: Patch 7.10 notes
RIP Heimer top. My days of getting 2 for 1 after dying to ganks are over.
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Just replace blind pick altogether no one seems to like it
Nightjar (OCE)
: to be honest, if your support is an idiot, why did you follow him? There is no reason to die with your team, if they do something dumb, you have the option of just walking away and honestly by following that teemo, instead of having 1 feeder on the team, your team now had to deal with 2. Also you can get reported for all sorts of things, especially in low elo. Things such as picking a champion for your lane that you got assigned but someone else on your team decided they didn't want to support and wanted to steal mid or top or whatever (I'm a support main so I always get my lane). Picking an ap support champion like sona, morgana, zyra, ect... and not picking a tank even though you have an irelia top, because your adc wanted alistair or something and yet you know that a magic damage carry champion would be better because everyone else on your team is ad (Zed mid, Irelia top, jungle pantheon and Ashe adc) and will be shut down the moment the enemy toplane malphite decides that he should buy an armour item or the jungle rammus decides to just get 2 thornmails (even though passive doesn't stack) because yolo. I even once got reported because my adc was feeding and this was because I wasn't peeling enough and following him (to be fair I was alistair) whilst he decided that at 1-3-0 it would be a good idea to proxy behind tower against a 4-0 jihn. Try not to get too angry about being reported because no matter how nice, skilled and chipper you are, eventually some knobhead is going to report you, but these odd reports aren't going to be remotely enough to ban you, so don't get stressed about it.
If I get a troll/silly support I just stand at the turret and wave clear under it. With the changes made to bot lane however, Bot lane just becomes an enemy team party because they know my supp is not warding and is feeding.
: Competent CSing in bronze 5, that'll be the day.
The problem I find is that the enemy don't want to cs, bronzies think getting kills is more important than cs/objectives so instead of last htting they just get all aggressive forcing trades. A lot of bronze supports also have no idea about zoning, lane positioning, sightstones, warding and if they have relic saving at least one for the siege minion. Also the one auto attacking a minion under tower preparing it for last hitting by adc. There is so much more than just buying a gold item and attacking the enemy as supp. Bot lane needs synergy, timing, patience and not many bronzies have that. I have had a silver 5 janna support who was brilliant and I got fed but after that I had two morons with no clue so I stopped playing adc.
Fitzky (OCE)
: ***
Take your toxicity and leave! You bring nothing to this conversation and people like you should be banned.
: Report banner
This is a great idea, this then shows people proof that you do report and reporting does work. There are so many in OCE that still think reporting doesn't work.
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: Holy crap the client is so fkd
Copped a stupid loading screen bug.. Had to alt f4 as a mate said he was in game and I was dc'd. I ahve nbn 98mbps down 24mbps up 57ms here in Perth so riot really need to get their shit together. Cost us the game as I joined 2 mins late and misseed the leash.
: Ah, another Yasuo player that clearly cannot see how broken yasuo is
Another noob that never has played him!
unstabl30 (OCE)
: But then again the matchmaking is so fucking useless it wont matter if you pick your roles. you will still get trolls and people who don't know their champs and people who don't know League.
: Bad players complain about champs because they are bad. Just look at all the countless threads on Yasuo. Rito balance champs based on high level play, not scrubs that can't get out of bronze and only build items based on what they found as a guide online. Learn how to counter your lane, learn how to build to a situation (not just what a guide tells you), and fucking LEARN HOW TO PLAY. Illaoi is nowhere near the list of "Rito plz" champ nerfs, this is seriously just a L2P issue.
Hate to say it but I agree with you.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Wait a minute... did he lose to Illaoi as Trynd? How? Nevermind he built Phantom BT with Warlord's, and took TP against Illaoi.
I dunno, was just going by match history.
DannyMac (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LAKIGR,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=dqHIe8TU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-19T10:06:00.149+0000) > > As riot has said we don't have the population to support both blind and draft pick its either one or the other and I honestly prefer blind pick to draft. Since draft pick takes so long to go through Yet they have ARAM, twisted treeline and the rotating game mode queues. Surely they can include draft pick.
