Dulyzard (OCE)
: There is a Tab in the client under Clash called Winners, You can see all the teams that won from there
I looked at that. It says no teams found. I figure something must be wrong with it
: Getting mugged isn't an excuse to break into the guys house later and steal his TV. It's not an excuse to turn around and slam the guy into a pavement concussion when he was already running off. It isn't an excuse to tackle him, take your wallet back, and then also everything else he has on his person. There is a distinction between defending yourself and retaliation. Often there is a small grey area, it's not a defined line, but asking someone "WHAT IS MENTALLY WRONG WITH YOU" when they don't play the way or as well as you want them to isn't defence.
Can you punch someone in the face if they attempt to mug you?
: Okay, let me qualify what I said. I've played this game for ages. I've never been below Gold. As far as I'm concerned, if you're under Gold, you're not taking the game seriously. Therefore, if you're not taking the game seriously, stop stressing over other people playing casually too.
Even people in plat dont take the game seriously lmao
: Clash winners
I mean custom matches against eachother, not flex lmao mb
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C9 Snocky (OCE)
: G5 ADC LF Clash Team
OCEshots (OCE)
: Ummm ok im an english speaking player looking for a clash team (mid to high gold)
Azïz (OCE)
: G5 ADC main looking for clash team
: Plat 3 Top LF Clash Team
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: I main top. Trust me I am good. Just need a squad.
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: G2 Sup/Mid Main lft ^_^
: Gold Mid Main LF>clash team
: looking for gold clash players support, adc and jg


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