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> [{quoted}](name=Cortez,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=zAv9OZrN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-14T20:15:16.243+0000) > I was just saying - it might be easier for people who would be new to kalista to have this function.
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: Patch 7.4 notes
I think a fun concept that I'd enjoy for an april fools event or something, could be the release on an old client. Like say, one from 2013, I think it would be a cool opportunity for players to experience the old times, and for newer players to experience some classics that went away. For example, I main poppy, but I have literally never played the old one before. :P Same with my friend that plays soraka. {{item:3185}}
Naaabe (OCE)
: It was already said Urf wont be out in April. There's a rotating game modes thing where Urf will be available for a few days.
My estimate was that they were gonna kick off the rotational queue WITH Urf today, but clearly they didn't feel the same. {{item:3070}}
: It’s My Party Now
This is.. interesting. Yeah, I'm sure that it's Urf, and I'm really happy you guys started the roster for the rotational queue with urf considering it was due. When do we get an actual list of upcoming game mode rotations?
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
This better not be real, and if not, permanent.
ÞieÞie (OCE)
: its a sad life when your a diamond player and you own all the champions, and all the hextech boxes give you are champions shards {{champion:32}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} please rito, be nice
Was it really necessary to say that you were diamond. xD
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It's still possible to get an S-/S/S+ with champions you already have a lvl 5 mastery on. After a match, place your cursor above you mastery exp and it will tell you the rank you achieved.
: I already got 4 chest for the week next one will be available in 5 days what's going to happen if I get s grade in the next 4 days?
: Riot i need to talk to you i have a huge problem!!!!!!!!!!! I got suspended from playing league games for 2 weeks for having a bad game and this is when the april fools stuff is going on and i really love this week its my fav week all yea plz dont take it away from me,like wtf i have 4kping all game and right before this game the people that were in my champ select were calling me "fat noob" "poffffffta" also called me "gay" like riot are u doing anything to protect me or you just gonna forget about me and go on the bully's side so riot are you gonna ban/suspended me for having a bad game, being cyber bullied????????? Please riot listen to me unsuspended me please its no fair that you target me instead of the real problem {{item:3073}} {{champion:5}}
Well, firstly, why are you posting this in a comments section? No one's going to really see it. It probably would have been better off delivering this to a riot employee directly. Secondly, it all depends on how you react to those "bullies" during a game. I can only imagine that you were cursing back at them, don't make it a "he started it" situation. Be the bigger man and wait after the game to report them. Unless, of course, they reported you for no legitimate reason. Henceforth that should be taken up with a riot employee. But I do agree with the fact that they should look into situations more seriously. I don't see the point of leaving punishments to a computer system. I've been suspended myself only because people I 'conveniently' ran into during champion select knew me irl and reported me for no particular reason.
EP94 (OCE)
: so just asking is it possible to make this week long instead of only on weekends I'm only asking because more often than not people can be very busy on the weekends and not be able to play their favourite modes to the extent they desire or at all even. if not then that's ok as they say sleep is for the week (getting punny with it)
That would probably be spoiling us considering, in this case, we'd get a new featured gamemode every week. :/
BlueRanga (OCE)
: I hope they put dominion on this rotation, it'd be really great to play it in oce :)
I didn't even know it was a queue in other regions. I thought it was just made for custom games and I thought it might of been fun to play it ACTUALLY vsing people. xD
: This^^^^^^^^ Please riot URF is my favorite game mode and I have been looking forward to april for URF for 12 months nearly and now you're saying that it's delayed and we only get it for 4 days instead of 14? Why not just put urf on april 1st like normal and then do the weekend thing later.
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Wait................. So towards my understanding, a gamemode will be featured each weekend but during the weekend? You saying that "URF will be shown at least twice" doesn't really make me that excited. Compared to our 2 weeks a year are you telling us we'll get about 4 days?... {{item:3070}}
Play (OCE)
: No crap, we've been waiting for {{champion:238}} skins for ages, all we have is the release date skin then the SKT T1 skin,we need a skin like 'Void Zed' or 'Arclight Zed'
This isn't really relevant and this might just be a coincidence, but all arclight champs have to start with "V". (Vayne, Vel'Koz, Varus) :P
: I cant believe they nerfed {{champion:55}} ! again... This is bcoming a habit rito!
They're nerfing the complete wrong thing!!!
Keiko (OCE)
: Riot I think you should make a new design for poppy, garen, nunu, Galio and anivia?
I main anivia and even though I use blackfrost, I've been waiting forever to get the splash changed. >_< and don't forget Xin and Swain, there splash arts are really old too!
ZapFlow (OCE)
They're all planted around the map, this was an easter egg for the release of bard. There's one located near red sides wolves, once near blue sides golems, one near blue sides blue buff and I think there's a few more.


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