: nah... supposed to be fun but quickly turns into play the op champs tryhard fest.
NO just leave it on. Reasons: Less abusive/toxic people Faster queue times Faster games Less chat in game and more gameplay More people like that than the standard Summoners Rift Riot will see all this in their reports so they just need to keep it on 24/7 and we will have a better community
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
See this is one thing I do not like to see. You all swearing. I have seen pros swear. I have seen bronze players swear/use bad language. The problem is, you talk like that so people think it is ok. It does not matter which context it is used in. They are still bad words to use. I have had a chat ban before for swearing. I have gone back to look at the log from that game and yes there were swear words but they were not directed at anyone and had no context. It was stuff like "fuck's sake" and "Fucking hell!" does not mean it is directed at anyone. So why the chat ban if you and the pros are allowed to say it?? Answer me that. And if you deny pros tilting and being rude to other players, I will just show video proof from their streams. They all do it, and they all type it in game. So why do they get a free pass? I would love to know. Because all this talk about fairness to everyone pisses me off.
: From this day on I will no longer be a toxic player.
The only reason he has made this post is because of Tyler1 LOL
lgnited (OCE)
: URF Mode gone early?
Just keep URF on. That is the only one everyone wants to play. You find less toxic players and it is more fun to play. !Attention Riot! Just keep it on 24/7
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
Riot, you still after sooo many years have not made it so we can sell/get rid of tier 1 or 2 runes. Once we get tier 3 runes and do not have the need for tier 1 or 2 they have to stay in our inventory.... Make a system that we can trade tier 2 for tier 3 or something like the looting system but with runes too

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