: It’s My Party Now
When is this over so I can play and enjoy this game again?
Tele (OCE)
: Who works for product management at Riot? This is unacceptable...
Concerts with well over 80,000 seats available sell out in minutes.. You really thought something with such high demand as you put it would last??
: How to we repoet players with bought accounts?
Why you wanna repoet them. Its their poets. Have some artistic integrity..
Bipolar (OCE)
: Someone help me understand.
You're a toxic person on the boards and toxic in game regularly. You also only showed the end game lobby chat. With EVERYONE saying you were toxic and you having a history of being toxic its safe to say you were most likely toxic with the reason of "its just norms".
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Riot OCE Ranked 5s!
Want some cheese with your wine?
: That sad moment when you realise you've spent over $1500 dollars on a free to play game {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
And this is how WoW was destroyed. By simplifying everything and making it easier for newer people. Like yeah help them a little but this is a bit much don't you think.
Erøse (OCE)
: Gift me royal shaco :D?
This is your second post in less days asking for this skin. Want to add me in game and have a game while I use it?
: I personally don't trust it, it sounds super fun and I'd probably do it but it feels a little sus. The fact that it's only Summoners Rift and only Normals - Blind Pick just feels very off to me Also: >What if I don't have a Alistar Champion, do I still get the Black Alistar Skin? > >Yes. You may use Black Alistar upon purchasing the Champion. That doesn't make any sense to me, cause I unlocked the Medieval Twitch, Grey Warwick, Riot Girl Tristana and Dreadknight Garen skins through the Refer a Friend and FB + Twitter promotions and they all unlocked the champions. They didn't "become available when I bought the champion" they give you the champion with the skin if you don't already own it. So yeah I don't believe it but hey we'll find out for sure in 2 days lol
Notice how you were looking at a GARENA page?
og1764 (OCE)
: Legitimacy of the 25 Day Challenge
Its garena only it seems atm.. fingers crossed we get it over here.. On other servers they get black ali. I think its brazil or something
: Thanks for clarifying that. I was about to re edited my post below to include that. Cheerz =)
All good, I knew exactly what you meant.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey man, I get that its frustrating and it sucks. I've been through games like that myself. I would like to talk about that very interesting point you bought up. Learning = winning, I really would say learning happens regardless of wins or losses. I get the last bit though playing for fun, winning is fun so you play to win. I would say though that for me, when I grind ranked or play League of Legends in general I strive to get enjoyment and fun out of losses and wins. My main way to do this is that I find it fun to slowly master a champion, or get better at this game regardless of the result. Don't get me wrong winning is always more fun haha but its great when you can take something away from every loss as well. It's impossible to win every game, in fact unless you are literally faker its probably impossible to win 60% of your games. With that in mind, to find fun in most of your games you need to find something thats fun about league of Legends regardless of the outcome of the game.
He actually had it correct. Learning = Winning. Your response would hold true had he said "Winning = Learning". He wasn't claiming that he only learns through wins. He was simply stating when you learn, you win.
Ahzoos (OCE)
: y do u take time out of ur life to harass people cause they just dont care about making everything they say make sense. most of the time if it doesnt make sense u still know what they are saying. so plz can u be considerate of others before typing of the internet
Ok now I would like to ask where did I harass anyone for anything??I actually took time out of my life to help. I answered your question. Well I answered your question to the best of my ability as I obviously didn't understand your question completely, due to the lack of basic grammar and spelling. I was not harassing you nor making fun of you in anyway shape or form. Merely stating why I answered the question the way I did. Now I ask you seeing as you paint me with that paint brush. If you ever feel the need to reply to me correct your spelling. It literally hurt to read that. And the forums literally give you a squiggly red line under your incorrect spelling to help you correct it. I came on here to help you. But it was made difficult due to YOU.
: I wish people would read the question, he meant do you keep the border skin forever. Also the answer is yes.
Well his lack of basic grammar and spelling makes it possible for his question to be taken two ways. 1) Do you get to keep the borders forever. 2) Are you able to get the borders forever. I assumed the fact you kept the borders forever would be a given and most people would use their common sense to work that one out.
: Vayne and jinx so weak plz buff -_-
Maraudaur (OCE)
: If you buy the bundle in the first week you will get the loading screen First Strike borders
What happens if you get them in mystery gifts?
Ahzoos (OCE)
: do u get the project skins border forever or no
Do people even bother reading anything for themselves? To answer your question. No you don't. You have one week.
GigaPube (OCE)
: lol of course you like brofresco hahahaha
Wish I could upvote twice.
