: passive trolling anjd why isnt it being dealt with
You know you don't "build" sight stone, you just get it, and how do you know they didn't use it, check their vision score, if its low as shit then you're correct if its high, you're just a another toxic player who hates on supports with no substantial reasoning
PandaazAP (OCE)
: Is this really "toxic"?
Spastic is a trigger word, and so is threatening to troll, in the systems logic you were toxic Honestly, just work around it, be passive aggressive, the system can't pick up shit, how do you beat an automated system, you work out how to get around it, it works in every game (both punishment systems and AI), and even the IFS is easy to work around once you work out how and what words trigger the instaban
: 16'49'' pass the Odyssey Onslaught
My group did it in 12'32'', 2 malphites (one MR, one AR) 2x Sona's (both healer) 1x jinx fuck 3rd form kayn though, we got wiped 5 attempts in a row
LeecMbF (OCE)
: just lost 4 games in a row because i had the exact same support in every game who just afk'd
If you saw him/her 4 games in a row, why did you not just dodge, -3lp is better than -27lp
: How Does everyone relax during a loss in a ranked game or promos :)
Depending on time (i generally play at night) - Shower - Dinner - Alcohol (in small amounts) - Waste time trolling in blind pick - Go play a different game In promos however, i just straight up stop for the night, its not worth letting even the tiniest bit of tilt affect you in promos, better to come back fresh faced
Folk (OCE)
: Tickets don't help. Permanent means permanent.
I mean, its also in the ToS last time i checked, that after showing reform riot would consider your account for unbanning (ie, T1, carnation etc.) howver they only needed 2 years, because they gave riot free advertising, by playing constantly, im pretty sure after 5 years of no bans, and proved reform the account can be regained via ticket or at least that was my intention as of my perma last year, now idrc, this game is dead af, i play for first win, or when friends are online Tencent fucked this game royally, with their pay-to-win attitude towards skins, champs and the essence system
Quinncest (OCE)
: Why are casters still considered support champions?
As someone who regularly plays pretty much every champion as support i can explain a little bit. Mages go support partially because adc's are bad and there's no point relying on an ADC if they're just gonna int, the other side of that coin is the match up. For example: Enemy picks Thresh/Lucian bot lane - both are close ranged, and both are susceptible to AoE poke My team picks Vayne ADC (because silver elo) so i go Ziggs support (something i'm very good at both supp and mid, even top if the match up works out) knowing how hard it will be for Vayne to get close to those two, i start poking them down, by 2 mins i've gotten them to half-health and we're level 3, whilst they're level 2, we go balls deep, we burn their double summs and even kill the escapeless thresh getting FB and access to the tower, with this one decent fight, we get first brick too, and thus snowball uncontrollably. This literally was caused by picking a mage, not because the Vayne knows how to play (in the game this is based off, this Vayne did nothing but flame me even though i gave her first blood, and ofc i got first brick, we ended the game in 25 mins with 25 kills to our name, just in the bot lane alone, i think total kills for the game were 45:23, inting top laner OP and needless to say, the Vayne flamed me for at least 23 out of those 25 mins) This same situation seems to apply for all mages, and 9/10 times the mage that is support is not classified as a mid laner anymore (due to nerfs or even just a meta shift) **GLARES at Brand** if the idea is to get mages out of bot and return to enchanter/tank supports, all riot needs to do is nerf the assassin meta down, and buff the supports that are actual supports, however given riot's preference over skins than game balancing the chances of that happening are slim to none, so you're stuck with them until riot realises they've fucked up. Hopefully this sheds some light on the question {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Summoner Level
No, you just play a whole lot of AI games, you actually get more xp from coop than you do from norms/ranked
JetRam (OCE)
: Banned Toxic Chinese players are coming to OCE and ruining the game
GET THEM OFF OUR SERVER RIOT This is the 5th maybe even 6th post in two years talking about this problem, its time you act, region lock this server to AU/NZ/Pacific islands
