Maraudaur (OCE)
: Just woke up =) good luck everyone in 2016! may the force be with you
And the race to challenger begins!
Tele (OCE)
: Does anyone remember the highlight videos they used to make? I really can't find the time to watch NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS and OPL. OLP isn't featured in PrimeTime League of course, so I just end up forgetting about it until quarter finals.
Highlight videos should be on the way. Just keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels.
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: is it true youz are giving jinx and her mafia ski out for free??
This is not true. It is a scam that results in losing your access to your account. If you do fall for it Riot has requested you submit a support ticket.
: Let's talk about vayne.
I played Vayne yesterday and one person was like. Vayne got nerfed and I was like...HAHAHHA. WHAT NERF. 3 LESS AD? OKAY. IF YOU CALL THAT A NERF. HAHAHHAHA.
Saythes (OCE)
: Boxing kangaroo lee sin!
TBH. The current OCE skin does a fairly decent way of representing all populations in the Oceanic server. A "kangaroo lee sin" would really only cater to the Australian population. One of the biggest reasons for the delay in our server skin was finding a way to represent as many if not all population groups within the Oceanic server. In addition, Lee Sin already has a boxing skin.
Realm (OCE)
: Stuck in Silver for a year
Hey there PVPRealm, I suggest that you spend some more time in refining your mechanics. Looking at your most recent match history you have significantly poor KDA's and poor CS score. Whilst you can always argue your KDA's are a result of your team, every death you have is ultimately your fault. Regardless of the contribution of your team. Most deaths are a result of poor positioning rather than a lack of team support. Whilst your team can still contribute to your death it still mostly comes down to you. Poor positioning can be from an underestimation of what the enemy team can do to you and a lack of understanding the enemy. This includes lack of vision and a lack of understanding in terms of damage difference which leads to fight initiations (you choose to fight thinking you can win but the odds are stacked against you). You place very little wards outside of your trinket. You place close to 0 pinks. Try working on increasing your warding abilities and ward efficiently. By efficiently I mean ward around you. Warding efficiently in your immediate surroundings will allow you to determine correct courses of action and plays. Whether you should push out a lane, whether you can roam etc. Work on your CS. Your CS is very lacking. Especially since you tend to play carry roles. Whilst you may be thinking of going for kills over cs. Remember. CS is a constant flow whilst kills come down to opportunities to be presented to you. It's like choosing to work for 30 years or waiting for X amount of time to win the lottery for the same amount of money. I would personally choose to have the constant flow of income. Last but not least I would work on your itemization. Hope this helps, - Crown
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Depends, see if it's ranked and someone is trolling then I will have a controlled rage at them. Telling them that they should stick to normals till they get better.
TBH. Playing normals doesn't really make you better at the game overall. Due to all the uncontrollable variables. Sure you can learn champion mechanics in normals but you won't learn as much in terms of overall game mechanics compared to what you learn in Ranked.
: I know this is not alowd by your rules name and same but im doing it
Hey there, Snakeowen. There is no need to name and shame here on the Boards. All you simply need to do is take screenshots of any actions you believe breach the ToS and send those screenshots along with a brief but detailed report to Riot Support. Regards, Crown
: Riot can you do something about the champ mastery.
What more could you want then BM privileges?
: How to beat Annie as Ahri???
Building a Chalice first would give you a bit of help. Always keep an eye on her stun. Switch between passive and aggressive accordingly. What's great about Ahri is her ability to poke with her q. So maximize this and try to poke her down as much as you can so she doesn't have the opportunity to engage you in an actual fight that she will probably lose. Utilize your ult. You have so much mobility with Ahri's ult. Try and predict Annie's stun/ult and work on dodging it. Later on in the game you should be able to burst her down fast enough that she doesn't have the chance to stun you (if you land a charm). Building extra magic resistance might help or a Zhonyas to r, zhonyas (bait the ult). Just suggestions. I don't play Ahri a lot so I wouldn't know much.
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MeiBei (OCE)
: Rank Team Bronze vs Diamonds and Platinum
I think the ranked team match making system is wrong as well. Only last week my ranked team got matched against bronze and we completely destroyed the other team. We only had 2 deaths...thanks their 30 something deaths. Definitely not a fair system.
Légs (OCE)
: Who has the best laugh again.
: fiora is kirito just like in the show she is op and no one can kill her if she has w just like kirito
TBH, I think Fiora more like Asuna, Riven is closer to Kirito, J4 for Klein and Caitlyn for Sinon....Teemo for Death Gun.
