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: It's not likely your computer then, so any maintenance won't get you higher frames. Now, this might be related to the high pings everyone is getting connecting to the server. Crazy, yes, that ping is affecting FPS, but it happens. I'd wait it out a bit more before trying anything. But if you're certain there's something wrong with the way League is working on your computer, then you can try the following: * Repair your client. It will take a while, but it'll make sure it's not the installation itself. * Update your drivers. It's entirely possible that something happened with your drivers and how they handle League's and only League's graphics. I for one, know that Nvidia released an update today/yesterday. * On the subject of drivers, make sure that none of your driver control panels have abnormal custom settings for League in use, such as x128 anisotropic level or something. If those don't work, then it might be a program purposefully set to interfere with League. You can test this out by opening your task manager, viewing all running processes (including services) and then open League. If anything more than Lol Patcher and League Client open, then that might be your issue. [Here's the support page about it.]( Best of luck.
I've went ahead and tried those 3 Ideas, and Im sad to say that It doesn't work. I have also tried changing my internet from Ethernet and Wireless numerous amounts of times and still no luck. I dont have any packet loss and I have a sturdy ping of 25
: Does this happen on any of your other games/applications?
No, Just league
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