: Nerfing illaoi
No, counter pick {{champion:420}} ffs. If you had first pick as top then you got counter picked. You built no defense on {{champion:23}} while {{champion:420}} got {{item:3047}} , {{item:3812}} and {{item:3053}}. When she ulted did you stay and fight or did you run out of it then re engage? You didn't upgrade your boots so you were easy to grab and fight in her ulty. You did the least damage to champs where as {{champion:420}} did the most on the enemy team meaning she was in team fights and you were not as you had no assists. To me it also looks like you wasted TP to get back to lane while {{champion:420}} used TP to gank bot lane, am right?
: LMFAO keep telling yourself kid yas highskill champ my ass! Can get 100% crit easy Refreshing SHIELD Click to win Gap closer with 0 CD on minions KnockUP is pretty much the ONLY skill shot on him and even so you can get it up in no time
You have never played Yasuo. Go and play yas. Until then you cannot comment on how much skill yasuo requires to play. Until you do you will never climb in ranked. Judging by your win/loss ration in ranked you are destined for bronze 2. It's taken me three years to start climbing in this game because I can learn the strength and weaknesses of a champ. Stop being a noob and start playing champs to see what they are strong at and what they are weak at.
: More love for the Armour items?
Nope, armour is fine the way it is. If you start putting regen on them then {{champion:36}} will go everywhere he pleases just not giving a fuck. There needs to be some sacrifice for stacking armour over health regen other wise adc's/juggs become useless. Imagine as an adc or jg trying to kill {{champion:8}} who stacks armour/health regen items. Might as well quit league, can't kill them. Not to mention {{champion:86}} would just 1 v 5 the whole team kill a couple, run away come back kill a couple more. There is a reason why people are complaining about this being a tank meta, adding health regen to armour items would just kill the game.
: more yasuo salt
{{champion:157}} is a high skill champ so nerfs are not needed. {{champion:157}} can be locked down with hard cc. If your team is not taking a hard cc champ then you only have yourselves to blame. If you see {{champion:157}} lock in then get {{champion:33}}. A good {{champion:81}} can shut down yas, I have seen it. There are counters for a reason.
: If there is only one, then Draft pick would actually be fairly quick, the only complaint you can have is then that it takes like 3-4 minutes in champ select, but, you spend 2 minutes in Norm's champ select, assuming no one dodges because of someone taking their role. Fact is riot don't give a shit, or we would have Draft Normals instead of blind pick.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: Maybe you can substitute league for a grammar class
If you are going to have a go at someone for grammar, perhaps you should make sure yours is correct!
: Can we have a separate Normals MMR for people who only play on holidays.
: Can we have a separate Normals MMR for people who only play on holidays.
I dunno, bronze 5 is about the same atm accept more trolls in ranked.
: Thank you, but i wasn't the only one being toxic as they went on and encouraged me to continue and do so. I am a protective person and tend to defend myself, unless they keep going on, making me have to reply to get things straight. I normally do forgive, unless they keep going on of course, i know what i've done wrong and have had a few bad games before, i do realize that i have been a bit harsh on players but this normally is a rare occurrence. I have not been banned before and banned this late before at a weird coincidental time so that lead me onto thinking that it was a bit weird, i've been on each end of the spectrum and know how it feels. I take full responsibility but sometimes people get on my nerves and quite easily, i have had issues with anger before but it has currently been improving over the past few years and will hopefully continue to do so, like i said. This is a very rare occurrence and that i'm very sorry for my behavior and that this is my first ban (a late ban at that), i'm normally quite the opposite of that and will continue to improve on my actions, that's what i'm to say right now and i might come back to this to add some more. Thank you so much for replying and for your time and enlightening me why i have been temporarily banned!
Trolls, afks, feeders and scripters but you be a little toxic and boom banned. Fucking shit poriorities this comapny has. Shaclone submitted many reports about a scripter but riot did nothing and this scripter is still not banned. Twich banned the scripters account but riot has yet to ban it. Pathetic gaming company.
Sasataf (OCE)
: Go play some games on Yasuo, then come back to tell us he's no skill.