LewyLue (OCE)
: Question - Low Priority Q
Don't leave games.
: Unfair Chat Restrictions
Heyo Illusionist, Might I suggest not engaging in verbal arguments entirely. The first question that comes to mind with this thread is were you the one who started the argument. Regardless of whether you reported them or they reported you, if you were the initiator the chances of you receiving the ban over them is higher. That said, if what you're saying is true they should be deserving of a chat restriction and chances are they got one. But I strongly suggest never engaging in verbal arguments. Whether you started it or not don't do it. If you start it that's bad right from the start. If they start it simply don't respond. Don't give them any opportunity to attack and/or distract you further. Focus on your own game play and ignore anyone that negatively impacts your game. Regards, Aatrox
Happiest (OCE)
: League provisionals placements for Season 6
Tele (OCE)
: Season 6 Gift from Riot
1. I would just like to point out that the Oceanic server gave out Pool Party Ziggs to players that transferred during the beta of the server. Whilst I'm sure a lot of players here do not have that skin due to creating accounts on this server this was still a nice gesture by Riot. That said I don't oppose an Oceanic skin being developed. But the biggest issue for creating an Oceanic server is coming up with a concept. Most concepts that have been drawn up for the Oceanic skin are usually Australian themed. The Oceanic server covers several countries, not just Australia. So the biggest goal would be to create a skin that caters to the needs of all the Oceanic region. 2. Even with that figure Riot still believes we do not have enough players to sustain Normal Draft Pick. Queue times for ranked are still fairly long. Riot only just released a 24 hour ranked queue as a test to see if it will sustain without blowing up the matchmaking system.
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GigaPube (OCE)
: ***
You'd actually be surprised how many people in OCE have PBE accounts.
: Looking for free PBE account
I don't think it's fair for you to be 'given' a free PBE account when there are literally 1000s of players on the waiting list. If you want a PBE account you need to do it the same way everyone else does and register.
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Christoph (OCE)
: Started a new mentor service! Looking for coaches and clients to get this thing off the ground.
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Rumani (OCE)
: Your Purchase could not be complete at this time. Store Visual Bug
This issue has been raised many, many times. I'm sure Riot is working on the problem. For now all you have to do is re-log.
Flámez (OCE)
: EB Expo 2015
Hi there Flamezrock, League of Legends will not directly be at the EB Expo this year. Riot has stated that they will not be participating in the event circuit this year due to their focus being directed at developing the eSports of the Oceanic region. "We're not doing the "event circuit" this year. We're focusing on our first ever standalone esports events in the OPL final that was at Luna Park in Sydney and the upcoming IWCA Allstars in Melbourne. Was a blast to meet you all at Arma last year, was my first ever visit to New Zealand and it was great, if a little chilly." - Sephyre [source]( With that said I'm sure a large amount of the Oceanic League community will be attending. I know I myself will be.
: That's interesting... I've never had a problem as of yet with climbing in low elo but I find jungle to be the easiest to carry from. No one knows how the hell to jungle in low elo.. They might have a chance at being slightly better at most roles but in jungle no one has a clue.
Don't forget Jungling has the biggest control of the game. You have access to the whole map and have the ability to dictate the lanes.
: So the pros are alowed smerfs but no one els is
But...what will I do on Smurf Sundays? I use a new accounts to learn champions.
: Chroma Champion Thresh
But there already two blue skins.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Queue Schedule (updated)
Permanent Ranked Queue <3
giddo244 (OCE)
: Jungle Champions like Jarvan 4
: SO you've bought every single champ?
I've been playing since season 1 and honestly, it's not that hard to get every champ.
: Starter Heroes?
Hello AwkwardTalkMan! I've read through your post and it looks like you're in need of some help. Some champion selection help. What is the best champ to play with etc. Right now I assume you're playing with what champs you can afford. Yi and Garen. These are some pretty easy skill cap champions and Ashe would work wonders with helping you learn some mechanics for the game that Yi and Garen can't give you. But as of right now...FOR THE LOW PRICE OF $39.99 YOU CAN COME DOWN THIS SUNDAY NIGHT WHEN THE WORLDS WWE CHAMP DEFENDS HIS TITLE IN THE WWE SUPER SLAM. HE'S THE CHAMP WE WANT. HE'S THE CHAMP WE DESERVE. AND FOR THE LOW PRICE OF $39.99 YOU CAN WATCH THE CHAMP IN ALL HIS GLORY!!! WHO'S THE CHAMP? WHO'S THIS CHAMP YOU MIGHT ASK!!! ...........JOOOOHHHNNNNN CEEEENAAAAA!!
