Ninox (OCE)
: Hmm it's possible the service status hasn't been updated, because the transfers are available in the store. I'll chase up an answer for you. EDIT: Looks like they just updated the NA thread >UPDATE, 5:54 p.m. PST: Well, looks like we jumped the gun here. Unfortunately, as the service came back up we ran into a lingering error within the store that causes transfers to fail, which will take the weekend and possibly a little longer to fix. Transfers should be up and running as soon as possible, and once I get a more concrete timeline I'll let you know. Thanks for enduring this twisting, magical journey with us, folks. Apologies again for how messy it's been.
Ah yes I see now, Yeah it just seems they didnt update the client notification or the website.
Ninox (OCE)
: Transfers look like they're up an running on OCE too. Are you experiencing a particular issue?
They are still down. "We're aware of a problem causing region transfers to fail, and have disabled them while we work on a fix."
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: Looking for players for 5v5 clash mode (top/mid)
Jungle/top/sup - G1 Soloq - p5 flex - 22 - varied times
Gehirn (OCE)
: TT Changes Coming Apr 3rd
I would have kept playing TT but it would be in like low bronze despite being plat in soloq and flex. Who in their right mind would continue playing that
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: 1) What time would it be on in NZ? 2) If you get gold in TT do you get the skin even if you don't have it in Solo/Duo? 3) Coffee or Tea?
Calls himself the time criminal, can't google or calculate the time difference.
: Yes, but if it wins, the prize will go to your smurf account (i.e. the RP). Also note, that we are only accepting ONE ENTRY per category per player. Therefore make it count!
That kinda sucks, looking back through all my 'plays' so many of them are on a smurf, and I don't want RP going to an account I rarely play on
Farqad4 (NA)
: Need help for 5 MAN MELEE WORLDS
Why don't you try NA boards
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Wuks (OCE)
: Hopefully it's fixed! Can you try now?
Didn't work sorry
Wuks (OCE)
: There may be a platform issue with the Universe website for Oceania. I'll get on this ASAP! Thanks for the report, and sorry for the late reply.
Great but how can I get my icon? with only 6 days left to acquire it, will it fixed by then? I dont want to miss out on the icon!
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: Hey there, You can just report these people in the post-game lobby as per normal, however if you feel the incident warrants further attention then feel free to submit a ticket under "I have a question about Riot Games/League of Legends" and it will be passed on to the appropriate teams.
Great however if someone dodges cause of it then there's no post-game lobby :)
: Looking for an active club
Try NA boards if youre looking for NA clubs
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Toshiai (NA)
: Recruitment
this is OCE boards, if your account is NA try their boards
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: Ocean Week 2016 - Grand Prize Update!
What will be the mural? will it contain player names like the nautilus statue?
: p4 preseason 7 in g2 rn add me if u wanna duo kiricouille (mid/ad main)
Sounds great but you're in the OCE boards and thus OCE server so unless you have an account here we can't play together. :/
Miicka (OCE)
: What makes you think Riot do nothing about these kind of people? The majority of people who intentionally feed do it as a one off, maybe they had a bad day, or just felt in the mood to be a total dick, and it was wrong of them to do what they did, but just because they did it once does not mean they should be banned or even punished. However, there are many players who intentionally feed on a regular basis, and these players do get banned. You might argue that the tribunal system isn't harsh enough, or doesn't always pick up on these kind of players, which is entirely true. But can you imagine having to monitor millions of players every day? I don't think it would be easy, and the current tribunal system is the best we can get in terms of punishing players who don't follow the summoners code. As for naming and shaming, this is obviously subjective, opinions will vary from person to person. People want some privacy, and I don't think they would appreciate other people shit talking them on the boards.
Yeah a one off means nothing but if you saw the Edit and the picture it shows that despite him doing that in _one_ game he was about to do it in another and this is just one instance, the purpose of my dodge list that contains roughly 30 names is that not a single one of them get banned but or even punished, my post isnt to complain about the yi my point was about everyone making their own dodge list because Riot's "method" of dealing with people like this is terrible.
