: Actually got 14 day banned for this game.
24 deaths in a 31 minute game... yeah mate, how did you get banned, it's a mystery.
: A Rant About a Bad Clash Game
did he give you any reason he afk'd? if his cat died (actually happened to one of the guys on my team in clash, he didn't show up at all because he was at the vet. RIP kitty :( but since it was before clash started we could get someone else so it's a bit different) or he lost internet or something serious happened that was out of his control, then that's just an unlucky circumstance, and i'd give him another shot. if he doesn't have a reason, or it's something shitty like he wanted to go do something else, i would personally just cut him from the team. if he doesn't respect you or your team's time, then you have no reason to respect his spot on your team.
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Saifury (OCE)
: Theres a lot of errors in this patch notes. Vaynes previous hp is wrong and essence reaver doesnt mention that it gives 20% cdr flat and 300 mana.
also Phantom Dancer has the same 1000g combine cost as runnaans when it's 100g cheaper
: Can a Dev PLEASE let us know whats going on please? almost everybody if not all just got kicked from clash tournament? whats going on? don't leave us hanging boys come on. {{champion:6}}
mindstar said they're working on it, there's not much else they can tell us until they know what happened and how to fix it.
: Clash not working
: LF adc/support, have a plat and two gold's in the team so far
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi folks, Thanks for the responses so far - we've got a lead that we're working to track down. It might take a while yet to fully resolve, but the traces and logs you have provided are super helpful! Cheers Mindstar
we believe in you! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Excuse me, but where in that post did i blame sterak's? Show me! The title includes steraks, but the body of the post is about vayne herself, and life steal items. So next time maybe you should read the post more intently? i never blamed steraks, infact i believe that lifesteal is the biggest issue. also, steraks is ONLY a defensive item, i don't know why youre trying to convince me that it is... because everyone knows that.. how could it be anything else? Also, I do play ADC, its not my main role, but i can play it. And I'm certainly not the only one who is having problems with vayne.
>Steraks purely defensive item yeah dude, it totally doesn't have any damage on it at all. i mean, it's not like it has +25% AD or anything... oh wait. >I'm certainly not the only one who is having problems with vayne. then what the fuck is this post even about? if you aren't having problems with her why are you complaining that your team got 1v5'd? because other than the random title that has nothing to do with the actual post, i don't see any reason you needed to post this at all, other than to show how your team got outplayed in one game vs. a lategame hypercarry.
: Yasuo discussion
i love how "discussion" turned into a cryfest about how yasuo is too OP. yasuo doesn't even have the highest winrate or anything, in fact if you'd go and check, his winrate is sitting at 50.7%. now, i don't know if you people understand how "balance" works, but a winrate of 50% is literally the most balanced you could ever get. 50.7% is probably the closest league could ever hope to get a champion, considering there's over 100 of them and balancing that many champions, with an insane amount of team compositions, lane matchups, item builds etc. to consider, it's not as easy as clicking your fingers and getting a perfectly balanced game. is yasuo strong? sure, but OP? no way. and if you really think he's OP, then my best advice to you is git gud.
: Does inactivity make mmr drop?
Your MMR (that number that you will never know but determines what league thinks your skill level is) will not drop if you're inactive. However if you're above plat like the other guy said, your RANK will drop. so you could be, say, D5, and have a D5 MMR, and then not play for over a month and drop to P5, but you will still have a D5 MMR (which will mean you will gain LP a lot quicker than other people until you return to your MMR rank).
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: This... is wrong
30% + 36% + 19% = 85% != 100%.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/champion-mastery-levels-6-and-7-live-now "Because loot has some RNG elements to finding champ shards and permanents, we’re working on a way to pick up only champ shards for IP or RP. We’re aiming to have it up within the next patch or two. "
> [{quoted}](name=Maraudaur,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=tz4oqab3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-24T01:13:32.485+0000) > > http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/champion-mastery-levels-6-and-7-live-now > > "Because loot has some RNG elements to finding champ shards and permanents, we’re working on a way to pick up only champ shards for IP or RP. We’re aiming to have it up within the next patch or two. " do you think it would be possible to swap the orange essence for blue? because right now i have so many skin shards and orange essence (after buying a bunch of chests hoping for blue essence haha) most of which i don't really want...
