Talon12 (OCE)
: Why not?
Pentakill first, vows later.
: Just a friendly reminder that the lore for League of Legends and most characters has been deleted and/or re-written. Everything you know and/or cherish is false, because reasons.
An author wrote that lore, so let be the author for my comment ;) Also, Friend, I think your chrono-displasia has you perceiving the present at around 4/12/2015, I'm sorry, at my present, it's 6/4/2013
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Damn {{champion:26}} and his pranks! Thanks for pointing it out GraveLord we will get {{champion:26}} bring those sales back to the correct year.
It may appear 800 years in the past but we too are suffering chrono-displasia and are just not yet fully grasping the effects of this ill-driven disease.
Légs (OCE)
: 120rp read it properly lmao. > $10.00 – 1160 RP (1040 + **60 standard bonus RP + 60 extra bonus RP**) still not that big though.
'Stadard bonus' is given in normal prepaid card payments, the christmas bonus is still +60 for $10
Bipolar (OCE)
: Picture is broken, that tends to happen when you use garbage such as tinypic.
ah... Lemme see if I can do anything bout that, thanks.
: Extra Bonus RP headed your way for a limited time!
that extra 60 is gonna make me feel so much richer.
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noogai (OCE)
: No, I read it, the tl;dr is there to say I don't particularly care for what you've said. I've gone further that watching their one match record. I've seen their match historys. They are ALWAYS bad with ryze, and if they have a good game, it's because the enemy team is at such a worse level they've been fed. Don't leap to assume that I make assumptions. I don't, I check match history, champion stats and overall statistics of almost every ryze player that i've seen. They are ALWAYS bad. This is Bronze. I have a right to an opinion and to give advice. And my advice is to stop picking ryze.
tl;dr ^-^ you may do what you do, but what you do is still derogatory. EVERYONE has the right for an opinion and advice, you aren't giving an advice, you are giving a command, and that is not a right. But since you said so, my advice for you is to change your icon, it doesn't suit you... But this is the forums, official forums at that, I'd suggest to stop the argument here, your opinion is out, my opinion is out. So let's just end it there. Just wait until we meet in the gamefield, that's where I'd like to break you :)
noogai (OCE)
: tl;dr. I'm yet to see a bronze player pick Ryze and play him well. I have my champions I play well. I pick those because they get me wins. I don't play what the pros play simply because said pros played them.
Anyone is free to try what they please, you cannot judge someone's efficiency or skill of the game or champion by just one match. Also, don't call a TLDR and then have the audacity to comment assuming you know what I said, after all, you didn't read it, get the point and learn anything. But hey, do you ever?
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noogai (OCE)
: Stop picking Ryze in bronze/silver
You should not tell a group of people how they are to play the game they want to. It is extremely derogative for you to be telling the lowest ranks what to do, you cannot control anyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Ryze player, nor an SKT follower, but to comment about restricting specifically the lowest ranking group is very insulting and shows how you are trying to increase the gap between silvers and golds. Let people do what they want, it's not like they're purposely trying to troll you, they just want to experiment variety, this will slow down eventually. -Also, seeing as you are in Bronze IV, I don't think you out of all people can really say who plays what.
HeartVine (OCE)
: How do you know it wasn't part of Riot's plan to have that splash art that way? Like a teaser, you know?
Q is showed with 'Ashe' jumping whilst shooting W is showed with 'Warwick' appearing to prepare a strike E is showed with an 'Ashe arrow' which slows enemies I think we are on to something.
Légs (OCE)
Maybe even allow tibbers to be targeted by champion-only targets(as if it's a 6th champ) for extra mechanical play(and lulu ult)
Légs (OCE)
: Had an idea for Annie
Or.. OORR Make tibbers huge af with fire and lava drooling from his mouth whilst his auto is him flailing and biting at the enemy, who is running in fear of the large brown figure dismantling his limbs, bone, by bone... "but I just wanted a hug!"
Talon12 (OCE)
: poro or human summoners used to be the rule, but an asteroid hit the institute of valoran and killed them all
Great, we can now replace them with reptiles and birds. Namely penguins.