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: Hey there, That definitely sounds odd, if someone dodges during champ select you shouldn't lose a reroll. It's possible it may be just a visual bug, was your reroll there after a client restart? If not you'll have to [contact Player Support]( regarding this issue as we here on the boards cannot assist with account specific inquiries.
No it wasn't, I definitely lost a reroll point, because in my next champion select I only had 1 reroll
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: Question Regarding reporting a player
Reporting does jackshit and people know it, the amount of toxic people that talk shit all game and say "report me it does nothing" is astounding. I occasionally take screenshots but I think to myself whats the point of Riot wont do shit when only 1 person reports.
fum422 (OCE)
: also id like to add i have never ever met this teemo before this match. he said my password at the beginning of the game. i dont think i have trojans on my computer so he must be using a program to check or something
lol is your password "GLHF"
: Champion shards = New champs for lower cost?
Yeah ive got TEN 6300 champs left, if I use just champion shards to buy them I would spent only 51,000 IP instead of 63,000 IP saying 12,000 IP! Which is insane because on an average you earn 100 IP per game (definitly way less) but it would take 120 more games for me to earn that IP.
: [Champion Concept]: Stealth, the Assassin Hunter
What? I cant tell if this is a joke
: yes but they didn't say how they were going to do it. 5 bans at the start of the pick/ban phase as happens now with the three ban system would just mean that the next 4 op champs would be gone, and it wouldn't make any difference to the strategy of banning.
True but Ive seen this exact or similar idea posted on the sub and it seemed pretty popular, a couple rioters even commented on it
: Nah its official just not fucking playing ranked anymore period.
After browsing through your it appears that you're not actually that good yourself, you've been bronze for 2 years now with over 1000 ranked games, do you really think that you're just some cursed person who doesn't belong in bronze? No in actual fact you're in bronze because you are bronze, you play like a bronze and you act like a bronze, and until you improve you will stay bronze, blame your team, blame your connection but the only person to blame is yourself.
: A new idea for the pick/ban system
Riot already said they would implement a 5ban system
spak (OCE)
: curious
Normals have their own MMR your normals games have no effect on your placements or ranked games
: Patch 6.22 comes out tomorrow at around 6:00 pm AEST, which is when you can play the new Rengar: I think you should be able to play ranked when the 2017 Season begins on December 6:
: Yeah, I often forget to or just keep the {{item:3340}} for an extra two wards incase the others are destroyed.
Well its not about how many wards you place its the positioning over them. Quality over quantity
trZa (NA)
: very solid top/sup/jungler LFG
Try posting this on NA boards you silly American
: LFT for season rewards
Hey I'll play with you. As long as you're not scrubby
: R.I.P. Riot when Replays come out!
your acting as if people cant record already
: looking for duo ranked.
I would but you banned me
Gutsnagga (OCE)
: I'm tilted this is ridiculous
Literally every time a post like this comes up the answer is always farm. Your farm rate this game was 45%, your missing over half the minions per wave, that isn't S worthy
: Western Australia Players over 20 looking for serious team for next season (Silver or Gold only)
SoSaucy (OCE)
: ranked glitch thing idk
When your queued up with 5 people it doesnt matter what you choose, you could all pick support and it wouldnt mean anything
Wolves (OCE)
: Should NZ and AU have different Servers? Or be declared their own region?
A lot of people already have fibre in Australia, that thing about people having in in 2021 is pure bullshit
: I have no idea how she didn't get an S then. Maybe the difficulty for Jinx S'es shot up in the past few days
She didn't get an S because her farm is poo, she has 150 at 27mins which is a farm rate of below 50% which is terrible, jinx is not even getting 3 out 6 minions per wave.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Remember it also compares you with other people on the server who play amu and since he's a pretty popular pick you gotta expect a lot of good players with him so I guess you just gotta keep improving, and remember to constanly ward!
I don't think thats true regarding the comparison to other players, I think with only an 18 out of 35 C/kill and cs amount is what didn't net him the S+
Jason (OCE)
Pretty good but the word store was used way too often
: Looking for Plat dynamic Q partners!
u r noob i saw you miss that jihn ult
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