Asurine (OCE)
: Looking To Level Accounts With Someone
Add me IGN Jonathonveigstar
: Anyone else getting disgusting lag spikes?
Getting the same problem we recently got nbn so it might be ISP issue with league server. We get ping spikes 75-100ms at night. Did a trace route to google server and ping was stable (10-15ms) but a traceroute to league servers are timing out... Overwatch is fine we are consistently getting 15-25ms. Like JasonWazza said it could be ISP based.
: Input Lag Issues - Having really bad lag spikes in game. But constant 60PFS and 20MS ping?
Ive been having some similar problems. My ping is 15-20ms but would occasionally spike to 70+. I tried running a trace route from command prompt. Did a test to server and ping was fine but as soon as i did one to league servers i got timed out... not sure if its my new router or ISP
: Looking for a good skilled and fun team for plat+
Hit me up ign - DYN4M1T3 plat v solo plat 3 flex i main mid but can play any but top.
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Aqaz0r (OCE)
: Team recruitment for ool? (plat+)
currently plat 2 in flex not sure if that counts but i love playing in a team environment and always look to improve in my mechanics and game sense.


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