Elentium (OCE)
: Problem with Ranked MM
: Thank You
Riot wont gift me they are too scared ;^p
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Is the shortlist coming out later today???{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Hmm I am really curious if the community will troll when they have to vote.
Oneechan (OCE)
: I always imagined a fight between Kat and Talon to be more even, but you make it believable. I would love to read a rematch between these two!
Thanks man, I would probably make a rematch between kat and talon if there are anymore upcoming fan fic.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: cool add that info into the description the delay and why you think its fun to play with. Excited to see the W
I have added the W in and update the Q.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: "Why it's fun to play against and how it should be used - I will be fun to play against this ability by trying to predict or dodge her Q. Or you can try to get behind her causing her to miss her Q and then secure the kill. You can out play her in most parts if you can just bait out the Q." Does this still stand with the new Q? How does it materialise? is there still a delay on it? how thin/thick is the line? What do you think makes the new Q fun to play with?
Yes it could stand with the Q. The delay will be like 1 seconds cast so you do have some time to predict and dodge the Q. It be as thick like a morgana's snare but just a little bit bigger. I also think this is a fun ability to play with because when you cast it it will look cool, if you hit it it does great damage since you are maxing this ability first and since it also does aoe damage it will be really good at team fights.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: feedback on the Q, this is just Karthus's Q =) remember it needs to be a unique mechanic.
i have updated it.
RonyStark (OCE)
: you mean Ventus, they Keyblade user?
ummm idk wat u are talking about Ventus in latin means wind.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey dude, Sounds like a cool concept had a couple of questions; Why did you decide to go for armour over magic resistance? Do you think only having a down time of 10-15 seconds is enough for you to play against? Under why it is fun to play against you have listed playing passive as a fun aspect, which imo doesn't really fit here you are forced into playing passive because this passive means they will always out trade unless you fight within the 10-15 second window. Also relying on a 2 v 1 to win the match up doesn't sound very balanced. Do you think there is anything you can do to adjust the passive so that it is skillful and fun to play around in a 1 v 1 scenario?
Well first of all i decided to go for the armor instead of the magic resistance because most or some of the ap items you will be getting will give you the magic resistance, i think you could bring the the cool down to a 30/40 seconds cool down and i think you could deal some serious damage when she doesn't have the armor and movement speed. Since the cool down has increased you will have a good amount on time to possibly burst her and secure the kill, if she doesn't outplay you. If you are gonna 1v1 her you should try to focus on dealing as much damage and then wait for the passive to die out and then go back in. Or you can just go ham and try to kill her i guess because the passive only last for 3 seconds.
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: Katarina X Talon Awwwwww{{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} Story is pretty interesting and suspenseful{{item:2050}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thanks for the support. <3
: Why are you and your friend lying for attention?
Well you keep carrying on. And they are just trying to defend them self's.
: Which editorial company?
As the CEO him self.
: I mean one of them said that this was a great drawing, and another said he wants to hire you for a job at an editorial company, based on nothing but a ~1000 word Kat-Talon fanfic.....seems pretty bogus to me.
Well my friend is in an editorial company and pretty he is the CEO of the company as well. He sometimes plays league with me and yes i do give him ideas on what to do. I think i know my friends more than you do.
: Idk man that seems pretty low using all your friends to boost you up illegitimately.
I did no tell them to. They are just showing support. Cause i told them i uploaded my story and they just wanna show some support. Noting bad in that. I don't think you have friends as good as i do.
: great story dude keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
: Are these just all your smurfs or something
They are my friends, u can go check them out.
: Katarina's Misson
Thanks for the amazing response of the league community. I am getting so much support on my story, it has been excellent. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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