I totally agree. Yasuo gets camped hard by enemy jungler. He is very weak against hard engage, high cc team comps and takes a fair amount of skill to play with out feeding the enemy laner/team.
ReklaW (OCE)
: Ranked Play Troll Protection
Can be abused by premades
: Your wrong. Yasuo is not even an easy champ to play. People say "oh hes broken" i tried him the other day and his combos are complex and intricate. There is nothing broken about him, learn to counter him. Darius counters him fiora, any of them he isn't broken just strong when played well.
Well said. I am learning him now and he is complicated to play. Yasuo is very easily locked down with hard cc.
: Keep in mind that roles and team structure are largely player defined, not by Riot. There is nothing stopping a team from going 5 ADC's etc. Very few people want to play support, because the support role is often considered boring or "not fun". You get yelled at for farming, yelled at for taking a kill or two (even if you earned it), yelled at for not spending the measly amount of gold you do get entirely on wards, yelled at if the ADC gets _himself_ killed, etc. What incentive is there to play support? This is Riot's doing, they are all about developing hyper carry type champs, or beefy unkillable tops/junglers, not making the support role more enjoyable so that players are encouraged to volunteer for it. The whole support thing needs to be readdressed, people play games for recreation (mostly), not to be the bitch for the other 4 team members. Riot's approach to the problem has been "no one wants to play support, so we'll implement a system that forces them to" rather than "no one wants to play support, so we'll make support more enjoyable to play". It's a classic case of treating the symptoms rather than the cause, and this seldom, if ever, works.
Spot on. Well said.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: Generally op in low Elo I'm guessing because they don't know how to react to a strong split pusher
I find his ground hit thing to tell his minions to attack you really hard to see.
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Belrick (OCE)
: Uh oh, i just came off a winning streak during promotions
I just had a 6 win streak in bronze 5 where the games were really good on both sides but the minute I hit bronze 4 boom, muppets, a double afk, a shit house adc I was supporting and then an auto fill nami who had no idea how to support. It's like RIOT said ok you are playing to well, here carry these muppets that clearly should not be playing ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=Damocracy,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=KEKdjy5K,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-12T00:23:13.358+0000) > > WoW was the best XD WoW was always shit, always.
I liked it upto The Burning Crusade.
: 27 million players in 2015 im aware. But how many of those players are concurrent, and how many of them are people with multiple accounts, like shit man i have 5 accounts. Im not denying its a big game, but people said the same thing about world of warcraft back in the day when it had 12 million active concurrent subscribers (so basically its daily numbers wouldve been a few million short of leagues numbers) and now look at them 5 million concurrent subs as of last count (granted they didnt release numbers for WoD, but riot didnt release numbers for this year either) Is league dead? no. Have they hit their peak count? id say so, pretty much everyone and their mother has tried league atleast once, any moves riot can make to bring in new players is going to bring in a rather small number of people, however any moves they can make to please their existing playerbase will hold atleast 5 times that number if not 10-20 times. Riot is choosing to not make moves that please its playerbase unfortunately, and bigger companies with more experience and a better reputation are more than capable of toppling league with good marketing a good game and a bit of time. The reason i mentioned paragon and supernova specifically is because they are both games made by triple A games studios who have decades of experience creating competitive multiplayer games. Take epic they have been making competitive shooters and other competitive games since the 90's, and bandai has been making competitive fighting games for just as long. You could argue that a moba is not a shooter or a fighting game but when you think about it a moba isnt terribly complex. Most of the complexity is on the player side of the action, all the company has to do is balance champions, items, and the maps. Which is incredibly similar to balancing Weapons, Maps, and possible differences in classes (shooters) Or balancing Characters (fighting games) What both these companies can do differently however is matchmaking, customer support, and enforcing bans. Both companies have far more resources at hand than riot does allowing their report systems to be far more efficient and effective, and they both have vast experience in matchmaking which will make it more likely that their match making systems are more accurate. Its no secret that leagues matchmaking system is pretty shithouse.