: You complain about wards not being bought but I bet you don't have 3 pinks in your inventory every single time you back. I probably go through 15+ pinks a game, I'm constantly moving them pending the composition of the enemy team (eg, do they have flanking champions etc). If we are sieging I'll drop pinks, if we move from the siege to baron/rift/dragon I'l l drop a pink. I'll waste a pink in a bush just to stall the enemy team while they clear it. If you are simply warding the 2 bushes in lane you aren't playing correctly. You need to be pressuring your lane and warding inside the enemy jungle. If you ward the only 2 entrances to the jungle and pink the tri, there is only 1 viable path for the jungler to gank without being seen and that's straight down the lane. The jungle wards also show your team the current location of the jungler. A support is "meant" to buy whatever items are going to help the team win. People need to stop with this mentality that a support is only there as the teams little bitch. I played a game just yesterday and we absolutely dumpstered the bot lane. So what, I'm not going to waste my gold on an ardent (I'm a Janna main), I'm going to amplify the snowball so that _**I**_ am part of the snowball. So I rushed a seal into sorcery boots into twin shadows. I literally solo ganked the midlane while the enemy ADC was pushing and killed them 1v1. You think I could do that if I just built the items I'm "meant" to build. Hell no. I build according to each game. If we really need that big team fight presence you know I'll be rushing redemption, got a jax that's 10/0 and is likely your teams carry, you know I'll go either Mikaels/Athenes or Ardent/Athenes because I look and I recognise the win condition and I build accordingly. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with building damage on a support. You should be always on the lookout for rotations. There is not a rule written anywhere that says you have to stay in your lane. If I have a potato ADC I will literally abandon the lane and roam with the jungler ganking lanes. I'm here to win and if my ADC isn't stepping up to the plate, I'm not hanging with that dead weight.
> [{quoted}](name=Lemon Chicken,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=7upffPhI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-29T23:13:47.870+0000) > > > There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with building damage on a support. > PREACH IT
Socon (OCE)
: Did no one notice this about supports?
1. So do i, there is no incentive to buying damage, unless you're pyke in which its priority because of his kit, i play mages, enchanters and tanks all as supports i even play off meta shit like MF, Kayn, Darius etc, support is deemed by your ability to crowd control and your ability to put your adc ahead items are not part of this (unless you go non-committals like rylais, IBG, etc.) does it matter if the brand builds ap but still ends up with a lower kill count because s/he knows how to let the adc last hit, its on the adc to work with the support, but if your adc is garbage as is the case in low-mid elo, its better to go a secondary carry on the chance that you may not HAVE to carry 2. Enchanters don't sit back, are you ok? enchanters like lulu, like janna are there to keep the adc safe whilst also poking/disengaging the opponents 3. No, i've been playing league since season 3, a sole support main since mid-late season 4, at no point has the cost of support items incentivised the purchase of damage items, the only reason mages exist in bot, is because riot nerfed them in the mid lane making them glorified supports, i still build things like redemption on mage supports even on tanks if the game needs it, and still end with better KP than most other people in my rank atm according to stats everything (excluding damage per minute) is on par with that of plat/dia players, my warding is that of challenger, im a silver 1/gold 5, its not a case of damge vs tanks its a case of you can't play them mid coz they're too shit, may as well take them bot so they can get a helping hand, the minute riot reverts the nerfs mages will leave bot and go back to mid/top lane 4. i wasn't referring to lcs [snip], i was refering to an average game, in lcs games barely last 25 mins if you're lucky, but in solo queue these games can go from 15 mins up to 75 mins+ allowing for full build 5. at what point is this an argument about bad players, it was a comment on the state of playing support, you sometimes have to swap items and that makes the role more expensive since sell value is 3/4 of its orignal price (i think, math was never my strong point) 6. if solo queue is the problem, don't play it, or alternatively find another role, utility mid is basically support just with carry potential. the likes of Oriana, Ziggs, even Brand or Syndra if they're not banned away
Socon (OCE)
: Did no one notice this about supports?
