: learn to farm, league players are garbage trash in that regard. heroes of newerth 2010-2011 taught me to farm in moba. dota 2007-2009 taught me to be good in terms of team orientation, playing in 5s exclusively with mates. whats left in lol are bads
demigod taught me to solo carry
Montiness (OCE)
: &&&& league
just roam, relentless hunter at least if not mobility boots is core
: Looking for some help reaching plat (currently g2 adc main)
start one tricking and get good. if the lanes shit, rotate and carry, whats the next objective and how do you take it. most lol adcs are headsl*ts and are passive in deciding game outcomes, content to sit there and mechanically look for a maximum dps output in a clash, and ignore actual dictation of game -> get that barron -> get them mid. dont wait for 4 items. do it at 3. adapt to the factors in each game. try more rapidfire cannon for more infrastructure dmg. you can farm 50 kills it wont win you game. taking 5 turrets mid, 1 inhibitor, and 1 nexus =7 objectives will dorans blade boots 1 rapid fire cannon berserkers grieves infinity edge start clearing map with grouping farm line dorans blade boots 1 static shiv bf berserkers grieves ie rfc ga bt or mercurial sceptor if need cleanse best to leave crit at 75%, that is optimal for all adc builds except maybe ashe you want 100, if it goes to shit adapt like make pd for shield instead of rfc etc
: grand master pantheon smite flash ask me anything
https://i.imgur.com/Pztbx8P.png[/img] gold difference between me and jungler, diamond game. klepto generates my gold minus its gold x game time = 17,196-16,338 *34:59 = 30,015.7 positive effecitve use of gold, or goldminutes, over my opposite number. me 17,196 gold x 34:59 = its 16,338 gold x 34:59 = (its)= percentage difference over its = 30,015.7/(its)*100=5% more effective gold then its rune setup into game conversion (nocturne precision jungle =typically highest gold generation from this position in game), so at worse ur still doing 5% more effectively then the next best option, but ive seen this blow to 50%. (this 5% gets raised later we see when we just look at the boom window between farm item prioritisation and closing the call options position on our economic boom/farm) this equates to a free tiamats use at 1325 gold over 30,015.7/1325=22 minutes 39.2 seconds in not just farming but regeneration & burst & dmg output, at a free item slot (rune slot) over ur opponents ceterus parabus note i built tiamat in game at 4:24 this game 1-0-3 camping bot lane from blue side. https://i.imgur.com/FP9PskE.png[/img] plus the 22 minutes of free use from this point puts the effective gold-up time to 4:24+22:392=27:032 in game time, which was the point also at which the game fell apart (solo q). 7:56 minutes post collapse of the gold window, 4:24 prior. if anyone knows options finance, you're essentially taking a long call position, Bull call spreads, collar positions etc > reverse conversion > A reversal, or reverse conversion, is an arbitrage strategy in options trading that can be performed for a riskless profit when options are underpriced relative to the underlying stock. at this point the game either ends or your bubble/boom collapses. (quick example of what it looks like, the rise is the real time strategy occurance of an economic "boom" at which point stabalises over and you want to see a result as close as possible to this cessation in game (you should be grouping by the time your payoff is paid/runs its course http://www.optiontradingtips.com/images/strategies/call-bull-spread.gif 2107 @ 4 -> 15016 @ 27 = 12909 4->27, 23 minutes boom period/window 1092 @ 4 -> 11991 @ 27 = 10899 4->27, 23 minutes equivalent by a naturally high gold jungle farm setup (precision nocturne) effective gold increase over boom window: 18% gold increase in generation OVER and ON TOP OF its own setup. you are doing as well as their own setup AND MORE ontop of. (12909-10899)/10899*100) klepto gold value =gold value + 50xitems pilfered + 420 (magical boots stat equivalent worth)+ triumph = 740+18x50+420+560= 2620 (the free item value in runes) (represented twice in effect of the goldminute advantage utility) the build essentially gives you a 7 item slot build, its an economic boom (make sure u invest in a farm item*) into military late game turnover boom. you'll sacrifice some slight map pressence for the extra gold generation as well as an increased probability of a boosted lane with camping being a more likely strategy with the relatively less out of combat movement speed {{item:2319}} anyway thats kleptos effective gold breakdown 50gold/item done on my own weighted calculations of publically available data on it *farm items hybrid/all - static shiv melee - tiamat line range - ruunans mage - echoes line tank - bami cinder line bring mobility boots (greatest gold effeciency option, sell and buy into whatever later, their resale value holds well for post farm windows) or other sources of out of combat or/ move speed for macro https://i.imgur.com/qi5bwMs.png[/img]
Wuks (OCE)
: Ask a Heimerdinger Main (feat. Heisendong & lolGunSlinger)
Turno (OCE)
: 65% w/r
what this tells u is that oce is a shit server, go try play in korea (Assuming you could ever get a friend to help u get an acc there) or na, enjoy the bots!
