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I'm thinking the caps lock had something to do with it.
Olee (OCE)
: Has anyone, ever, so far in Season 6, gotten their first pref in Ranked? Is it actually possible?
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: Free Coaching (Everyone is welcome I guess)
Hey there, currently silver 1 maining ADC and Top this time around, i have taken up Sivir and Caitlyn tossing in an Ezreal when i feel my team has a lack of peel or the enemy has lots of engage. I would appreciate some feed back on what i am doing right and/or wrong. Cupidism is my IGN as well, i look forward to hearing from you.
: These god damn queue times.
I have started playing top and adc i rarely wait more than 2-3mins
: well just gave free lp to the one retard that i got matched against 3 times in a row and curb stomped every time. Because i got matched with an even bigger retard 3 times in a row, and god knows im not gonna dodge because fuck waiting 2 hours just to get the same people anyway. This shit is why i smoke cigarettes, stupid people legitimately stress me out, like league is so fucking easy, how many brain cells need to be defective for you to fuck it up. like in life only 3 things make me pissed off to the point of violent tendancies. Third wave feminists. Shitty league players. And fundamentalist christians. All three of these people are retarded. So we can sum it up to retarded people make me want to a punch a hole in their face. Because when im not interacting with these walking pieces of trash im actually a really fucking nice bloke and super calm and collected. Put me infront of mr 2/12 "hur dur jg plox gank" and ill fucking rip his face off.
I am going to give you a piece of advice that i would honestly like you to try for a week and just see how it all goes. every game. mute everyone or hide the chat screen. don't ever type to a single person. if you need to communicate with your team use the in game pings. ping twice to give everyone a better chance of seeing it. Do this for missing from lanes. ping objectives when you want to do them. use the asking for assistance to let your jungler know you need help. It sounds like you tilt very easily and the chat is the biggest reason you can start tilting or tilt you further. Beyond that look at playing safer than you currently do, it may result in less kills. but getting killed is far worse. Finally looking at your top champions Jarvan is probably the only one of them you should be playing.. try picking up malphite as a main. top or jungle.. hell even as a support. he is beefy and can output some nice damage to boot. I am just trying to help and i won't bother replying if all i read is excuses why you 'can't' try and do these things.
: How to climb out of bronze
You tube has a few players who coach others and post the videos. I found these to be hugely helpful for me last year. I used to just play for poops and giggles doing whatever i wanted. once i was i told there were free goodies to be had at the end of a season i started up ranked. languished in bronze for ages until i watched a few of these coaching videos. I think Veggematic was one. but pick a position or champ type that 'adc coaching' into you tube and watch a few videos they point out some very basic stuff that i had never considered before and got me into gold last season. I found vegge and.. lastshadow good because they would pause and draw on the screen to explain all the things.
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: What's up with the wait time when selecting jungle for Primary and top or mid Secondary.
Q: What's up with the wait time when selecting jungle for Primary and top or mid Secondary A: A larger number of people have chosen the same roles, limiting the 'open' slots.
: Desprately needing help, Solo Q isn't the same.
I've only just started playing again i reached gold last season and stopped because i just wanted the freebies. But the differences between this season and last season so far to me mostly seem to be in the pre game screen. Previously you landed in a game and called a role or got left with one (i used to fill because i can play a champ in most lanes just fine) but this season you seem to pre pick what roles you want, you could be facing people who are playing roles they are familiar with more consistently which would make matches a little harder when vsing people in their comfort lanes. I decided on maining in the jungle with Shaco and running Support as my secondary. I think if you are struggling to win games maybe drop back into the support role for awhile until you get some confidence and wins back. From reading through the posts Leona sounds like she would be a great support pick for you. all the stuns and engage potential, or just all the peel for your ADC (depending on the flow of the game) and at least in the support role the pressure of 'carrying' the game isn't there, you just have to keep your ADC alive. That would be my suggestion on what to try if you're in a slump. hope you recover from the slump soon o7
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: Dynamic Queue Ranked LF Top & Support Mains High Bronze/Low Silver
I'm still going through my placements for this season i suspect i'll end up in silver again, but i Shaco main and support secondary always looking to play with people consistently (playing support is much nicer when you can guess what your partner is likely to do. feel free to add me if you ever need a support for a game or two. o/
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
what does a player manager working for riot do? (i am a slum lord casual player who just found this forum today so my ignorance is completely rational)
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: Tilts in silver IV
I have been playing Mobas for a while now. I played League with a few friends on occasion and was pretty much ignoring any strategy relating to League itself, I recently set myself a goal of hitting gold for this year. My placement matches put me in silver 4 and i climbed from there, The win loss streak you are having a i had as well. Though it happened during my promos from silver 1 to gold 5. I went through this 4 times before i finally broke through. I found that it was a mixture of myself just having a sub par match and getting outplayed (it happens, don't let it get you down try to learn from it instead) and a few matches where the trolls came out to play. Regardless, the skill difference between these tiers pretty much doesn't exist. if you're on a losing streak, play an easier champ your comfortable. also don't re queue straight away, give it 10 minutes or so before you play the next match. Otherwise if you are really struggling it could be your game play has some flaws that are hurting your games.


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