1. If you haven't read/played/watched any support games, you wouldn't understand, however if you have then you'd know that at the early stage of the game (ie. pre 10 mins) trinkets are the only support item you can afford, in past seasons you could get sightstone first back 2. If you look now, supports get supp item and 2 pots, that's it they have less sustain in lane, and are easily bullied out 3. Supports items are fucking expensive, if you build right and you're in an average game where you get 10 or less assists in laning, and 10 more throughout the game (THIS IS AN AVERAGE GAME, KILLS/ASSISTS ARE NOT EVERYTHING, SOME GAMES HAVE MORE OTHERS HAVE LESS) 4. In order of moments you hit 6 items, the roles of adc and support are generally last to hit full build (unless they have a good game) 5. support items also require you to pay attention to your opponents, your team and yourself, making it harder to itemise appropriately (in low elo anyways). Meaning you could get halfway through a game realise that one of your items in underused and the stats don't seem to be making a difference so you sell and replace, making it arguably more expensive to play the role 6. this is your second post hating on supports, needless to say you must be the typical player that blames supports for everything that goes wrong if its such a problem role, go play top lane, where you're not really required for the team and can just afk farm
Socon (OCE)
: The support role.
Well it's not the support role that's the problem, it's the player and there's nothing you can do about that except flame them, or surrender early on, or feed with them sooner the game ends the better
: What is the Best emote Bm combination
Does Not compute when you get first blood Does Not compute when you win Does not compute when your enemy wastes summs Everything is fine when you Ace Everything is fine when in place of where you would say "Not even close bby" D'pengu regardless of situation, but mostly when you outplay Clean when your opponent fucks up in some way BM away my friend, just don't get tilted when you cop the same {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
wildcarde (OCE)
One trick = One champ, if you main two, you are not a one trick As for the actual post, heres why you got no S 1. 200cs in 40 mins is atrocious, i've put this on anothers post about a similar scenario, As a farming champ it is expected that you get 100 cs per 10 mins (roughly) 2. 34/10/6 - Your kda means less than your cs, CS is priority if you want an S. Now without knowing the full extent of the kills in that game, assuming there were 60+ (which is average) you would be in about 65-70%, thats not great especially as an ADC, although yes high kills is expected (especially on that cancerous champ) assists count too, all this shot shows me is the likeliness that you last hit everyone's kills 3. Defeat - when you lose, your ranking is reduced substantially, i've had mass kdas and great cs on Mage mids, and with a loss only got an A+, if you want an S, in the wise words of Freljords most wholesome man {{champion:201}} "Don't Lose"
Socon (OCE)
: The support role.
As a traditional support main i disagree. I used to main thresh support (325k before perma) and with mages coming to bot, it made me have to give up the one champ i enjoyed above all others, but with that came a large learning curve that taught me to play literally every support, and currently (according to the stats tab) my support skills are equal to that of a diamond player (i'm currently silver/gold). the rest of my skills are about as silver as they come. my most played supports now include Nami, Taric, Thresh (since the meta is kinda shifting his way again), Ziggs, Brand, MF (yes, ap/cleaver MF is still fucking stupid and it makes enemies RQ equaling an easy win) Braum, Leona, and Sona. I went from one tricking (with nami/janna on the side) to playing every support if anything this meta has made bot lane more fun than it was back in early season 4 (the glory days of support). Yes poke mages are annoying, but they all have one very obvious weakness, they're ALL IMMOBILE, meaning Alistar, Leona, Thresh (to a point), Taric, and Braum all have the chance to outshine mages you just gotta learn how to not get hit by skillshots in the early stages of the game when you're weaker resistance and health wise. From what i've learned roles are a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Hard Engage > Poke Poke > Healers and Shielders Healer and Shielders > Hard Engage if you learn the matchup, the game becomes far easier, because you know when you're strong and when you're weak Edit: I Forgot to Mention buffs In this area you are partially correct i would love to see thresh's five walls do damage again, i'd love to see leona able to level 2 dive potless and 3/4HP without struggling, however due the fact everyone hated tank meta, these buffs are unlikely. This in turn means, you need to know your stats 1. How much damage you can take - Practice and Experience 2. How much damage you can do - Practice and Experience 3. How useful/useless your adc is - Observing their playstyle 4. The levels of each player involved in a skirmish - Use your eyes, its not that hard 5. The Mana/Health levels of all involved in the skirmish - Use your eyes, its not that hard 6. Where the junglers are - USE YOUR EYES AND WARD 7. The base stats of at least your champion and your worst/best matchups - You can find this info online
Mokage (OCE)
: So i should be having around 400 CS!?!?
> [{quoted}](name=Mokage,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=jEZGYJEf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-25T10:24:06.690+0000) > > So i should be having around 400 CS!?!? Roughly yes, im sure 325+ would be enough with a kda like that
Mokage (OCE)
: It seems impossible to get an S with Wukong.