: grand master pantheon smite flash ask me anything
team missed about 6 kills, 27 minutes, take away what you can, if you need to watch your own replay do that else if u know WHY the game did or didnt work out then thats all thats important, and to reflect if you could be right/wrong in that conclusion. wasnt much on this game https://i.imgur.com/micYU4H.png[/img]
: grand master pantheon smite flash ask me anything
https://i.imgur.com/OCh67aY.png[/img] this was a plat game, 44mins, you can tell they were below par skill because of the discrepency between electrocutes damage and sudden impact. atypically sudden impact will be at half or so if ur getting a good conversion rate on opens to kills, under means u were heavy opening and dieing with not as much payoff (in this case from low skill team mates but none the less), my team missed about 10 kill conversions in that game a note on double hydra, its expensive but the passive stacks so its somewhat redeeming and then ur playing a health & damage exchange game between ur arp setup, grevious wounds, and regen & lifesteal & spellvamp (dance)
: grand master pantheon smite flash ask me anything
I've outpaced the growth of this game since 2014. So it can be done ~inhouseish and solo Q, but you still want outside or other influences to overtrain creativity and hardline testosterone mindsets basically (420 blaze it combined /w jim wendler 5/3/1->this is the archaic solution to your usebases 'problem'). You are seeking strategic excellence over the loosest association I've ever used of this word: contemporaries. The key is to not placate to a lower Elo. Take the kids farm. Lock in double jungle, hard engage open anyway even if its suicide but wouldn't otherwise had been if your solo q buddies weren't temporarily in your life monkeying it up. Run interpolative feedback, extrapolative, thought experiment & theory crafting apriori and a posteriori You owe these people nothing, Take your own gains for yourself and leave the rest behind. 100% aggression is the key. Better to lose a hundred games hard that you were going to lose anyway and learn more from it then lose one game soft that was lost anyway. From those 100 games you might actually turn 3 of them in the beginning, and thats 3 more % of unwinnable games now winnable that the soft loss was never possible or capable of achieving. So it's infinitely worth. Just rearrange your mental and psychological aptitude to disengage from opted in co-investment with solo q randos. Closer to NPC's then personhood. This will bring about the long term and long-position stock rise of your own Elo growth and likewise transferable strategic skill into life. Not coddling to a flaming pile of dung that is casual normy solo q "experience" of 99.99% of anyone in this game from a lvl 1 bot game to the next 'worlds'. This title as an 'esport' is relativisitically weighted in terms of skill particuarly strategic requirement in the bottom 3 of titles (fortnight, overwatch) in esports. 3000 LoL MMR is about 1300 SC2 for example. Placating to an average or majority as a sense of authority will only send you in one direction -> a lowering average, you with it. it wont always be your responsibility to engage but if no one else will ur just facing a -1 trade deficiet from what you would have otherwise had but it will still be a positive on no trade - just dont voluntarily ever queue with garbage
: grand master pantheon smite flash ask me anything
The idea of Pantheon is your movespeed tier breaks. In Jungle this becomes out of combat movespeed. As represented by the three pages. No out of combat movement speed, one tier, and tier 2 with celerity. The higher the tier, the more ganking and roam-map distance you need to cover. The closer you are in Elo distribution to your teams average, the more out of combat movespeed you will need as the game will be highly relativistically stabalised. If there are huge discrepencies and you are in a 1v9, the most effecitve thing you can do is basically camp a lane and farm at the same time, thus hedging the damage most effectively if at a double lane, but can still run an intermittant gank on the others. Page 3 will give you a free tiamats by 15 minutes and you'll use that to further compound farm difference whilst simultaneously hard camping a lane, maybe turning a 1v9 into a 3v7 chance {{summoner:4}} {{champion:80}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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limited88 (EUNE)
: timid player
learn an opener like elise or another jungle u like the kit of and learn to open it will give u confidence. if team doesnt follow just interpolate and extrapolate how it would have gone down if they'd done right thing and through this and your own introspective dialectic of ur own actions u can find ways to improve all spots can open though, top from teleport and flash and post 20 minute fountain haste, other out of combat movement multiplyers, mid is a roam lane that ganks side lanes, ping on approach, supports open if spot vulnerabilities/opportunity, adc takes chances
: Does these items and runes stack with healing and shielding ?