: I'm commenting from my smurf because of someone who was cursing at some other guy telling him if your upset go kill yourself(because he said he was done) This is not the full story and I'm missing key bits because it is not necessary for everyone in this chat to hear. and I'm Mutley not this guy. Now that, that's over. Go ahead try vs bots in the howling abyss, because unless bots were recently added into the Howling Abyss It is impossible to verse bots. P.S. this Summoner is level 13 so he was probably versing brand new people how don't know about the 'Unique passives' on items that's the logical answer for why the other Summoners had 2 boots.
Ps your trying to belittle me and you have no actual idea at all on what your talking about.. I KNOW you CANT play bots in aram (howling abyss) BUT it DOESNT STOP OTHER PEOPLE from using SCRIPTS TO BOT. But yeah sure 6 out of 10 people bought 2 pairs of boots and have a very similar build.. Yep just cause they are new.. As someone who JUST leveled a smurf... THERE ARE LOADS OF BOTS IN THE LOWER LEVEL ARAM CUES. Sorry to say. Your wrong and its fact...
: You can't verse bots in ARAM because bots when they get low will return to base and heal up you can't return to base and heal up so bots with spend 3-4 mins waiting to heal slowly. So Riot just removed bots from the abyss.
Are you serious............ Like not even kidding me?? He was vsing bots.. Ffs half the people bought two sets of boots??? It's people OUTSIDE of riot setting up bots.. With scripts set on how to play.. Notice their builds and the TWO pairs of boots?? Then look at the scores... And think hmmm this lvl 17 went 61/3/24........... Put 3 and 3 together and make 8 already. Edit. I LOVE how you've commented from your smurf.. I'm assuming you AND op are one in the same??
: 'If' is key here tho. and even so the move to OCE from NA will have prompted more people to start playing due to ping and community reasons. but because RaF wasn't available here when the server was created so everyone missed the chance to get these skins then.
Im sorry to say but from riots point of view (not mine I don't see why they took it away). It sounds like a you problem. If you can't tell companies promote and reward loyal and long time consumers. It's like all the other limited skins only available a long time ago.
: "Thanks for participating over the years" how many years has it been active on oce exactly??
Also. If players started playing before OCE had their own dedicated server.. Then people could of and would of been participating for years...
: i had 4 refferals and 1 of them was only level nine , if he gets to lvl 10 will i still get a skin or no?
4 referrals, and only one made it to lvl 9? Yeah sorry mate you get nothing. They had to be level 10 by yesterday.
Eshe (OCE)
: This has a bunch of contradicting dates thrown into this article. Forgive me, but I'm just trying to shed some light on this. So the actual page was shut down as of yesterday (**Sept 5th**), and the entire program itself expires within a months time, so by **October 5th** we will be unable to send support tickets in regards to any unclaimed rewards we may have earned for the program. > In the meantime, RAF remains fully operational, so you can still earn up to 5000 IP, as well as Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch **by referring five friends before August 20** Riot? It's now _September_, not August. Therefore by your statement above no one can earn any of the rewards because that date has already passed. Can you please correct/clarify so that other people aren't confused/upset.
Ok. So you have obviously jumped on the damn rito band wagon without really looking into the matter for yourself. There email sent out by riot has already been questioned and spoken about on the NA boards.. The email was incorrect. the dates where wrong. The email said the 20th of August but the actual post made by riot and posted by riot.. Said 30 days ending the 5th of september. As for the 5th of october. That is when the SUPPORT for RaF is finalized nothing more. The actual page and the referral system have finished and are no more. If you didn't have 5 friends make it to lvl 10 no medieval twitch for chu. I got it. Looks sick.
: Epic game on ARAM
You made a brag post for beating BOTS in a game of aram.. Would you like a cookie? Plus I'm 110% sure this is in the wrong board.
: Update: Refer-a-Friend now retired
Literally just made it in to get the skins. Thank you riot. and my 5 friends..
Essembie (OCE)
: Jango and bobba are clones according to the prequels
Im not full into star wars. Just enjoy them. But if thats the case wouldn't that make them all clones of Jango? And i only say jango cause you see him without a mask.
: I'd rather something like that for Yi... oh wait, we already do. A Star Wars themed team would be great, Wukong, Yi, Fiora, anyone with a sword would be cool.
Maybe even a boba fett for an adc skin as well. if only lucas would let them. Edit.. Or use Jango fett which would have to be lucian of course...
Grimoire0 (OCE)
: A very interesting champion idea!!!!! MUST READ!!!!!
Controlling space would be ap as well. Both are forms or "magic". It doesn't fit at all with him being ad.