Bipolar (OCE)
: They're human sorcerers.
Penguins can be sorcerers too D:
: i quit... :P
Sea you next time, have an ice day and stay safe when surfing the ocean of the internet, stay afloat! Wouldn't want to drift offshore and get lost. Remember to bring a map! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Jink (OCE)
: Nah they seriously are. 1. Tryhards. 2. Throw artists. 3. Sooks. 4. Infighting. 5. Throws. 6. People comfortable with being Gold for life. 7. Big playmakers a.k.a epic failures. 8. 5 Captains per team. 9. Show-offs. 10. Tilters. 11. Afkers/laggers/alt-tabbers.
...You just listed characteristics common in bronze, be it replace 6 with feeling the need to be gold.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: I thought it was swell.
Then prepare for a "tidal wave" of puns! It'll "hook" you in like a "fish"! {{champion:267}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:105}} To the "depths" I shall retreat to. {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
: I laughed, should I join you two outside?
Only if you're okay with being "drowned" of puns. I guess I'll exit to the "ocean" now {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
: Hahaha, that's terrible! This project has been challenging yet fun. The number of times I've had to explain this to government agencies, marine biologists, etc only to be met with a confused look is priceless.
I guess you could say, that they "overflowed" with confusion? I guess that's the door for me too.
Jink (OCE)
: Want that Teemo plush so bad
You already have one... it's sitting in your bed laughing... waiting for you to near him, it... waiting to come from the shadows... beware... beware of the mushrooms in the bathroom... it's hidden in the sink and bathtub... seriously hate that passive, man.
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Aldrako (OCE)
: Some people!!!
My first S+ was as a support, practically on the first day of release since I got so excited. My trinket wasn't upgraded, even at the role where it's extremely important to. Ranking seems to only calculate scores in the match history pages, not builds, so as long as adc's have farm, jg/supports have wards down, etc.
Orwulf (OCE)
: I may be missing something, but as far as it sounds to me, the {{champion:72}} change means that there are 6 spires around the map that he can take to buff him in the area. Cool. That's fine, doesn't sound super influential, but a cool addition. Those spires can also be destroyed by enemies to deny him the buff for a time and give gold. Hold up a sec. There's six of these, including two in the enemy jungle. And they can just.. destroy these for free gold whenever they go for their own blue or red unless {{champion:72}} counterjungles..? Let me know if I'm missing something or misunderstanding something, I'm just a little confused.
I would assume and hope that the gold is like destroying wards or shrooms, about 10-30g, and that the capturing won't expire, so they can't recapture frequently.
: Riot has a reward focus for good behavior while having zero pressure on bad behavior Go figure.
Not to mention the rewards are hardly, if at all, given anyway, honours don't come in anymore because the same people that should be rewarding the good players are the ones dragging them down...
Ediwir (OCE)
: If they're dead, nobody protects the turrets. Anything else is fluff. (also, if you ace and back, i'm gonna come and find you, don't care where.)
but what if you ace the enemy team who are securing baron, with your 4 teammates dead, two inhibitors down, one lane a minion wave away from destruction and super minions on their way to nexus turrets?
: >Nami: is pretty hard to play IMO. Actually curious, how is she hard to play?
It all depends on experience with other champions, her Q aoe isn't the easiest thing to land, but is hard to avoid when used properly, aiming the bubble centre on the enemy can always be dodged with fast champions, and most botlaners are relatively fast. but predicting where they will go and throwing it there requires practise. Her W is great for sustain, but also for poke, timing it to bounce 3 times in lane is rather tricky, but general use of healing still makes it good. Her E can be casted whilst moving and is good as a speed boost, but should be mostly used as a steroid for auto attacking champions like your adc, the cooldown is 11 at all ranks and is burnt rather quickly, it's good for escaping champions or trying to escape yourself. Her ult is very slow, but has long range, great width and slows your opponents harshly, if you land it right during a teamfight, it can turn the... tide of the battle. Her passive gives your allies a speedboost if they come in contact with any of your 4 skills, not much to say here. It's good when you know what skill to use and when. Oh and also, Nami is good at KSing, take note, she's strong with ap. TL:DR she has elements that make her good, even without knowing too many mechanics, but she can become godly when you take the time to learn support, and learn nami. Also, as stated from Telecaster, supporting takes patience, if you rely on shortcuts like these, then supporting won't be easy.
