Jink (OCE)
: But he blinks behind them to prepare for an attack, hence Cutthroat anyways coz he's behind you.
That would make sense for something like 'Backstab' But since he actually isn't cutting any throats it doesn't work so much anymore.
Alamo (OCE)
: "cutthroat" would work if they havent removed his silence ...{{item:3070}}
But that's the point, the whole change was removing the silence lol
Bipolar (OCE)
: Why can Talon have a gruesome named ability, yet Graves cannot have a cigar?
One of League's great mysteries I suppose.
DOSman (OCE)
: Renaming Talon's E Ability - "Cutthroat"
About 50/50. Fair enough. More people opposed than I expected, at least judging by the comments. But then to each their own. Always good to see other points of view though :)
oops (OCE)
: Why does it fit any less than it used to? It's still basically the same ability.
Cutthroat makes sense with silence, not so much with impaired movement.
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