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: Poor Gang eThugs Looking for ADC (Oceanic Open Ladder)
In-game name: CyanPhoenix Rank: Plat 2 (highest was D5 in preseason) Role: ADC Champion Pool in that role: I can play all ADCs proficiently, top 4 are Vayne, Trist, Jinx, Cait Availability (days of the week): all nights except saturday Able to exchange banter (Y/N): You know it Passion for flexing all over other petty Oceanic Teams (Y/N): Hell yeah.
giddo244 (OCE)
: Jhin Passive Total AD Calculation
I'm gonna use an example with completely made up numbers (to make this easy for me lol) say jhin has 50 base AD, is level 8 (from the wiki this gives a 10% AD increase), and has items that give 50% crit chance, 40% attack speed and 50 AD. so, his final AD would be his base + bonus AD = 100, increased by 10% from level + 20% from the crit chance + 10% from AS, which equals a 40% AD increase, giving him 140 total AD. i bet that just made you and everyone who reads this more confused but what ever xD
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: League themed twitter banners I recently made.
dude, these are amazing... any chance you could make one for me? :D i would totally mistery gift you for something like this
GunGale (OCE)
: Let's be nice.
I like your name :3
: LoL HFT #19 I'm a 'Good' Jungler! (ft Mr4Eva)
it was great except for the fact that i wasn't in the teamspeak D:
giddo244 (OCE)
: Draven build?
just check out mobafire or probuilds, they have pretty reliable guides that will give you a good idea of what to buy and when.
: looking for Plat + players for a serious team
IGN: CyanPhoenix Postion: ADC Rank Solo: Diamond 5 5's: was in a plat team for a while, then they disbanded Champ pool: I'm good with any adc, been playing a lot of vayne/trist/jinx/lucian Mic: yep. Stable connection: yep Times you can play: every night except saturday Why should I choose you for this team: I'm a strong player, good teammate and am always dedicated to any team that i'm on. Weakness: i'm a quiet person while in game - if i'm concentrating on farming/trading i might not call a mia or spotting someone on map through wards or whatever.
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: LCS Headphones
I would assume they are active noise controlling headphones. I used a pair for the first time at PAX Aus this year and i was surprised at how well they worked, i could actually hear almost nothing other than what was coming out of the headphones themselves. It doesn't effect the volume levels of the game or their voice coms either, if you look up the technology behind active noise control it's actually pretty interesting.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Not really cause for Christmas (got all my presents 3 weeks early(yea thats pret sad i will admit) I got: - Pool table. (7" by 3") - Xbox 1. (1 controller) - About 35 games for the Xbox. - Riot points. - New clothes. - Apprenticeship paid off. so I don't really want much more but i got told I'm getting some new clothes and a soccer ball on my B'day and a PS4 which is mine and my bros(but I'm leaving the house soon since I'm 17 in 42 days so don't really need much more and im giving him the PS4) though I wouldn't mind some money for other financial issues that might come up.
jesus christ how rich are your parents... i get a couple of teeshirts and $100 from my parents for birthdays :/
Aerie (OCE)
: Please don't leave comments that have nothing to do with what I asked. :) PS: I do whatever the hell I want xD
considering you're initial rank was silver 1, you must be better than at least half of everyone else who just hit level 30. i think at that point you're allowed to do what ever the hell you want :)
: I would if I got my acc back but I carnt so that's 200$ acc ill just buy a smurf and fuck bronze
>complains about spending money on the game >"i'll just buy a smurf" Wat.