40 mins 200cs???? you should have a min 100cs per 10 mins, thats why you didn't get an S bro. KDA also has less impact on your score than you think it does CS is literally how you get an S
LimeKing (OCE)
: Thanks DarkShade918 that is legit the most helpful thing anyone has ever told. I'm gonna start playing Amumu like a depressed meat shield with no damage. But I still think he needs at least a visual rework, only because he doesn't even look like much of a tank. Thanks bro.
> [{quoted}](name=LimeKing,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=2Rzrj1ZI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-25T02:16:52.132+0000) > >But I still think he needs at least a visual rework, only because he doesn't even look like much of a tank. > Clearly you didn't read the 5th point HE ALREADY GOT ONE HE WON'T BE GETTING A NEW ONE FOR A WHILE
LimeKing (OCE)
: Amumu Rework!!!
1. Amu is not designed to 1v1, he is a tank and a team fighter, if you're 1v1ing with him you lack intelligence (Unless you go full ap ofc) 2. If you miss Q, so be it, same as with lee miss Q go back to farming repeat, you should't even be missing Q, since its hitbox is way larger than it looks 3. E isn't for fighting, its for farming jg, since it reduces incoming damage and loses cooldown the more you get hit 4. his W is not supposed to do damage, its there to reset his curse passive 5. He was visually upgraded not to long ago (last season i think) so he won't be getting another one for a while 6. he doesn't need a rework his kit is fine for his duty, he is there to tank and CC thats it, he's not there for damage, he's not there to carry, he's there to be a literally mummy meat shield
Sp4nk M3 (OCE)
: Lets talk about riots backwards banning system
I have 3 players on a watch list from my last 12 games, who are yet to be banned (used post-game report and support tickets) 3 weeks and counting, in and even after saying "KYS" and "get cancer and die". But my alt account gets name banned (fixed now thank god) because KYS is in my username (SkyStorm) so its clear riot don't actually do all that much about it, since they're still playing and still trolling/inting and based on the game my friends shared with one of them still toxic too its just better to mute and move on, its clear the system doesn't work but rather supports those who are toxic over those defending themselves. Submit a report then keep watch on op.gg to see if they're still playing.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: How many
Have been below honour 2 since March, i only just got back to honour 1.3. So if you let that sink in: * i play roughly 3-10 matches a day (sometimes more) * i'm rarely if ever toxic nowadays * Its now August/September, so 5-6 Months and im not even honour 2 yet, if you're intention is to get back to high honour, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, you're screwed until at least next year Edit: I receive anywhere between 1-3 non-premade honours per game, and 1-2 premade honours when i play with my mates, so given that i've had such a long time below the honor line, based on all these digits, i reckon its about 2-5k honours to get from honour 0-2
: Nice theory, but Nocturne is a Demon - an anomaly created as a consequence of the reckless use of World Runes in the Rune War.
> [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=NsQkFUfQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-20T23:28:35.474+0000) > > Nice theory, but Nocturne is a Demon - an anomaly created as a consequence of the reckless use of World Runes in the Rune War. Originally, Ezreal created him after continuous nightmares in an attempt to cure them, however it went wrong and Noc was released on the world (the very original Noc lore) he technically wasn't even classified as a demon then rather a realised form of literal nightmares
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Doesnt that make u play worst?
> [{quoted}](name=Hejibeji,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=J41hqqHY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-19T06:27:06.417+0000) > > Doesnt that make u play worst? Makes me play better, and calms my nerves so i can 1v5 as illaoi no problems :^)
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Best drink for marathon gaming sessions
: Mastery Tokens for Nexus Blitz
You've literally NEVER been able to get mastery tokens from any game mode other than Norms/Ranked idk why you're so confused by this, as long as the mastery system has existed no other game modes have ever counted towards the token aspect of it
: LMAO, 'SKYSTORM' contains 'KYS'. It's an automated ban that should be easily overturned.
