program is no longer supported because it probably tampered with League's local files which Riot isn't a fan of so I doubt they'd allow you to create a map and import it into the game. But who knows :^)
: Is Nocturne a Darkin?
The Darkins have the common letter of 'a' in their name (Aatrox, Varus, Rhaast). Nocturne doesn't have that letter so I presume he isn't. Also, the other Darkins don't have any specific interactions/quotes with Nocturne which goes to show that the other Darkin don't know him (pretty sure the Darkins were created in one spot).
Antonis8 (EUNE)
: Penalty for dodges should be increased
Are you sure the dodge penalty is only five minutes? I swear I've seen some longer than that, but I could be wrong. Either way, I don't see the issue with someone dodging? They're simply unhappy with the role they're given or that their desired champ has been banned so they decided that instead of having a bad game they'd prefer to wait a few minutes in hopes to get their desired position and champion to have an enjoyable match. I find it quite hard to believe that you were in queue for more than an hour and a half. I presume you were playing summoners rift ranked with the wait time being approx. 3 minutes before a match was found. Like @Fizz Mortune said, you must have been picking something quite odd to have that many dodges. If that isn't the reason then you must be quite the unlucky person or the fact that you're in silver.
TokSarga (OCE)
: How to claim my arcade corki skin?
You can try sending an image of your ticket or whatever it is to riot support under the proper area and they should get back to you with either telling you how to use it or simply adding whatever it is to your account.
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SenpaiTD (OCE)
: Ping
You could simply use a website to discover your ping. I use personally.
PurpIe (OCE)
: PBE OCE sign ups 🔧
The guidelines for a PBE account is linked here: Though I wouldn't recommend trying to get a PBE account as the server is located in NA therefore you would have 100~250 ms which is quite difficult to play with.
: Bots (AI players)
The bot did end up doing better than the ADC X3.
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: Honor Idea
This idea seems interesting but you can simply tell them good job or something in the chat so there is really no point to that idea and would simply be more work for Riot. Still interesting though.
: Why cant I view my owned skins ????
I believe Riot has reported that they plan to make a new tab/feature to their client where you can view all skins owned on your profile which acts much like the champions tab where you can view all and owned champions. I cannot find the link to where they posted this but if I find it i'll notify you. NOTE: I may not be 100% correct on this


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