After (OCE)
: ***
i'm assuming S6 will be the same as S5 in terms of how the soft reset and your re-ranking goes, and if this is the case you don't need to win 10/10 to get placed higher than your original rank. (I won 8/10 of my games, started in gold 5 and got placed in gold 3)
Laramis (OCE)
: Yea ok, how? Coz you still have to go through your provisionals and such
basically, your rank in the next season is determined by how well you do in placements, as well as your previous MMR. as you play ranked in pre-season, your MMR will go up/down, which will in turn affect your rank in the next season. (so using Alfawarrior's example, gold 5 MMR and an ok placement will get you in silver 2, but a plat 5 mmr and an ok placement will get you to gold 2)
Deathscar (OCE)
: A Suggestion to RIOT to deal with AFKs
This is a horrible idea. they already have the afk/leaverbuster for people who repeatedly do this, but punishing people from the first DC just doesn't seem appropriate. not to mention sometimes things come up that can't be forseen. maybe the internet goes down, they lost power, some emergency comes up, none of these things can be predicted and being punished for this is unreasonable. If you think (or know) someone in your game left on purpose, report them. Riot's report system is getting better all the time, and if the report is warrented it will lead to some form of punishment eventually.
Jink (OCE)
: Yes lol I walk in with Cait after she's on a trap with headshot and an energized (Rapid Fire cannon) attack that crits and do 800 Damage to her instantly while she only has 1400 HP. (That's lvl 14 with only IE and rapid fire cannon). She actually sorta became weaker with the AD items because most of them are crit oriented, she only really has so much crit synergy until late game so she probably needed that kinda buff, although I havent played as a tank against her yet so havent experienced the pain but Vayne's always been a menace but the ADC items made most of them a lot more powerful than her so this change was probably necessary and Vayne is relatively squishy and buying a BT on her is not often easy, so she can get burst down in team fights mid game quite easily but if it makes it to late game, just like old school Vayne she'll probably stomp 2v4s and occasional team fights like she always has. P.S her synergy with Deaths Dance and Rapid Fire Cannon is also limited, so when it comes to the new items she missed a lot of love that some of the other ADCs got. Might be over the top but realistically, a lot of her damage comes from having like 60 bonus AD from her ulti, her base AD and her attack speed and the chunks of damage from Silver Bolts are less influential to her dominance against AP's and ADCs than it is for her against tanks, although she got Lord Dominik's Regards which could help her smash tanks. Are you saying she's a bit strong vs tanks, or other ADCS and APs and Supports and squishyish junglers or bruisers/assassins? She'll take longer to get rolling than she used to so there are windows to exploit power against her but even late game without Last Whisper like it used to be, she'll be more oriented on fighting tanks than ever so all in all she shouldn't be causing a problem and the new Last Whisper passive gives other ADCs more strength mid game and even in some cases late game, than her.
agreed. They've really buffed up her tank-destroying ability, especially with the new last whisper upgrades etc, but overall i feel like she will be a little bit weaker, especially against bursty/poke teams. also Death's Dance would have really good synergy with her, being able to stay alive longer to dish out more AAs is a plus all around. :p
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: EEYYYYYYYYY bb. I'm Gold 1 (currently in the promos to plat) I main morg Support :P, But I can also top or mid if I need 2. IGN: SomeoneNerfMe
Hey, i tried adding you but it says your name wasn't found, can you add me instead?
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: LF ADC High Plat Diamaond to duo with
i can't add you, can you add me instead?
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Bipolar (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=oops,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=vPw2hWiX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-22T09:37:49.585+0000) > > Where was this? I run adblock as well and I've never seen that message on any of Riot Games sites. The Ekko comic page.
weird, i'm using adblock and i could access the entire thing with no problems.
: Find your IRL friends and earn a 4-win IP boost
guys, it doesn't matter if you haven't added anyone from facebook (or if you have no friends at all) you just have to have your fb and LoL accounts linked for the day, then you get the boost. easy.
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Engel (OCE)
: Recruiting Players Plat 1+ for Ranked 5s team
Current Rank: Plat 3 (been climbing quite quickly even with uni getting in the way) Desired Role: ADC Main Champions: Sivir, Jinx, Kalista and vayne currently, but can play any. Time zone or Location: Melbourne
Draxx (OCE)
: LFM MID, ADC, SUPP - D5 + (Semi-serious)
i've added you, shoot me a msg when you accept and we can talk
: looking for people to level smurfs with
i'm levelling a smurf at the moment - add me on this account, i'm on almost always, then hit me up and i'll switch.
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