Ghostcrawler works at riot. Anything he touch's fucking dies. WoW was the best then he changed pvp and everyone left in massive proportions. WoW pvp is a cesspool of bot's and now it is just casual babying. This is what league is doing because league never learned from WoW's mistake. League is not the same game from season 1. Season 1 was glorious. Now league is a bunch of mini games that some characters can delete you in milliseconds. The nerfed movement speed, they nerfed adc's, they changed tank so now they do damage have less tankiness, they change mages to now burst instead of sustain, they change supports to be some shadow that gives vision etc... The biggest mistake was this years mid season changes. Who the fuck changes shit mid season. Imagine in the Olympics half way through they decided that pole vaulting would be done with a springboard so they can get higher, they would make the 100m sprint a 150m sprint and add a drink station half way through so they can all stop to get a drink. This is what League is.
: Jesus christ you are right. fuck me paragons probably gonna suck then, thats actually a real downer was looking forward to that game. Nvm just looked into it more its only a minority share. 48.4% though, but still that means another company has majority share and make the real decisions. Tencent can involve itself in board of directors decisions (namely who is and isnt on the board) but not much apart from that unless they wanted to go all Illuminati on epic and instate someone with their agenda in the board, but come on that doesnt happen irl. riot however is literally owned by tencent as tencent has a majority share, tencent could say "ok weve run the numbers and if every champion in league of legends was replaced with draven wed make 5% more profit" well wed have every champion replaced with draven, there would be no choice in the matter. for instance chroma skins? probably one of tencents ideas. Edit: Ok its worse than i though tencent is literally riots parent company, its not even a majority share they literally own everything. They own riot, they own league of legends they own all of riots estate everything.
Maybe they just like putting in their ten cents worth. bahaha sorry, I can't help my dad jokes.
Hyde (OCE)
: flaming in ranked? for the 100000 time ...
That wall of text though! Are you a Trump supporter because you seem to be building a wall of text, trying to keep out those flamers.
Jia1844 (OCE)
: Help! How do i make my screen full revolution!
Actually, maybe send it to a protest and perhaps it may meet others that may want to start a revolution!
Jia1844 (OCE)
: Help! How do i make my screen full revolution!
Turn it 360 degrees, there you go, problem solved.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saris,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=tbd5orPr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-09T05:11:41.403+0000) > > Hey there! I'd have to say I feel the exact same. Yorick never really excited me until his current rework. He's a very strong top lane and much better team fighter. This isn't my own complaint but I think some people will feel a bit alienated, since yorick really isnt yorick anymore. I've seen a lot of yorick purist's over forums and ingame complain heavily about the change. > > Honestly, I think its one of the best reworks riot has done! He's actually playable now in my eyes, and fits my play style to a T! > I've been going with a more standard dmg build. > I've going with > {{item:3742}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3004}} and {{item:3512}} against a balanced team or either {{item:3075}} - {{item:3156}} depending on whether the team is heavy ad or ap. > I really like the build so far, since I feel like I have the dmg I want/need and enough sustain. > > I'd like to hear about your tank build and how that's been working for you. Yo dude get a TriForce early and everyone will be scared of you {{champion:83}} {{item:3078}}
Tonnes of damage!
: The new Yorick
He is balanced as well. This a great job by Riot for once. He has counter play, he can be strong if picking the right moment and can be punished if he misses a certain combo. His ulty is good as well if done right but also can be weak if done wrong. Very balanced for once.
: A) you're playing at 3AM. Wtf do you expect. B) PLENTY of Asians have better English skills as their second language than you.
