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: I just tested this myself with all my settings turned to the lowest and I could still see the shockwave. Have you tried running a client repair to fix this?
It was the same on my old laptop, i tried client repair but it didnt work
: Hey there, Could you please try [running a client repair]( for me, let me know if this helps.
Dont need to anymore man, i installed lol on a new computer
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: Some thoughts on Support
Good idea Meddler, but where are the free champions this week???
: I love how they think Kat will be more deadly in her laning phase xD atm, she just spams her dagger from max range as many times as she likes, and then just jumps on your face. I'm not sure how it can get any riskier for her opponent than the constant looming threat of sudden death...
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Corehog (OCE)
: Wut? This was 5 months ago. Thanks though bro
: Super Keen for this. I know if you look at my history there will be dcs and 'leaves' due to my terrible old computer :< My new computer is more than capable of handling league and I should be free of those issues that were plaguing me prior to upgrading
Thats nice to know, im stilll stuck with a 2008 Dell Vostro X_X
Corehog (OCE)
: Hey, quick question If we are accepted into the Alpha testing, at any point will we be able to switch back to the current client (and vice-versa) or back out of alpha testing?
Yes, You can open the the original client instead of the Alpha Client. The clients are independent of one another, which allows you to keep both clients on your computer and use each one depending on the one you want to use.
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: It gets pretty annoying tho like getting 13 and 1 in a game with xin zhao and no s at all It took me forever to get an s with kat and i main her
i got 23/5/20 with warwick jungle and i only got an A+ {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: ***
yes i agree with u
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