its probably multiplicative too not additive 1.1x1.2x1.05x1.05=1.4553
: kleptomancy item value
so i ran the calculations on the drop value by frequency and got an aggregate and its 50 gold per item
: Klepto's true value lies within the Skill Orbs, i play a large amount of Klepto Illaoi, and i've had level 18 abilities at level 15 on most occasions. As for the Gold Value, The Gold Bag drops are really low i find, but with each on i often pull 80-100g more freqeuently than lower values, that's a free cannon every bag basically, therefore make Klepto's value higher Honestly the ward change is a big problem, but i understand why they did it, its incentive to buy your own, Riot in all their braindamaged schemes, have always tried to make players do the thing that most Gold and below's don't do, buy wards and farm. The other major value that comes with klepto is the Elixirs. They can turn a fight in your favour if you get them (and remember to use them) keeping on with the illaoi theme, if you take the Elixir of Speed Rune, you can actually chase and dive freely if you get an elixir mid fight.
if u have 6 items the wards drop at ur feet which is what u want, later game u might not have room to even buy a ward
ghost42 (OCE)
: Perma banned with no warning
this games for losers either dont play it or dont care, riot are theives
: It doesn't start in OCE, Starts in NA and KR, If everyone likes enough and riot can see it, then we will get it beginning of next split
dont do it, garbage idea, u have fill
: kleptomancy item value
also why does it remove wards from loot table post 20 minutes? thats when you want them the most sigh also bring back sword of the occult
: The Bots have taken over!
i said bots play better then these people and next game i get a bot in summoners rift for the first time ever. that is not rng. that is hacked. that is stalking, and illegal, and breaks ANY eula agreement u ever had with me
lycheelol (OCE)
: Will LOL die in the next 10-15 years?
lol died in 2014, birthed in 2012, and was never good
Montiness (OCE)
: Who's in charge of the Youtube/OPL Vod uploads?
watch hon pro replays if u want to learn how to get good at moba. league pros are bad, the worst out of all moba titles
Shankš (OCE)
: Win Condition + Trading/CS
you want value maximising behaivour so that comes down to your ability to quantitatively choose a superior choice out of the decisions you have available to you. and this should be reverse engineered from your final praxeology(ical goals aims ends ambitions). so to deliniate: 1. kill nexus is win condition 2. asset map superiority-dominance (vision, wards, objectives, strategy & coordination) 3. kill enemy champions 4. farm npc's 5. dont die so start at 5 and work your way up as appropriate. if you run into some issues (better to predict proactively and apriori then experience post), go back down a peg
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Griffo262 (OCE)
: Patch 9.2 Leak, Jungle Exp loss/changes
invades and lvl 2 ganks have been mainstay since season 2 2012 this isnt new
: The last thing league needs at the moment is MORE damage options. Everyone is running around one-shotting everyone already
run the correct runes, positioning, gameplay, and itemisation then. you must miss so much xp and gold id hate to be you
FunZone (OCE)
: Active items are... boring.
this game got neutered like its target audiance in 2014 with item guttings. no wards, mana potions, or sword of the occult. its a dead game
Kakoda (OCE)
: Jungle XP, did it do what riot wanted?
yesterday i played a game where i started machete and didnt get lvl 2 off first buff clear, a team mate with a jungle item was also attacking it. was this a glitch or something new? its only ever happened once, and it definitely happened - the xp rate was same as if i didnt have a jungle item, or maybe we shared it. someone should look into it if not intended. not that ur capable
: ur win condition in solo q is maximise ur gold farmed and collapse in team fights if ur contribution will be above threshold to win the fight, after that take objectives. barron at 20-25 minutes. ending by 30
learn to farm, league players are garbage trash in that regard. heroes of newerth 2010-2011 taught me to farm in moba. dota 2007-2009 taught me to be good in terms of team orientation, playing in 5s exclusively with mates. whats left in lol are bads
Shankš (OCE)
: Win Condition + Trading/CS
ur win condition in solo q is maximise ur gold farmed and collapse in team fights if ur contribution will be above threshold to win the fight, after that take objectives. barron at 20-25 minutes. ending by 30
00shots00 (OCE)
: anyone else feel as if league has shitter players now?
absolutely. 3 years ago worlds + could orientate lane swaps, now they cant. the average user cant buy a ward. this game is garbage and its users are trash. this place is a cesspool containment board for the retarded.


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