Tele (OCE)
: I wouldn't be so sure they're actually trolling, unless they're harassing you in chat about it. Keep in mind a lot of your top champions are priority pick/ban in this meta (e.g. **Blitzcrank**, **Jihn**, **Gnar**). If you're not first pick, you can't really blame someone for banning away one of the OP champions. Even when you've shown you want to play it. Here's what I recommend you do: + If you're 100% sure they're trolling you, then don't use the "selection/pick intent" feature. Remember it's optional to use. If you were really only being trolled, then no one should ban your champions anymore once you stop using pick intent. You can also get creative and play mind games with the trolls by selecting a champion you don't actually want to play ;) + Work together with your team. If you really want Blitzcrank but you're not first pick, **let your team know!** Many players do champion swaps in that kind of situation. It takes a bit of communication, but it's definitely worth it to get one of your main champions. _ e.g **You:** "Hey mid laner, can you pick blitzcrank for me? then I'll pick Lux for you later and we can swap?" **Mid:** "Yeah sure" **You:** "awesome, don't ban blitzcrank guys, we'll first pick it and win bot"_ I hope that helps a little :D
Spot on. Great advice :)
Zmiley (EUNE)
: someone, please read this and send it to rito
If you never get your mistakes pointed out you will never learn or get better. Diffuse the situation. Say you're sorry for making a mistake and you will do better next time. That way you concentrate on your game, they feel better for having their ego satisfied and it makes everything a positive place. If they keep abusing you after that then they are in the wrong, mute them and report them after game. Generally, players won't get toxic unless they feel someone is ruining their game.
Fitzky (OCE)
: How to play kayle top - Build + Runes?
: no no you are mistaken. I'm talking about "nerfs" like to the champion that you cant duel because warlords and 1 lifsteal item overheals any sustained damage you might give him. Nerfing Tank Yasuo is like nerfing full AP Alistar. Yea its a problem when it happens, but its not the main issue.
Dunno what you are crying about he is either banned or cc'd to death. It was tank yas that was the problem, glass canon yas can be dealt with easily.
Miicka (OCE)
: Damn, I came in the hopes that QAPLA was gonna get roasted.
idc (OCE)
: Dude, I know that? When the fuck did I say you had to buy rune pages? Are YOU noob? I'm saying the runes themselves are expensive if you calculate the cost of filling those two free pages. Jesus Christ. Tier 2 runes are terrible if you're level 30. You're way better off getting tier 3 runes and those cost over 100 ip each. You were saying?
You only need 14 champs to play ranked which can be bought with rp as you get garen and ashe for free. You don't need runes to play ranked and you have two runes pages by default which you don't need to fill to play ranked. You are missing the point. So stop trying to debate me on something that is fact. Your opinion does not change facts and never will. Anyone can play ranked if you have the minimum requirements this is the point. You are arguing what you think is needed to play ranked which are two different things.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I say this to everyone thats looking to join the ranked climb =D But I believe this to be true for a good ranked experience. IMO most champions are viable for the ranked climb. First of all welcome to the Ranked Climb =D prepare to test not only your skill but also your grit and resilience. First up check out these 2 great posts by our Instructor; http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/E5KPW5Qx-playing-like-a-god-but-still-cant-climb-part-1 http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/xeKp58HJ-playing-like-a-god-but-still-cant-climb-part-2 Also I always highly suggest checking out these videos. Its great to see you are open to advice in your journey. I'll talk about two things to try and help you on the Ranked Ladder. 1) Your game play and how to improve 2) Your attitude towards the game and your ranking. I'm going to start with attitude first because I believe this is one of the most important things to get right before you can improve and climb fast. **Attitude** When you are playing Ranked focus on your own game play, never look to push blame onto others. Unless you are literally Faker then there are probably things you could have done better to put your team in a position to win. Check out this video from Gbay99 - https://youtu.be/5MTO2a7ZFcc Always stay positive, if you don't have something nice to say don't say it. If you are negative in your team chat not only will you add fire to the fuel but you could also potentially start your team on a downward spiral to fighting each other in chat instead of playing the game and trying to win. Remember League of Legends is a team game you have to work together as a team to win. #TeamWorkOP - https://youtu.be/ugXC7g3p0JU **Gameplay** You've only just started on your ranked journey, there is going to be a lot to learn (hell I've played for 4 years and still have lots to learn). Don't get discouraged by losses and make sure you learn something from every death (why did you die? were you out of position? misjudged damage of opponent? etc) and make sure you always continue to learn about the game. There is a lot more to this game than just csing and fighting champions. Check out this sick play list from UNSW LoL Society - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz It will teach you a lot about trading in lane, lane control, team fighting, and also how to use a lead. Hope this all helps and good luck on the Rift!