Existance (OCE)
: How do you CC someone who isn't targetable? either you know nothing about yi, or you're just an idiot.
So you're really complaining so hard about ONE move... And here I was thinking it was his ult which gets him in there to do the damage and he can't be slowed.. But nope.. His q.. Seriously? ok.
Erøse (OCE)
: Once again Rito's balancing is f**ked
Oh nooo they nerfed the number 1 mid......... Go to bunnings.. Buy some wood... Build a bridge..
layowin (OCE)
: I belive your on about the E skill that only effects AA no dmg from it
You said you've left all the damage out. And it says anyone who gets close burns. Fire = damage imo so I assumed it would naturally hurt them as well.
layowin (OCE)
: Champion Idea
So basically he's an amalgamation of a few peoples ults?? The idea of the two headed dog is good. None of his moves work though unfortunately. Sorry his e isnt someones ult. Its {{item:3110}} and {{item:3068}}
Cabbages (OCE)
: WHEN WILL RIOT LISTEN AND NERF YI!?????? Please help show your support guys
Can't be slowed. BUT drop some hard cc on him... DEAD... Generally no ifs buts or maybes.. DEAD.
: Looking for people to play with casually (for fun!)
: New Skarner no longer a duelist
Oh please riot. Change the champion with the highest win ratios in game atm.. Cause hes not strong enough.....
: Do you still get the PROJECT borders on the loading screen if you get a PROJECT skin from a gift?
Yeah you do. Iv been gifted all 3 ultimate skins and I got the boarders and icons to go with them.
Jink (OCE)
: Yeah but hitting people with a cricket bat is Australian.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Would've gladly
But DID you? Hell I would of gladly pre-ordered it. But I didn't know about it back then. But the fact of the matter is. You didn't pay for it. So why should anyone else who wants to play pay for it? Generally when games get as many players as lol they generally make the game cheaper or even free not the other way around. It simply doesn't make any sense from a business point of view either. It would most likely drop their revenue. Because I for one would probably not of spent upwards of $4000 on this game had it not been free.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Should:
Did you pay for it?
Brucey (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CryptozoicMan,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=zZLfwQIT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-31T07:20:12.365+0000) > > I don't think riot should do something like this. It will make it too easy for people to hack someone else's account and to just send all their skins to someone else. I think they should implement something similar to the skin boost in aram. We should be able to LEND our skins to people for a single game. Thats why the rule is to never give out passwords and change them every once and awhile to keep them from getting into your account.
I said HACK not steal. Having someones password doesn't make you a hacker. It;s like the kids on facebook.. "hacked" no you didn't hack their facebook it was already logged in... People can hack without having your password..
: Your just pure toxic scum.
Oh no sorry not you. snaketown.
Bipolar (OCE)
: ***
Hahaha. Just showed your age there child. And I prefer the term white trash..
Bipolar (OCE)
: ***
How did you guess I live in a basement?? I didn't know being bipolar meant your psychic. Oh and before you say I'm 12, I'm not... I'm 14 but my teachers say I read at a 18 year old level. So I think I'm winning :D
: Great, Riot have proven they don't care about you or me.
Iv had games with bot 1 bot 2 and bot 3 before
Bipolar (OCE)
: ***
Go chase a bouncy ball on the highway child.
Brucey (OCE)
: Will riot ever do skin trading with friends
I don't think riot should do something like this. It will make it too easy for people to hack someone else's account and to just send all their skins to someone else. I think they should implement something similar to the skin boost in aram. We should be able to LEND our skins to people for a single game.
: 1: im 21 if you look on YouTube many of the guys like anklespankin twiger lol stone wall so on are all 20 or over 2: how am I toxic I haven't been toxic to you this entire time so what's with dat Edited YOU are the toxic player 3: how do I lack common sense 4: I know most likely your the 12 year old behind the screen saying that non toxic players are toxic PS don't talk to me again
40% plus 60% = 100%. It was your words i quoted...... you said 40% of players are 16-20 and 60% of players are anywhere between 1-15........ Thats 100% ergo. You stated that no one over the age of 20 plays lol.... You lack common sense even in your response and lack of ability to understand even what you say yourself. I'm actually 25 but yeah ill go along with being 12 it doesn't phase me in the slightest... Your toxic to a very large amount of people on these forums. Im just pointing it out and reporting you for it. Its purely disgusting the way you an apparent 21 year old acts..
: I need hugs plz some one
Is this were people abuse you? For being emotional. Like you do to so many others?
: ***
Your just pure toxic scum.
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