: I agree that it's a great idea. I would also love to see it introduced into the game. Even if it as simple as DOTA 2's offline/practice mode. However, the issue still remains that Riot would need to spend lots of time and money on this. Creating something similar to DOTA 2's (i.e. a single lane with minions, a tower, and a single enemy champion) would still take a very long time. I don't know if you're familiar with the system that League uses in order to store account details, but my understanding of it is that everything is server-side. Meaning that all the information in our accounts (the champions we own, the runes we own, our IP and RP, etc.) are stored in Riot's servers, rather than locally on our computers. In order for us to access our accounts and practice champs that we own, Riot would need to change this system. Which would take a significant amount of time. Although, Riot could allow certain champions to be usable in this practice mode. Similar to the system they have in place for people learning to play the game. Allowing people to practice on champions like Garen, Ashe, Nasus, etc. Champions that 90% of the playerbase own already. This way people don't get access to champions that they don't own (if they were to make every champion available), but also get a chance to practice and develop the skills you mentioned.
It would be good if they are willing to make a separate offline version with every champ available to play with without the need of logging into the server. Like how you would play any other offline games. Just run and play. No account, No server. Just an offline version where you just run and play/practice.
: I imagine it would be a very large project for Riot. Based on how the game runs (in order to enter the game, you sign into the server), if they were to introduce an "offline mode", either Riot would need to store everyone's profile information locally, or would need to completely overhaul their current system. No matter what, it would take time and money that Riot, I'm sure, would prefer to spend on other projects that affect more of the playerbase. Don't get me wrong, if Riot could introduce an "offline mode", it would be great. I just think it would take up too much of Riot's time. Much like the new client, which is a significantly smaller project than this, but it still took a long time to be released.
I am not an expert on game making but I just thought it would be a good idea if they even come up with something simple as an offline version separately for download. Like I mentioned, just enough to keep players practicing and keeping up with the game. Can be very basic and slowly improve it. Doesn't have to include everything that would make em do too much work and cost on it as most of us would be playing on the main one anyway. Just a basic simple training offline mode/version for people who wants to maintain skills or practice their last hitting/farming or even work on their champs while being away for work. Atleast this way, it would keep their consumers/players interested in the game rather than slowly quiting because they just cant climb or basically lose interest of lack of game time. Can be just a version where you only even have to verse the minion waves on ONE LANE hahaha something that would help me keep playing. I have spent quite a bit on this game easily $400 plus. Riot should be generous enough to give this a shot. I mean seriously, HOW MUCH WOULD THEY BE LOSING? Just a thought. NO I LIED, I NEED THIS HAHA Oh and another idea if they are ever considering to make it is to also give stats and feedback on your champ training progress, like what you lack, what you need to work on, your weaknesses and strengths, etc etc But I am just happy if I am able to maintain game time thats all.
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