WilliK (OCE)
: League hurts my head
just pick 2 champ, and 2 role for example top and jungle and just spam same champ over n over like an OTP and soon you will realise that you are so strong with that champ that u can carry 1v9, it works so just stop using other champs, i am an OTP now but i used to be main Mid and top and part-time sup lol But yeah i can play other roles but i pref 99.99% just go jg with same champ over and over P2 highest rank i want to go Diamond this season, hope this will help
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
so if you are fine telling me to KYS over and over, then its alright. Is that what u aiming for ?
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: Revert BE to IP
RIOT is such a trash system money diggers always cant wait for the day, when this game dies <3
: No more chat restriction, instant bans
well i got banned 4 times till now, and i am still playing on my 5th i got banned yesterday my 4th ban but guess what, i dun care coz i am gona ruin games for every 1 lol by playing more and more and be toxic ;) Praise toxic players more than Trolls, :D
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Battlerz (OCE)
: you can get people like that in standard game also, just ignore it and play. if you don't you will wont ever play the game again or any game at all because honestly in pretty much most online games there are people like that
only Trash game have people like this, this community is so bad i hope they get erased, PUBG is more fun even with random people it is fun and no toxic or harm or KYS comment on voice chat
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artist spotlight: Wacalac
When the fk r u guys nerfing shaco more just fkin tell me bcoz i am done he is to op
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: Hey feel free to add me on BlackJackSwagger. I'm a bot lane main and I've been in Gold the last 3 seasons on FoolishChild (support account) and wiskyjack (ADC account). All my mates have stopped playing so pretty lonely these days.
aren't we all lonely ?
: Plat 4 looking for duo or team
aah i remember u xD u were in my game few days b4 1-2 can't remember GL finding ur husband :P
: Is it only me who feels that the boards are far more different from last year?
ikr, but can't help it, OCE server and boards is dying slowly
: lmao thanks, i was too busy laughing in the discord button so i didnt hear the missle, sad thing was that i had zhonyas .-.
loathey (OCE)
: Hi, I'm Loathey, Esports Coordinator at Riot Oceania. Ask me anything!
Muzzle (OCE)
: Looking for Friends!
i Guess no one is interested T_T 404 Friends not found :(
: Ryze Seriously Needs A Buff..... 39% Winrate?!
That Win Rate, thanks to 80% Bronze - Gold Players, i see so many amazing Ryze and i feel like KMS when i see them
: Fear my dong
i like the ending <3
Ninox (OCE)
: There was a really old graph that showed the ranked pop of different regions, but it was a long time ago and only showed people that played ranked. The only real info we have is "significantly smaller", but if I had to guess I'd say Cheesyleeks probs isn't too far off.
ooh i see, well i believe we lost many players since that time bcoz League Peak time is over already, well at OCE i would say yes it's over xD hehe
Ninox (OCE)
: We've gotten a lot of other systems first. We get things first and people complain about us being the "guinea pigs". We get something not first and we're being shafted. It would be easier to simply accept that Riot does single region tests for good reason (OCE has a small pop so problems have minimal impact and can be addressed quickly, NA has the local resources and the population to properly test something of this nature before it rolls out to other regions) and leave it at that. We'll get our ten bans when they're good and ready.
any rough estimation of OCE population ? just wondering how small are we compare to other servers, pls let me know if you have any idea about it :) thanks
Lumaxious (OCE)
: The community in bronze to gold is bad
Voice chat? mate Chinese players are so bad in this server, they tend not to talk in game, fkin abusing others in Chinese whole game and blaming those who speak in English lol, if voice chat included i can see whats going to happen, i would rather feed my game from now on than having these trolling chinese players in my team who fkin abusing all game and doing nothing, majority of them should delete of their account yes and it means 99% of these players, not only in gold elo but also Plat elo. i rather having a Vietnamese or Korean players than having fkin Chinese in my team, at least they can communicate and try to talk rather than abusing in their own language
: Plat 2 ADC main LF support duo
: I gain 20-21lp and lose 15-19 lp Feelsgoodman
Ahkenatum (OCE)
: Pretty sure that stops in platinum, free wins only apply in gold and below right?