Please stop posting that gbay elo hell video from 2012. In 2012 you could carry your team by yourself if you got fed. 2016 it is much much harder to carry. The game is very very different to what is was back then. Unless you have experienced 2016 bronze for your self you really have no right to comment about it. The last few matches have seen teemo top trolling, Kennen mid feed the enemy darius and warwick. A nidilee supp that likes to farm instead of warding. Me lagging out in champ select and smite not getting changed which was totally my fault so I let the team down. You can be positive and play well doesn't mean you can carry your self out of bronze 22 lp loss for 14 lp gain after a 6 game win streak is stupid. This elo system punishes good players making it harder to climb due to less lp. So if someone trolls then that's a loss of 24 lp. Same as mmr. I lost 4 games due to trolls and lost just under 200 mmr but yet those 6 wins I only gained about 50 mmr. The system was better in 2012, it was easier to climb the game was young, the community was good and trolls were very few. Oce was killed by a non existent tribunal which to this day some think getting reported does nothing. Those posts you posted as well the guy who climbed did so with friends. The are very few players I think that are good enough to queue with. Seriously come and spend a day in bronze with me and I bet ya you will soon get frustrated and start tilting watching the most stupid plays ever. The best thing for bronze would to actually make a test league. One where if they don't buy at least one pink, farm so much cs or even ward more than ten times then they get kicked out of ranked and only allowed back in after so many bot/normal games. Blizzard did this with Heroic dungeons and it was the best thing. If you didn't get at least silver in the proving grounds then you couldn't queue for heroic dungeons. This separated the good players from the trolls/trash players. This is what riot needs to implement, something like this. That would clean out bronze real fast making it a good environment to play in. then you would know that the play is having bad game.
idc (OCE)
: Two runepages is still a massive amount of IP depending on which runes you purchase. And yes you can buy champs with RP but I don't think someone is gonna spend $100+ on 16 champions if they can just use IP to get them. You were saying?
You get two runes pages by default are you noob? You also get a garen and ashe for free. The whole set of tier 2 runes costs about 50 ip.
idc (OCE)
: Then don't jungle in bronze if you think it's that bad? No matter what, you'll always have something to complain about, regardless of what role everyone is in. Don't expect many mechanical plays from bronzies. The sooner you understand that, the easier it'll be for you to carry. And actually, it takes quite a lot of IP to gather enough for 16 champions and 2 rune pages. I recently leveled an account to 30 and I purchased about 2-3 champions with RP, and I am still missing about 10 more champions in order to start queuing up for ranked (I am also missing an AP rune page). Because it takes twice as less time to level an account to 30 now, you need a lot of IP before you're even close to getting enough champions for ranked. Players are allowed to start playing ranked whenever they think they're ready, and because you're in bronze, that is where most of them end up. How long did it take you between hitting 30 and playing ranked? I'm going to assume not much time at all.
You don't need IP to buy champs you can buy champs with RP and you only need two runespages to play ranked. So you were saying?
: A lot of the time in low ELO games, no one wants to support. The guy who ends up in the support role, did not want that, he just didn't copy/pasta his preference quick enough. Then he gets paired with a douchebag ADC like you who does nothing but complain all game. Your language in these forums says it all, and I'll bet you're even worse in game. If I got paired with you (if I played rift) and you behave like it seems you do every game, I'd just go support another lane and let you get fucked. I'm thinking you're getting what you deserve. No wonder no one likes to support in these low level games.
I'm quite pleasant in games. I don't be toxic but I do call out bad players. I can't help it. I hate players who ruin other peoples games because they don't know basics. The other day when I was graves jg in ranked I made a mistake and was told I was bad by my mid. I jsut said I was sorry, was having a bad fathers day and that if he could jsut show a little patience I would get better which I did, i manned up and at the end he said sorry for haveinga go at me and said don't worry about it. Water of a ducks back. Why because that's what I do to others as well. If they can man up and see their mistakes hopefully they won't do it again. If no one ever points out mistakes how can you learn from them. But yeah na, if they can't play a fucking role then watch a video, look up a guide and go play bots or customes and fucking learn. I can play every role and I expect everyone else to as well. No excuses. If an old guy like me who suffers pain all the time can do it so can everyone else no excuses.
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