: Patch 7.1 notes
So once more Riot releases skins for champs that have WAY TOO MANY SKINS! Can we get some skins for champs that don't have a lot like Syndra? She's got 4 skins and I wouldn't even consider the Queen of Diamonds Syndra skin a skin because it adds nothing except for a retexture.
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: 4 days left to get diamond.... fuk it, no way{{summoner:14}}
ay I feel u boi, can't get past plat 2 feels good man
WetWorker (OCE)
: Smurfing and boosting
A lot of them have friends who play so instead of inting their way to bronze, they just take their friends account.
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
Plants? Really? I mean Im all for pre season changes but this is too much useless RNG.
: How do I get an S+ for this!?!!?
Played another game and got an S, but like my CS was shit cuz I was APC Karthus and I hate CSing with Karthus anyway thanks all
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: En garde! Fiora Splash Update
So which artist does the reworks for the skins like Fioras, Sions and Nidalees? They all seem to be by the same guy and Id love to check out his other works.
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Atylia (OCE)
: Holy crap the client is so fkd
I dodged 4 queue pops on my smurf DESPITE accepting the ready check. Riot really should extend our free IP weekend.
: End of Season Rewards
Probably after worlds? I mean, the season usually ends around early-mid November so yea.
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: **GREAT!! :D The 10 bans will be a god-send to all of us!** 6 bans may have been appropriate when there wasn't so many champions, but now there are 131 of them and there are more than just 6 problem children. and having champs that 'have' to be banned, ends up wasting so many of the bans, _(in all the ranked games I've played this year, I'm pretty sure there were only 4 games in which Zed **wasn't** banned.)_ As for champion select being too long; champ select is the most stressful and most strategic point of the entire game. As such I personally don't see any problem with it being extended. _(I would much rather have a 15 minute banning phase, than play a 40 minute game against Yasuo/Zed/Vayne/Katarina etc etc.)_ as for the extreme scenario of needing 11 champions to play (12 really if you include the enemy team's pick) i don't think this will be a problem at all. Firstly because most people gold and below (the majority of the player base) just have 1 champ that they play, and when that champ is banned, they rage and then go afk anyway. So it doesn't matter if you have 1 ban or 100., they still have no one else to play. and as for plat and above, they are much smarter than to ban 10 champs of the same role. Secondly because the chances of it happening are a million to one, and it is impractical to remove a feature that will help 99.9999% of players, just because theres a chance that 1 person in a million **might** have a bad time. Thirdly, i don't even think that having your 10 main champs banned will even be a problem at all. Im a mid laner. Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Azir, Karthus, Syndra, Anivia, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Lissandra and Galio (my main 10) could all be banned and i could still have many many many options left open to me. And I'm just a silver player. The only people who will be affected by this are the people who only ever play the same champions over and over again, and those people are already problematic. Fourthly, Its completely in your control Riot! if you dont want 10 mid laners banned, then consider taking Yasuo down a peg so he isn't banned all the time, or maybe Kat? or Zed? or one of the numerous other problem assassins? if 10 champs of the same role are being banned, its becasue theres a major problem with that role, so if you make sure than the champs and the roles are balanced... there shouldn't be any problems! as for needing more champions in order to play ranked; this is a good thing, the main reason for being stuck in bronze is that you jumped too early into ranked. needing more champs just increases the time before making that fatal mistake. (also 20 champs is a much nicer number than 16)
You make some good points about the banning phase and tbh shifted my view on the 10 ban change (originally was against it), though I wouldn't say high most elo players have a huge champ pool. :P I one tricked Syndra from Bronze 3 to Plat 2 promos and I'm still going well. (Took me a shit ton of matches but my ability to carry has improved immensely over this time).
Hyde (OCE)
: Who was your first champion you really picked up?
Nidalee until I realised spamming her mid after the nerfs for 184 games was the only thing keeping me in bronze and I managed to climb out bronze to silver due to luck while playing her. Got to gold from bronze 3 this season playing a mix between swain/syndra and from gold to plat just playing syndra. I have a shit champ pool but I play her wherever and *usually* win.
: Ahhh yes, Ekko!
Thing is, I wasn't facing him. He just outscaled all of us and with his low cooldowns (especially on his e) and his insane tankiness he was unstoppable. But you have good points and just because you're bronze doesn't mean what you say is invalid :)
SpookyGrr (EUW)
: Ekko's ultimate
Lmfao and I just made a post about how overloaded ekko is. No, he doesn't need any buffs, he needs another good nerf to the ground, preferably his w passive and the slow from his actual passive.
: Is this image offensive to you (AUs)?
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: State of the Season: Mid-season followup
You're reworking Ryze again? Really? Ryze can be shut down but once he's snowballed he's really hard to stop. I'd think lay off touching him for a while instead of buffing him, because that's the least we need to do.
EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! I was playing Swain and wanted to BM abit and I couldn't :~( HELP RITO
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
What are your thoughts on Swain? I'd really like to know if you plan on buffing him/modifying him. Maybe even a rework? If you can't do anything like that, maybe buffing his early game would help as he's way too weak early and gets crushed by most champs.
: You know, I don't usually say this, but Cho'Gath is probably the most broken champion in the game
That's true, the fact that his W silences is rediculous. And when people say "its easy to dodge" it really isn't. It's a 2.5 second silence that completely screws over one's team. And yeah, all he needs is one RoA and builds full tank and does more damage than some mid laners.
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