: While the $100 dollar aatrox skin will certainly bumm out most aatrox mains thats the point of cosmetics. It's how league stays free. Hex tech is another viable option it's just down to chance and you're ability to s rank on champs.
To "bum out" players? The skin has no point but to look flashy. People call the new prestige skins a cash grab because they look inferior to ultimate skins but cost more. An obvious low effort chroma but the price of 4-5 ultimate skins? What kind of business is that? LOL
: you know that you're being conned and conditioned/influenced by certain buzzwords and visuals/colours (gold) but you participate in the grind and purchase anyway.... then you ask why riot even do it..... you keep resisting by saying 'starting to feel like' and 'at this point' because you don't want to admit it was always what you know it is from the start. you say people will get sick of them or value them less. perhaps, but people will also be afraid of ruining their 'streak' or collection and will sink even more time and money into it. blizzard does this great with WoW (transmog/mounts/pets). soon (if not already) you will have players that play the game literally just to collect these 'prestige' skins and whatever else they throw their way. and the truly insane part is that they won't even use most of them.
Hmm, when I saw aatrox I already got where this might go. Personally, if they keep on pumping those skins out I don't I'd bother collecting prestige for the sake of collecting. It's just a thread mainly to state that players are aware with whats going on. The things ive stated like the legacy shenanigans would probably happen anyway. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/adxy4i/riot_needs_to_chill_with_the_prestige_skins/ theres already been a post on reddit actually
: Punished for csing well
You might be missing the point here friend. Bounties are made to give the chance of comebacks, that you are right. But to have this comeback one side must first have an advantage. Advantage is identified as someone having more gold than the rest. If you farmed perfectly then that meant you have obtained a lot of gold with relatively low risk. The only risk being that you have "apes" for a team. Your method of obtaining gold or advantage is just different from the other team. They have to make plays or take risks to get ahead and push your team behind, while on the other hand you farmed. While farming doesn't push your enemies behind you do it so with relative safety as compared to what your enemies did - they took a gamble and it paid off. Remeber, ranks are there to put players of equal skill, although we know thats not true 50% or more of the time >_>. Imagine this, if someone can farm to get ahead because they had a favourable match up, this player can pretty much strangle the enemy laner and deny them gold (gold = more items = more DMG - ofc you knw this). According to you the only way for them to make a comeback is through the bounty system which is implemented by the enemy having lots of kill. If the bounty system worked on a KDA system, then the game becomes a farming simulator. Why, you ask? Because taking risks wouldn't make sense. If I was the dominant lane and have full control of lane, I can just freeze the lane then shove. I take cs advantage and item advantage, by the time I itemize, there would be no-way for you to make a play on me and come out on top. If you did try to make a play, I can just shit on you since I'm the dominant one. I'll make a scenario where your jg would have to babysit you just to cs, this will open up opportunity for the rest of my team. Where's the comeback in that for the losing team? They can't get bounty since according to you, bounty should be implemented on a kda system and not gold advantage through farm. This is why pros say "cs is king" a lot. But I'm just low elo though, so I dunno.
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: The HUGE problem with "illaoi"
You want to know how to win against Illaoi? Dodge her E. Echo damage is really her bread and butter in all of her skills; A good Illaoi player won't trade unless her e lands. I think, I'm pretty sure that's how you deal with her.
Gehirn (OCE)
: ARAM’s Unofficial (Read: Accidental) Never-ending Sale Comes to an...End
No Riot, there are no accidents! - Wu Gui (Rammus' Father)
You Pawn (OCE)
: I have said this before guys. Riot don't care how much hard earned cash you have spent on IP boosters etc... Riot are as I have said before many times, only care about the Pro, Elo players and OCE Show you see pros take out each other. Of course Riot will say what I'm saying is not true but don't let them fool you yea. Riot are taking a perfectly good game and trashing it. I have also said this before, where Dev's continue to add/delete things and then the game is so full of bugs, lags badly and everyone is confused about why the Dev did this. Riot as all Dev's have been told get of your high horse and stop ruining a otherwise good game. PS: I want my money back for all the Boosters I paid for not skins, champs and other crap. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Are you making a joke? Or is this real life? You need to start questioning your life choices if it isn't.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
Holy shit, went to a game like "FML don't want to play with bots". Then fought a korean singed was like "Holy moly what are these bots, better than my mid laner". After a hard fought game saw random people on the enemy side. WTF good one riot!!!