> [{quoted}](name=QAPLA,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=xENtEIJ0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-17T08:28:46.624+0000) > > LMAO, 'SKYSTORM' contains 'KYS'. > > It's an automated ban that should be easily overturned. That was precisely the cause xd
: Nexus Blitz Feedback - EDITED 16/8
: Nexus Blitz Feedback - EDITED 16/8
Before i begin, i'm letting you know i'm a formatting ape, i know how to do the basics, but i cannot seperate large chunks of text with the line thing (as seen on OP's post) and google sure as hell hasn't helped me, so if someone would explain it to me, i could edit this wall of text and make it slightly less clunky. Now lets begin What i've found so far playing this gamemode. * Insanely fun (don't let my negative thoughts on aspects of the mode throw you off) if anything its more enjoyable than Norms/Ranked * Team comps are varied, but not enough to be considered "one in a million" maybe "one in ten" at best * Certain roles seem weak, whilst others are too strong (see Roles section for my in depth opinion on the state of them) * Items are fun, i love having some old favourites back in the picture (Deathfire grasp, my baby, my love, my fuck anyone who gets close enough to me for me to use it and one hit them) **Roles** **Tanks** Problem - No use in the game, it doesn't get late enough for them to stack up against the rest Possible Solution - Decrease the gold they have to spend on items, but limit certain items to tanks/bruisers only (so we don't see a bullshit 6 item tank Jhin running around). **ADC's** Problem - Rarely see them, sometimes none at all Possible Solution - Maybe similar to tanks the game is too early for them to shine - another item cost decrease that are marksman specific (graves seems to be exempt). **Mages** Problem - Too many, every game i see 4-5 mages a comp (junglers included) this needs to be limited Possible Solution - Make it similar to rift in which you must have role specific choices, **ie. two mages max (1 per lane).** **Supports** Problem - Teams are too snowbally to pick squishies, but the game is too fast to pick tanks. Possible Solution - ??? **Bruisers** Problem - None, they seem to be in an ok place, on the off chance i don't end up with a mage team, i often see two jg bruisers which is reasonable. Possible Solution - None needed **Gamemodes:** **Bandit Teemo** Problem - Pathing is fucked, so many times the enemy team is snowballing so when it runs into their jg, we can't contest it Possible Solution/s - Limit it to river and the close surrounding areas or Remove it all together. **Bardle Royale** Problem (albeit minor) - Circle although random (how it's supposed to be) sometimes ends up on the snowballing teams side, and thus you have to concede to avoid a team wipe Possible Solution - Centralise the circle into an area in which both teams can contest equally, same as with the Teemo game mode **King of the hill** Problem - Mentioned above, lacks centralisation Possible Solution - Centralise it **Push the cart** Notably this is one of the simpler gamemodes, however in a team game in which your teammates refuse to exist this becomes incredibly difficult to succeed on Problem - Cart is too difficult to push alone, but your teammates never seem to understand the concept of pushing the cart for free structure (even after explaining it to them) whilst on the other hand the enemy team does. Possible Solution - Increase/Decrease cart speed based on how many people are contesting it in order to make the teams recognise it's usefulness **Prizes** **The Cannon** Arguably one of the more useful items to get. * Good when your team lacks any hard engage (since it provides a small yet predictable knock up) * This is very useful for champs with high displacement (Lee, Syndra, etc.) * Gets you where you need to go. In a rush to get the the circle fire away, teamfight breakout in your jungle **Pew** and so on so forth. I currently see no problem other than what the user does, if you're being dumb on a squishy and fire yourself into the enemy 5 man you're probably gonna die, so don't do that. Possible Adjustment - Reduce the range of the cannon to as far as the opposite bank of the river. **Janna's Blessing** This thing is so stupidly strong it actually makes me mad, you guys nerfed janna shield a few patches ago, but now you've released a hyper powered version of it, no thanks this blessing is ridiculously OP Problem - the shield is massive if you're low hp when you receive it, after backing i found that i still had an additional 2 bars of shield on top of my 2-3 bars of HP, this basically makes any champ as tanky as a rank 3, 4 stack Cho'gath. Possible Solution/s 1. Reduce overall shielding by half or more 2. Reduce the time a champion has it, substantially 3. Make the shield last a quarter of the time, and have it slowly wear off over time, like it does for actual Janna. **Soraka's blessing** Basically useless, you know its there, but it basically does nothing for you unless you're low on HP Problem - Healing is lacklustre Possible Solution/s 1. Turn the heal into a trinket item, that has a one time use and restores 3/4 of your max HP (ie. it becomes a hyper powered Wish) 2. Reduce the duration of the heal over time, but increase the total healing received over that period **Zilean's Blessing** Somewhat over powered, but also lacklustre at the same time (its hard to explain) Problem - The free GA is nice, but it seems about as useful as GA is normally, the minute you fight and your team chickens out and you die it becomes Null and Void because you just prolonged the inevitable Possible Solution/s 1. Similar to Soraka's Blessing change, make it a trinket item that automatically goes off when you die, restores you to full and gives you a large decaying movement speed buff for a second or so after. In order to balance this have the revive work like herald does, but on a much sooner expiry (30-60 seconds max) 2. Do the above thing, but have it work like Zileans ulti, it lasts for 8 seconds then its done, so make it an Active item that holds the short cooldown also mentioned above **Cursed Minions** This seems useless overall, minions die so fast anyways, what would be the point of reducing them to 1hp Problem - Useless Possible Solution 1. Wither effect applied to all enemy champs after receiving the victory, the effect lasts up to 10 seconds (can be cleansed) 2. Keeping with the wither effect, but instead of causing all stats to be lowered, just reduce the AD and AP of opposing champions by a % amount for the duration **Blitzcrank's Hook** This blessing, is a pain in the ass. Not only is it just as dodgy as the in game champ (passing through minions, grabbing enemy darius' etc.) but it just seems like a pain to both sides. For the blessed, it makes you miss skillshots as far as i'm aware there's no timer when the cannon minion/tower will fire the grab and thus makes it harder aim skillshots. on the flipside the enemy team might get hooked in all manner of bullshit because the hitbox is rubbish, thus making the game more unfun than a Janna lane. Problem - Dodgy ability, poor hitboxes, brutal to both sides Possible Solution - REMOVAL Of course these are purely my opinions on the state of this gamemode, you can take them how you want, but personally these changes with proper balancing would make the game more enjoyable, plus you have so many champs to choose from, why not add more modes, more blessings, more rewards etc. TLDR: * Gamemode is fun and enjoyable * Certain modes need to function better overall * Some rewards are good, others are busted and need changing * I Suck at formatting :D
: Perma banned? for saying this? Are you kidding me
probably omitted the actual things that got you banned, like every other "why did i get banned" post
: In that case I dunno sorry, you'll have to wait on support.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=xENtEIJ0,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-12T05:28:06.353+0000) > > In that case I dunno sorry, you'll have to wait on support. :/ Oh well, its a real shame, a multibillion dollar company, can't even reply to a ticket in under 6 hours.... especially after they point out that you should make contact immediately {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Was the account inactive (hasn't played any games) previously? I know there is a bug at the moment with the message that displays when your name is taken by someone else. Instead of saying what it should (something along the lines of "your name was taken while it was inactive") it's giving the inappropriate name one.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=xENtEIJ0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-12T03:16:20.209+0000) > > Was the account inactive (hasn't played any games) previously? I know there is a bug at the moment with the message that displays when your name is taken by someone else. Instead of saying what it should (something along the lines of "your name was taken while it was inactive") it's giving the inappropriate name one. No, i literally used it last night, since it's my main until this one gets unbanned (hopefully) i use it at least for 1 game a day
: Riot Games exposed
This is how my group of friends act all the time, difference is there's no malice between us, always shouting somewhat offensive terms is part of how we deal with tilt, even in a 5 man, if the enemy is playing teemo for example, we often spend most of the game camping and abusing him, (teemo tears are best tears) however we keep it in discord, so nothing can come of it. As a group infighting is common, but never any harmful things come of it, mostly just trash talk, im sure to a point its the same at Riot.
Rioter Comments
Gehirn (OCE)
: Please [submit a ticket to Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with details on the accounts you believe were being boosted. At the very least they can investigate if the accounts are being shared and take action on that.
> [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=YOI6BeRw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-08T07:24:38.309+0000) > > Please [submit a ticket to Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with details on the accounts you believe were being boosted. At the very least they can investigate if the accounts are being shared and take action on that. You and i both know that won't happen, they just blanket response you when you report through Support please use the report in the post game screen, etc.
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest Winners - sponsored by Logitech!