Jubly (OCE)
: New game mode
Not bad. FYI. You should make game mode suggestion on NA not OCE. Much larger reception on NA boards. In addition. OCE already has a limited player pool. Game mode suggestions on this server typically go unnoticed due to a lack of interest and focus mainly pointed at sustaining the current queues. Mainly ranked. TLDR: Post on NA.
: URF should be a gamemode open all the time
No. This idea might work on NA but for OCE definitely not.
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: school kids too op
Gankazaur (OCE)
: Thanks for the idea, but to do so we would need to have an Account on NA, and we would have to go back and forth between regions to reply to comments. Just too busy at the moment to have that kind of commitment...
Don't need an NA account. Althought I do have one. I do all my posting on here. I post more on NA than here.
Let's fix the issue with Juggernauts before giving them another reason for us to hate them.
: Recently.. Last 2 or 3 patches. They made one of her abilities not grant fury any more and changed one other thing.. I can't really remember but I'll see if I can find it EDIT: Patch 5.17 HATH NO FURY No longer grants 15 bonus Fury on Rek'Sai's first strike within 5 seconds of burrowing Patch 5.13 W - Un-burrow KNOCK UP RADIUS 200 ⇒ 160 Patch 5.10 BASE HEALTH 611.2 ⇒ 570 Patch 5.7 Q - Queen's Wrath RATIO 0.3 bonus attack damage ⇒ 0.2 bonus attack damage E - Tunnel COOLDOWN ON REUSING TUNNELS 10 seconds ⇒ 10/9/8/7/6 seconds Patch 5.5 (I wouldn't count this as a nerf or a buff but it's a change so I'll list it) E - Tunnel TUNNEL COUNT Now uses the ward spawning UI to show the number of existing tunnels vs the maximum as well as displaying which tunnel will be destroyed once you've reached the limit. Patch 5.2 Q - Queen's Wrath BASE DAMAGE 15/30/45/60/75 physical damage ⇒ 15/25/35/45/55 physical damage W - Unburrow BASE DAMAGE 60/110/160/210/260 physical damage ⇒ 40/80/120/160/200 physical damage ENEMY KNOCKUP IMMUNITY 10 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds Patch 5.1 Q - Queen's Wrath BASE DAMAGE 15/35/55/75/95 physical damage ⇒ 15/30/45/60/75 physical damage PER ATTACK RATIO 0.4 bonus attack damage at all ranks ⇒ 0.3 bonus attack damage at all ranks Q - Prey Seeker RATIO 1.0 ability power at all ranks ⇒ 0.7 ability power at all ranks W - Unburrow RATIO 0.5 bonus attack damage at all ranks ⇒ 0.4 bonus attack damage at all ranks
Thank you. Please do. I just got back from a 7 month hiatus. So missed a lot.
: Help, need new champions for middle
: Its useable , but kennan as a support offers only initiation and his stun, which requires multiple hits to trigger. He provides no buffs , auras , debuffs , heals , and is relatively weak and squishy early on without items , so he isnt much good at peeling either. Other then applying damage he has no other way to protect his carry . If your playing with a group of competent players then theres no reason why it couldnt work , but its still really a kill lane , as kennan is simply not a support , and never will be.
AleNh (OCE)
: Y lots of people dont know that Kennen can be supp.
Hello my fellow Chinese, Unfortunately you have come to a server that doesn't like people being weird and sticks to the OCE meta. That said I still play Orianna, Kennen and Evelynn support myself. Who cares if they judge. If you make it work it works.
Gankazaur (OCE)
: Winter/Christmas Skins
Post this on NA boards. A lot more activity on there.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Did your friend buy all the runes? tier 1/2/3
I have all runes and champions. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to buy runes below tier 3 if you reach level 30.
: I saw someone offer the idea of gifting champions with IP for double the cost. Honestly not bad but I don't think it'll happen.. I have friends with 100000+ IP and all the champions who just spend it on name changes, so I'd probably get gifted every champion off them.. It wouldn't be too fun/fair really. I like feeling like I really earned something. Also it would increase botting, since they'd grind IP then use it to champion gift others.
I believe that was me.
: AC-130 Corki skin
We should just have a firefighter corki.
: 2 penta kills in 1 game of aram
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