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Twurtle (OCE)
i miss those days when i used to do this in forum, but now i b!!tch about other stuff lol
: Diamond Player looking for a team/ or duo partner
Ingénue (OCE)
: Being matched with high gold players when you are plat with a 50% WR is completely normal. The reason you are getting some of the lower golds in there (still completely reasonable) is because they are duo with each other. Duoing artificially inflates MMR due to a "possible advantage" that duos have of using voice chat. Also, I would advise against using sites like OP.GG to calculate MMR when you are trying to back up your "my MMR is this and theirs is that" arguments. MMR calculators are not accurate as Riot has not released the algorithm they use!
i think you are right, however opposite side enemy team is plat like 4 of them but then your team has 4 gold, that's why it annoys, well in terms of RIOT MMR calculators it has some defect as well bcoz if a high gold duo with their friend of course it will effect MMR matching but then it should be equal on both side bcoz 1 side is completely dominating other by big margin, i hope you are getting what i am trying to say. Bcoz it took me years to reach this high, and i still want to go more but sometimes its really frustrating OK so here it is one of my Plat promos, i saw a level 30 player who was not ranked in any season bcoz its new account but somehow he was in my team in my Plat promos, i don't understand how can he reach that high elo games? just like one of the Diamond guy posted a thread in our boards, he shows total 4 level 30's players unranked in Rank games, so how come RIOT MMR calculator is good enough and fair
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: Ivern wasn't a problem at all in bronze/silver, many players can easily punish him with popular picks like Lee and Kha. It seemed to be in higher elo games where he was out of control, _(note how the pros in MSI were pick/banning him frequently.)_ So if anything, the balance team were disadvantaging bronze/silver Ivern players, in favour for balance at higher elo. ______ In any case, you sound like you think it would be better not to nerf him! So I ask you, what is your solution to his near 60% win rate. WITHOUT nerfing him? as a lvl 7 Ivern player, I'm curious.
i don't mind nerfing him, but his play style is unique i love vs ivern jg tbh, if they really wanted to nerf him they should focus his E Shield and he should not be able to give shield to Daisy or slow effect after e got burst out. Also i do not agree with your part Ivern wasn't a problem at all in bronze/silver I play on my smurf and its very easy to TILT enemy jg and made him rage quit most of the games. I do agree in Pros they ban him bcoz their scale is totally different and their play style, i don't want to comment on their style as idk much about ivern, but they know how to abuse that champ and as you are lvl7 Ivern i am pretty sure how you can abuse him much more compare to me or others who are new with this champ, i just said it in general as i played quiet few games and i notice, enemy team says report my jg afk bcoz he is crying as i am taking his buff and ganking more than him and he can't level up, my jg don't gank "that's how it goes in bronze" Now if his early game is that weak, his pressure as a jg is less Jg like graves Hec Zac Noct and kha can be good as hell in early game even they got nerf , but this nerf of Ivern making a champ hard. I Mainy play shaco i know what they did to this champ and i feel bad and its hard in every game to build him. So i just dont want them to ruin other champ as they might get forgotten or people stop playing such champion. I hope you are understanding what i am trying to say here
: Why would you want to get out of bronze? That's where all the funny crap happens.
to Be honest now i miss bronze elo man lmao xD
batdan 1 (NA)
: Should I maybe switch to start Machete instead of talisman?
nop, it doesn't help him
batdan 1 (NA)
: Iverns Early Game Too Nerfed
Welcome to LOL where balance team is bronze/Silver and can't play against Ivern so they nerf him, just like other early champs like{{champion:35}} i am still waiting for RIOT to nerm him 20 times more in this year lol
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LolWutHax (OCE)
: test
: Tested and can confirm it functions like this. However if you ult again it destroys the last clone. I think this should probably be in the 'report a bug' section.
it is not a bug as it says clone will take 9,999 damage according to riot, so i guess if clone have more hp than 9,999 then he can survive. If they are not fixing it then i guess its not a bug 100%.
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: banning smurf
*name removed* i know what r u talking about feels bad man
Zaps (OCE)
: Odd - my client / site had the updated message - it should automatically update when the new message goes live. Can you let me know when you last logged in / what time you checked the ticker to see if I can track down what made the message not show for you?
at 12:30am Melbourne time was the last time i check the Active where it was just telling me about chat issue, before that i check around 11:15 or something same issue with chat only not mentioning about maintenance, i think its a bug where mostly client active forgot to deliver the message to their players
Zaps (OCE)
: This should be active with the information both here and in the client at the moment?
