: All jokes aside when are we going to see an Illoai skin released?
: I think you misread it. It's *not* have 5 or less remaining, but rather only lose 5 or less. So the less towers you lose, the better :) Remember, it's called "Resilience: Strong Defense". Losing all your towers isn't exactly a strong defense xD I hope this clarifies things for you?
AWWW. I'm a fucking retard.
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velouria (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cut,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=xMEqLvwz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-07T02:44:57.811+0000) > > Well. You can still play on korean and chinese server, you just need an account and the game. no because in china you need to put your personal details in when you sign up, so that account is tied with them for life. if they get perma banned they can't make a new account. i have played LoL in korea & you need a kr phone number to sign up to have an acc
I know. I have both.
velouria (OCE)
: sick of players from china
Well. You can still play on korean and chinese server, you just need an account and the game.
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: Looking for friendo's of any kind ^_^ - I am Platy 3 but your rank doesn't matter ^_^
Hey, feel free to add me ("Cut"). I'm just stacking IP until next ranked season. Best, Cut
: Hey man, i'm look for exactly this and i'll playt whatever role you need me to! i'm FZ3R0.
Hey FZ3RO, I added you. I finished the mission on my other account, but I'm happy to help you. I sent you a friend request in-client. Best, Cut
: and they want people to pay $15 for these missions. what i want to know is if not being able to complete this mission because of its dumb requirements is going to stop someone who paid $15 from unlocking all of the ashe skin related things (because thats essentially what you paid for)? basically, will those 5 tokens actually matter or are people going to be slightly short? if the 5 tokens are essentially meaningless then why even make these "throw away" missions? surely people at riot must realise that the incentives need to be much greater if they want people to group up. eg. xp/ip/be boosts while in a group.
The 5 tokens won't matter to get the Gold Ashe. I've got a smurf with the full mission pass. And you'll have a fair amount of tokens left over. But then if I want to get that and the border, I might need those 5 tokens (haven't done the calculation yet). Right now. Anyone with the mission pass will be able to unlock the Worlds Orb upon completing all of this weeks mission.
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