Rengorax (OCE)
: Many people lie. Many people are truthful and seek help in tickets and get it resolved. Very rarely is it resolved on the boards if it isn't resolved on a ticket (re read that so you understand both sides). My issue is with the people that complain on the boards when they are lying. Sure people who aren't lying handle it the wrong way in my opinion, but they at least get their account unbanned. The issue is when people lie and then make up something like; "Riot banned me unfairly and I contacted them in a ticket and on here but they wouldn't unban me, I've never scripted and I'm not toxic, I got hacked". It's like it's a joke to them, they don't give any evidence or even specific information about their situation leading everyone including Riot to not trust them. Then they turn out to be lying after all. It is a very very very rare situation if someone is banned unfairly, seeks help from Riot and remains unresolved, and the only time that could ever happen is if It's an opinion case. Like if Riot thinks your toxic and you aren't.
My account got hacked when I played at a public shop, I almost gave up on it. It was only after 5 months, when I bought an account that also was hacked (legit) - owner got it back, that I realized that I can send a ticket to get my account back. I gave them proof that my account was indeed hacked (email, notifications) and got my account back. I have been banned for inting and flaming once, after that I genuinely tried to improve my behavior in my games. If I'm tilted, I'll just mute them all and tell them to "just ping". After doing that I have never been banned ever again. However, I have been receiving 20 min low prior queue's for leaving games lately, because chores. I don't even hate Riot for it since I fully know that I will be punished with accordance to what I did wrong. Honestly, if people can just mute each other and keep playing the game instead of saying "This is what you did. Happy?" and start to afk, feed or int, no one would get banned.
Rengorax (OCE)
: "Riot is a big greedy cooperation that only want your money and then you can get lost"
You'd think that most players by now would realize that trolling, flaming and inting games would get you banned. They always seem to think "Sure, report me. Nothing will happen anyway", at least until they get punished by Riot.
: This annoys the bloody hell out of me i swear, like yea i can understand riot games is a company and yes they need to make money to support the games development and servers etc etc but i still think it's unfair to people who simply can't afford even 250 RP meaning they have to miss out on stuff like this and even stuff like key fragment drops are stupidly rare sometimes with you not getting any for weeks at a time but w/e probs gunna be something fun to atleast look at.
Well the game is free to play. Riot has no obligation to be handing out cosmetic items, that have no effect on matches, to it's player base. And you are not really missing out on anything. All items involved are for Hextech crafting only! No icons, wardskins or champion skins - just bonuses to make additional crafts. Please don't complain about small things like hextech promotions. As you said, "Riot games is a company" and they need to "make money". Them giving out free chests every now and again is already a big loss to their sales. The only way they can take those loses back is by giving bonuses to people who purchase.
IgnyteL (OCE)
Well I've been down bronze for most of my lvl 30 life, know the feels. What I found really effective -and still is- is to be positive! I know its a cliche, but it was only at that moment when I ignored on what my team mates did wrong, and focused on what I could've done and what I've done wrong. Only then did I actually started to go somewhere. And yeah I'm just a silver player :P, going to be gold soon (Positivity!). It may not seem to be high for plat or challenjour players, but for a bronzy like me? Baby.. I feel like I'm Faker, only drunk.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Clearly a clever ruse to swindle my personal information... You can't trust him. He's an agent. Haven't you seen the matrix?
"Mindstar." Mind..... Hive-mind. It's all connected. They're all connected.
Holland (OCE)
: Anyone get mystery champ yet?
Thought its suppose to be today. Oh well.
: I like it, except for the border around the map. I feel like it makes it too big, and obscures too much of that corner.{{summoner:2}}
Uhm, if you find it too big then just down size it in the settings. I think personally its alright. ^_^
: Arclight Vayne strikes down the unworthy
Was doing my work. Then I saw the skin was finally out.... Boy did it make me cry...
: Debonair Galio doesn’t always go mid lane...
Day 975, Where is my Arclight Vayne skin aye?
: I got Pulsefire Ezreal 1st try :D
Pretty sure you can't get Ultimate Skins with self mystery gifting?

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