In the Client the active was only telling that there is an issue with chat system and we will fix soon, nothing mention about maintenance but whatever, no problem thank you :)
Tyrionus (OCE)
: Anyone unable to select ranked queue?
mine is working fine, RIOT made a thread of this few days before, if you are having such issue means your client get corrupt you need to re-install the client mate :) hope it helps
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: /mute all {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lmao and after finishing game, report this guy bcoz he didn't communicate whole game and RIOT be like hmmm make sense "Perma banned" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: LoL players, lets make this game enjoyable
Ingénue (OCE)
: With the amount of "help I was banned" messages, I'd beg to differ. Just because you didn't get the pop-up notification or you see the player continuing to play, doesn't mean that the report went unnoticed. The player could have received a punishment right away from IFS in the form of a chat restriction. It could have been their first instance of slightly toxic behavior and the report is safely stored away to count against them if they are further negative. They could have been punished by leaver buster and are sitting through low priority queues to get into game They could even be in line for a manual review if they keep getting reported but IFS isn't picking up anything it can find to be banworthy. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't working. In order for it to work, you actually need to use it.
so you are saying machine can judge emotions? OMG there are so many players outside who gets banned bcoz they just writing i am muting you because you are disturbing me, and RIOT staff says that's negative? then why you even have this kind of stuff in game lol, please don't say With the amount of "help I was banned" messages, I'd beg to differ. Bcoz its clearly bu!!sh!t where machine is judging who is write and who is wrong, and if you believe this then i feel bad for you mate
: ive been playing since season2 na. these last 3 years have been absolutely disgusting with the amount of unskilled players playing ranked with minimastery points in silver gold games with minimal experience. theyre telling me someone who plays ranked for the first 10 times deserves silver 2 but i deserve bronze teamates k
If you are in Bronze from S2 then its not other player fault mate, those players with low mastries i even see in plat, some of them just create new accounts and play while others buy those accounts, idk why you are worried about gold games and their low mastries on champ :/ even i have few accounts like that, Most of players create more than 1 account i believe, also how come those people will tell you what to do ? you cant play with those people bcoz of rank difference, just mute them and play. Nothing is easy when it comes to this game it is hard you know it you are playing it from s2
Ingénue (OCE)
: Hey summoner! Welcome to League of Legends :) Unfortunately behaviour like this is something that you will run into during your time playing. People will argue till the cows come home regarding how common it is (personally, I only ever see it in ranked games and maybe 1 in 20 normals). **Even though this behaviour does exist, it isn't something that you have to put up with! ** There are a few features (both existing and coming) that lessen the impact of having jerks in your game, as well as systems in place to punish them for their behaviour. **in game** * Mute text feature - best used as soon as someone starts showcasing some toxic behavior, as that way you are less likely to tilt off it. * Mute pings feature (coming soon) * playing with friends (avoid toxicity all together) **Punishing toxic players** In league we have a [instant feedback system,](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-) where you report players and they get punished. If their behaviour is incredibly toxic (eg, racism, sexism, encouragement of suicide) they often recieve a harsher punishment. You can report players (and see the report categories) in the end game screen, by hovering over their name and pushing the red exclamation mark. Reporting players using this system is of the utmost importance, as every report through this system not only helps it learn what players consider unacceptable behaviour, it also stacks up against the player. If the player isn't automatically punished, the report is still counted against them if they continue in such a negative manner. **The ultimate best way to have fun in league of legends is to play with friends, and luckily there are plenty of ways to make some.** * You can post on the [team recruitment board](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment) * Join one of the facebook communities like [summoners society](https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummonersSocietyOCE/) * Add players that were nice to play with after game * Join up to your local university club (you are at university and that's a possibility) GL HF ♥
Feedback system is broken, it never listen to us Lmao
Yeash (OCE)
: New to LoL!
If you think its not a right game for you, trust me just quit before this game gives you some RED RED diseases :) btw Welcome to game feel free to add for normal games Ps: Players will always tell you you are trash and KYS, this is something like a routine so dont pay attention lol its like you are having a snack after lunch, so dont worry
: banned for toxicity
but, but u are also b3 :( interesting thread tho, system is broken when it comes to ban, its just how they earn money this company dont care about players ^^ i learn this and its easy to climb when u finally realise :) GL with your new account, u will be silver easily if u just go 5-5 in ur 10 games or even 4W-6L so GL
: AD vs AP (open boards debate)
AD>AP over all Ps: i am an AP fan AD champ can build Tanky heavy damage and MR and armor @ same time while ap ? sh!!!!!t cant do what just can stack hp and ap TBH, stack means can get more hp and get ap but not all items gives also AD have so many options for MR like {{item:3814}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3156}} and if Ap champ needs armour lets see {{item:3157}} {{item:3047}} that's it, so well u know it already
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