: Yes that is ok.
Sweet, thanks :D
: Yes! Be sure to include one or more league champions in it :)
In the rules, which state logos, product names, etc. The entrance has "Luna Park" at the top, is that ok/an exception?
Erøse (OCE)
: Do one on {{champion:238}}!! I wonder if rito have any plans on making a new zed skin.
> [{quoted}](name=Bunny Jr,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=BGeFxdKc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-30T12:51:22.614+0000) > > {{champion:238}} please ! :D I was really wondering if anyone would scan the list I put up, I originally put his icon as first but put it somewhere in the middle to see if he'd still pop up... Oh but don't worry, I'll be sure to make one.... mwahaha...
: The main problem i see with the skin is how Grey it is, to the point where it somewhat blends into the environment. Also when the wings are just straight the skin looks.... odd (E cast animation where the wing is folded.)
Every drawing aside from the topleft are shadow-like sketches, no finelining or colouring, it is only meant to represent Anivia's "whereabouts" because the focus is the skills. I also didn't want to spend too long in this miniproject ^-^ I'm lazy like that
: Nice skin man, I can tell you've put alot of effort in to this. Though for feedback I would say the head of anivia could be better animated or for the style to be more closer with that of most league of legends in game champions and skins. Also the whole skin (including abilities and anivia) or look abit too cartoonish in the game, they don't look very natural on the map if you put it into contrast. Even though this it's still pretty cool and you've done a really good job.
Ahah, yeah, I noticed too when putting it all together, I worked with the wrong background colour which turned most shades awful. I'm not the type to draw, so I'm pretty content with just expressing the idea, I ultimately didn't mind the flaws in how I did it. Since this is of course my first drawing, I'm hoping myself that I'd improve over time, meaning I'm saving my best ideas for last +.+ Patience is but one tedious task, but necessary in every form of education. {{champion:26}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:26}}
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: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Whyyyyyyy Why the week before exams D:
Riso (OCE)
The Illuminati... They're here....{{item:2049}}
: Thinking of doing a Garen-themed name change, any suggestions?
: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
Olee (OCE)
: "LEL"
Laughing Even Louder.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normally I say GG or GG WP I too hate people that say gg ez in anyway. Just feels disrespectful.
You are legit the only comment as of now not talking about disrespecting the enemy team in any form. This makes me wonder the difference in ordinary gamers and Riot gamers...
: Running out of money riot..?
"In preparation for the Samsung White skins release, we’re taking all the previous championship skins out of the Legacy vault" Riot does this annually every release of the following the Worlds skins. It's business, not desperation.
Ryool (OCE)
: Rito pls ;_;
Using a small amount of phone credit is the easiest way to get a little rp, and it almost never hurts spending around $3 if you own a phone.
windbakka (OCE)
: as it has been said 100 times, zac is very difficult to make a skin for
Flan {{champion:154}} ?
: D: I'm gonna die... When i play a character with tier five... and feed. Oh god, the people who will see me suffer.
Wanna know what's worse? Losing to a tier 1 as a tier 5.
: Champion Mastery hits PBE
So, at release, will everything be set at 0, or will the data from the past also be used?
Talismic (OCE)
: i said aloud 'alisterurgot' and it made no sense
: DJ Sona takes the stage!
Anyone noticed the booming amount of(aside from sona) {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} players? I literally only vs'd 1 (toxic) sona out of 5 games...
: "I hate electronic music!" - Before DJ Sona release. "Electronic music is amazing!" - After DJ Sona release. Those people who hate on electronic without even listening to it >.>
Just like "I hate Yasuo players such noobs with noob champ" - Before Project Yasuo release "OMG Yasuo best champ ever! ofc only i can play yas properly and betterly than anyone else." After Project Yasuo release.
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