: LF Jungler Bronze
Yeah Add me DUKE0
Not Zeus (OCE)
: ==> LF bronze players RANKED <==
Ill join you man, add me DUKE0
: Youtuber
Lets play man
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: Team Red Knights - TRK // Clan Recruitment // Bronze+Silver
IGN: DUKE0 Main: Jungle and Top Champs: Jax, Gragas, Xin, Mundo
DUKE0 is IGN add me
: Need some friends!!!!!
: ALPHA-AXON. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Platinum
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14400878 (OCE)
: Any bronzies want tot team up?
yo everyone it me up and we can rank up yeaaaah IGN: DUKE0
Ingénue (OCE)
: Sapphire eSports recruitment
Check me out IGN: DUKE0 Main: Jungle Second:Top Jungle Champs: Jax, Yi, Gragas, Xin Top: Mundo, Jax, Cho Gth
Glacial (OCE)
: Sapphire eSports recruitment - Coach
Gragozz (OCE)
: ^^^^ im interested too DUKEo im trying to log back into client to add you again your request bugged for me
ok Gingninj. Ill play tournament also
: Looking for mid laner
whats tournaments you thinking of?
: CCG Storm lf plat+ jungler
Im Bronze 1 can i join?
: could you add my main if interested delacruztheking
Kairutox (OCE)
**Summoner Name:** DUKE0 **Position: **Top/Jungle **Season 5 Rank:** n/a **Current Rank:** Silver 5 **Current MMR:** 1,066 **Top Five Champs:** Jax, Xin, Yi, Mundo **Why do you want to be in a team:** I want to feel like I am apart of something, I have always been left out of things and never been able to show my skills.
Toot Toot (OCE)
: Various spelling mistakes rip
Toot Toot (OCE)
: Welcome to Jungler tryouts!
: [LFP] TOP/ADC main LF Support or JG Duo (Silver+)
yo im silver 5 JG main hit me up in game DUKE0
: Still looking for analyst
I can be an Analyst for ya
podgyo (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with to get to 30
DUKEO, Im silver but ill help ya bro
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Gragozz (OCE)
: Looking for a team for tournaments or ranking
Im keen on some tournaments bro
Gragozz (OCE)
: I will add you Main Mid and ADC bronze 2 40 lp IGN : The Gingninj69
Add me Bro
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FMNoSleep (OCE)
: Looking for like minded players in OCE wanting to climb
Aus Dave (OCE)
: Looking for silver players keen to climb dynamic queue
Kooconut (OCE)
: Jungle Main Looking for Like-minded players.
I Main Jungle Rank, Silver V
: Blue 5 Gaming Recruiting High Elo Player For Esports Team


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