Meddler (NA)
: A change I regret in retrospect - Our approach with class updates. We got some good results I feel (e.g. Darius or Caitlyn) but had a lot of misses as well. Overall tried to do too much at once and quality really suffered, leading to some champs that needed to be reverted and others that were sidegrades instead of upgrades (which is still a failure since that time could have made other parts of the game better instead). A change we didn't do but I wish we had - Something we tested a couple of years ago were units we were calling 'base guards'. They were team affiliated and roamed around in your side of the jungle. They'd attack enemy champions, so you could move to them for help with invades. They were also worth quite a bit of gold and never respawned, so gave another success condition for assassins/other burst champs. We didn't ship them because we couldn't get the gameplay right, they ended up feeling like trivial challenge for gold, or irrelevant, or too warping on normal play etc. I'm not sure if there is a good form of them out there, I would have loved to have found and shipped one though.
Ahh I see! We all learn through mistakes so it was just another stepping stone! Wow 'base guards' is a really interesting idea, but I can also understand why you were unsure if it had a place in League of Legends... Kinda reminds me of tower plating and how it can be used to benefit both scaling champions and aggressive champions, I really like these dual purpose additions as they feel like they broaden strategy in the game. Thanks for the insight!
Meddler (NA)
: I wouldn't want to completely delete a champion, they've all got players who really enjoy them, even if some could be a lot better. How much of an existing champion's identity to keep and where to cut's always a tough decision with updates. I think we've sometimes changed things unnecessarily but are at least getting better at preserving more. From a selfish perspective I'd love a character who played a lot like old Urgot. He had counterplay issues, balanceability problems and just a somewhat disconnected kit in general. I did really enjoy the combination of ranged bruiser and that swap ult though, lead to a lot of unique plays.
Thank you so much for your answer! I must agree that playing old Urgot gave a sense of guilty pleasure that I can't say I didn't get my fair share of experiencing ahaha
Meddler (NA)
: Happy 10 year anniversary!
Maybe if you have time to answer another question, what champ idea/concept would you like to see introduced into League in the future the most? Or if you could delete or change a champion in anyway, which champ would you choose?
Meddler (NA)
: Happy 10 year anniversary!
Hey Meddler! Would like to ask you a question, if you were able to revert a change or go through with a change that you didn't end up going through with in the end in league what would they be? (Just one is fine if you'd prefer that! :) ) All things considered, League is a fantastic game and thank you so much for helping to make it such a huge part of my life!!!
: Boards Community Battle Academia Fanart Contest!
This is so awesome, wish I was a skilled at drawing so I could participate, but thankfully people like that exist and can't wait to see what people come up with. Love what you guys are doing here. <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Dire Wolves’ Worlds journey comes to an end
Hey, keep practicing and give it another hell of a go next year :)
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Is Ruined King’s Tribute quite similar to Grasp of the Undying or is it actually different? I feel like store credit will change league in many ways, mostly good i hope.
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
{{champion:42}} Corkster {{summoner:6}} Leg it {{champion:238}} Zee
: Yea this is true, i have 5 almost 6 and no one will see that i have put work into Vlad, Gnar and GP because all they can see are Azir TF and yasuo. They could add another tab, just like or games you have, normals, ranked, aram etc lets have: top 3, Highest ranking, and in progress.
I'm glad someone else agrees with me, and yes adding another separate tab is probably a better solution to be honest. :)
: Changes i would make to Tahm Kench
I would love to see these changes personally and i agree with all of them except maybe the on hit proc through q ( imagine iceborn gauntlet tahm). The changes would make tahm very versatile and more interesting honestly but sadly i doubt we will see these because of Tahm's impact on the professional scene. He is already quite strong when played correctly proved by his map control and saving capability. Riot only makes changes to champions that have an unhealthy playstyle or damage not because a champion is unpopular. eg. Galio, Singed etc
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I totally agree with this idea. Hope riot see this and add that meter.{{champion:432}}
: Why Play Veigar (Champion Diversity)
You've said it all, there is basically no reason to go veigar at the moment. He will need to gain some buffs to become average again.
: victorious skin
I personally think it will not be nidalee due to the release of warring kingdoms nidalee. Riot likes to space their skins for champions so my guess will be {{champion:127}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:113}} All these champions haven't had a new skin for a while and are very strong / meta picks. They are all relatively easy to design a victorious skin for as well. I'd personally love to see a ADC victorious skin but they most of the adc's dont go fantastically with the victorious theme. (Except Kalista maybe) Someday he will get a victorious skin i hope {{champion:6}}
: riot has already stated y they wouldnt do this. it is to do with clarity. if a new player bought a skin they would get confused as to which champion they are playing. this is also why they have the same monster camps on each side of the jungle. riot was thinking about having wolves on 1 side and coyotes on the other but thought it would b confusing. hope this helps
This makes complete sense for those who are just beginning LoL. But i think there are more people that would prefer the splash art for skins as their icon in game. The controversy could slightly avoided by being able to turn it on and off for those who prefer the classic icons.
ILeoooI (OCE)
Maybe it is time you move on from LoL if that's the case. Some other alternatives are, play with friends exclusively or give it time to balance out in a way that you prefer. Don't really have much else to say to you about that.
: John and Oscar Get Good. Second video feedback please!
I like some parts of the video, like that sweet braum quadra, I think you should focus more on highlights though
: Animated Load screens?
I think it's awesome for those with awesome computers and there should be an option for people with less than capable computers to disable the animations. This would be a win/win situation for us consumers at least.
: While this is a cool feature if you would really like the season 4 championship login screen back you can manually set it if you search up how.
Oh yeah i do know there is an alternative way to use login screens but it is tedious so i thought maybe if riot can support this feature it would help everyone out.
: Option to buy RP based on how much money you spend
This would be fantastic for the consumer as it would waste less money for us. But this will sadly not happen for a while due there importance of money atm.
Glitch98 (OCE)
: Ward Skin Selection in Champion Selection
Yes, I'm happy we are on the same page, I made a very similar thread the other day, and i really hope they notice that people want this feature implemented.
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: My Inferno Syndra skin concept and abilities
Insta buy, looks amazing :D Really good job man.
Légs (OCE)
: Champions that you fear the most.
Personally as an adc main, {{champion:23}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} are my most feared. Cause I know they're out to get me. {{item:3070}}
: Yes cause when i'm queuing, i find it takes 3 seconds to get into game. Go into queue > Go to shop > Change ward This can be done before most queues are popped. Also no, ward skins (barring the bug in the game a few patches ago where skinless wards were massive) have no effect on the game, therefore it does nothing useful.
Oh so you are talking about the usefulness of skins in general rather than this feature. So you wouldn't mind if you had to do this with champion skins as well? (Equipping them via store that is.) I don't think you lose anything from having this feature as a skin hater.
: I'm gonna be that guy, so feel free to hate on me. >useful It's not actually "useful" it doesn't do anything really.
It saves a little bit of time between each queue when you go to change your ward skin. It does do something.
Matutinus (OCE)
: Players have been asking for this as long as ward skins have been a thing, don't know why Riot hasn't implemented it yet
Maybe the client can't handle it. I hope that isn't the case and they are just a little lazy. Another reason could be that they want to advertise the other ward skins when you go to change your own? They can just add that into the ward select area if that's the problem.
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