Sir Nil (OCE)
: Looking for an active club
you're welcome to join salt of the rift
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: God Fist Lee Sin
so happy this skin came out finally a epic skin for lee !!
: Hi ya guys Im Paora and.... "country: New Zealand "best time to play for you: on ACC at the mo so i play most days allday.. but when back at work will only be after work "summoners name: XxkayostheoryxX "do you have discord: Yes "what elo are you in: Bronze..... For Now "what are your preferred roles: ADC or Top but i duo with my bro whos silver and mains Supp, Top and Jg ( hes a beast and really clued up) Thanks all and nice to met ya :)
if you can get discord it's really a big help during ranked games pings work great but having a solid chat communication can get things done a lot smoother :)
try NO FF it's a nz/au club with a variety of members from either country iv'e posted a recruitment in the club forums just fill out a few questions and I'll invite you.
: Sweet, finally a club that keeps the dirty French out. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
we don't disclose anyone from joining but we try to keep things nice.
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Glow (OCE)
: I really liked the tribunal too but I don't think it will be brought back as it was previously. Riot is currently updating it (features like reform cards are part of this) so hopefully in the future we see something similar that we can use! It's never fun to encounter a toxic player, but I don't think you're supposed to call them out by name on the forums - reporting them after the game would be best :)
well seeing as their is a forums where you report a player i thought i'd add his name so in future if anyone plays with him they know what to expect.
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: Become a League client update alpha tester
just sighed up wonder if I'll get in :-p
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