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: yeah it'll come within 2 weeks after the event ends.
The issue mainly is that the gift shop does not show what was posted on the event page, thus causing this unnecessary confusion. That is if it actually works...
: Another problem that I've noticed is that none of the gifts I've sent since the Lunar Revel have shown up in my gifting history, which makes it hard to prove that I've actually met the requirements for the icon. Have you had this problem as well?
Can't help you there haven't sent a gift this event period. I'm surprised with Riot, I was under the impression they were good handling a these sorts of things, but this is piss poor. Edit: Got impatient and gifted friend. I can confirm that it did show up in the gifting history.
: Year of the Goat icon?
^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^ I have also been inquiring on the thread regarding the sales but it seems that Riot checked it for the first 10 minutes then left it to die. On said thread the gifts were named differently, so I would like to know whether you can get the icon now with how the gifts are of have they forgotten to update the gifting section of the shop with the lunar revel update. I mean they did screw up a load of RP prices for the bundles and what not... this could also be related to that.
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Patch 5.3 Bugs Megathread
Mentioned this on the sales thread for Lunar Revel, as did some others but none have been replied to. Have the Lunar Revel gifts been placed in the shop, even now after the patch there seems to be no gifts of the ones mentioned in the sales thread.
: Welcome the new year with these Lunar Revel sales
Has gifting been updated, I just looked through the store and it doesn't look like it has been has been. Would like to grab the icon but wanna be 100% sure before I gift.
: Near the great barrier reef would be a good place as it would send a message about conservation, which is something our politicians need to be reminded of. It's also a tourist hotspot, so it would be a great place to promote LoL.
Down south all the way (VIC), kinda hard to promote League if it's sunk where only people who know about it in the first place can check it out.
Vorseth (OCE)
: Dear RITO, Might I suggest Moreton Bay, off Redcliffe as a potential location? The bay itself is primarily featureless other than the tiny scarborough Reef, just off the NE'ern corner of the peninsula. It also contains depths varying between 2 metres deep and the rare 30 metre trench (but mostly 2.5 - 7 metres of flat bottom until you're most of the way over to Moreton Island). The bay itself, once you venture more than a few metres offshore (bar a few select locations), is primarily a sandy, structureless bottom with the rare gravel patch, and occasional weedy area. A reef or several linking the famous reefs of Moreton Island (such as Curtin Artificial Reef) to the mainland would assist in creating a fish 'highway' to the mainland, and could be protected as a Yellow Zone under state or federal law, preserving the reef and making sure people are careful with how it is treated and fished. This could also promote diving at the area. The swell in Moreton Bay near Redcliffe is primarily 1.4m or less, with the water being nice and clear when it dips below 1.2 - 1.1m, even allowing people to reasonably clearly through 3+ metres of water. Structure such as a themed artificial reef in this area would compliment the already-popular significantly sized artificial reefs over at Moreton Island, but would be accessible to almost everyone rather than only people with boats. If you have any more questions about this area, I can help you out. I can also point you to the professionals who know the area, patrol the area, and work and live in the area, because they are the best people to ask - those who make the ocean their livelihood and their life (as I do, as a kayak fisherman who only fishes for fun and only takes enough for dinner). Kind regards, ~Lors (Vorseth aka "Loren York" RL).
Greedily would like it in Port Phillip Bay, outside the heads would probably not be that suitable but anything inside the bay would be great. Have fun trying to dive in it anything less than a full 6mm though xP Try some real diving in the south.
: Ocean Week is coming!
If the Reef goal is reached will the participating summoners be able to participate in the decision of where it will be placed? If so, Port Phillip Bay would be sweet cause then I'd be able to go dive it. {{champion:111}}


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