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: As long as you have a pleasant disposition, I'd be happy to help! Also, plat isn't that high XD I'm not too good myself.
awsome IGN: D1sturbed, ill add you thanks heaps
: Just looking for nice people to play with (Platinum V if rank matters)
I dont expect a reply, pretty ambitious of me, but if you feel like coaching me and having fun at the same time in normals only then feel free to add me. I am no where near your level (Bronze 1, former Silver 4) so i am not looking for ranked games from skill leveles so high like yours. Just a coach :P if not have fun anyways
: hey im a silver 5 player, i too am looking for someone to play with :3 add me in game if you still need someone 8)
D1sturbed (OCE)
: Old S4, Now B1, LF Duo partner/team for Normal/Ranked
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