Remind me why as we fall came third.. it far exceeded the other two, no offense to the other artists i liked both of theirs too, but that electric cover in all its simplicity was too hard to think of it coming third The amumu one was great until the screaming towards the end, that needed so much more finesse to make it work Lightbringer although a cover, didn't really suit the original's style, it was too laid back.... IMO As we Fall > Lightbringer > Curse of the sad mummy
Meyovir (OCE)
: New at Ranked
Don't listen to that one guy right above me, see his post, he's a troll TTL Rem is right though, flash is core, and your builds need to be made standard among each different champ On the subject of different champs here's what i can tell you - Play and master at least 3-5 champs in every role (crossovers like Lucian adc and Lucian mid are fine) - Standardise your builds on each of those champs, if you wanna learn support/mid lane, i'm happy to give you a few tips even teach you to play certain champs (add SkyStorm in game) - learn to cs well, try and average 60-80 cs per game (support not included) On the subject of ranked and the teammates/toxicity - /muteall every single game, especially in lower ranks (bronze-gold) trust me, they're never gonna have anything useful to say, they'll just flame you for messing up - Ranked is very unfriendly, i run into maybe 1 in 10 games, where i'll have just ONE nice person - Yasuo, Riven, Yi and Trynd mains are most unfriendly people you'll have the displeasure of meeting - do not become the flamer, troll, afk, intentional feeder (trust me, the reason i said add that other account is because this one is banned for doing exactly what i'm telling you not to do) :D On the subject of learning champs - Use practice tool - find the champs you like best and master them (keep pool in ranked small, but have them as a back up if say your pick gets banned etc.) - Know your match ups - All abilities in the game, what they do, and where you can the numbers (range, damage, scaling, type of damage) - This includes knowing how you perform into certain champs, if there are champs you just can't beat no matter how many times you play it, make it a priority role based ban, although if you're team wants it don't ban it (unless its yasuo, then always ban it from them) If you want to play ranked, make sure to have at least a 50-55% win-rate over 200+ games in norms first Edit - Understand runes and how they work too, including the multiple variances on rune decision based on match up
: You are cruel Riot, so very cruel....... D:
I'm jotting it down Kyoto... Akihabara... :^) i pray for your ping too :D, and yeah i agree, league is social, i don't think i've played a "solo" game in a few weeks lmao Well enjoy your time there, when you come back i'll have to see how much more you've seen/experienced Trust me, even if i stop playing league, i'll still be on boards scrolling around :D
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: NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath
Your name is god rumble, how can you think cho is OP when you could just lay down the red carpet, and deal some Liandries DoT :/
: So what you're saying, is that I should get a whole year's worth out in the next week or so, right? ;) {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EyW07p3B,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-01T05:03:58.795+0000) > > So what you're saying, is that I should get a whole year's worth out in the next week or so, right? ;) > > {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Yes {{sticker:sg-jinx}} as for the Japan, can you migrate your account, or are you moving to some low quality net place? Also when you come back, tell me where you've been, what you saw, since i'm travelling to Japan (AU summer) 2019, been waiting to find someone who's been/going/lives there to tell me the cool things that exist there (Plus i'm a massive PokeNerd so thats a thing)
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: How to ACTUALLY climb out of bronze
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: Am I the only one that seems like it's imposible to make friends on Lol?
Honestly, i find my friends just by having a laugh in games. about 3-4 days ago i was playing with my premade friend and we stumbled into a game filled with trolls (not the bad kind) no one picked a proper champ for their role, i think it was a yi top, poppy mid, irelia jg (or something similar) and we essentially just fucked around for 30 minutes. the chat went from sexual innuendos and jokes into talking about the bs that is politics, i think at some point we even gave relationship advice, towards the end of the game we all added each other and discorded, i wouldn't say we play frequently (differing time tables) but we still chat our discord is somewhat lively, and filled with memes. if you just run into a fun loving bunch of nerds in norms/aram, queue up with them if you like them, after one toxic statement, you just leave and never speak again, its pretty simple
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: New And Tyler1 Fan
"some salt" Yet you associate yourself with the Saltiest League player of all time, lmao
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: As a consumer
And yet, they're more likely to release skins than actually fix the game (and client) :D
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: How many Boards posts do you have?
I'm sure of all of seras' posts 85% are from shutting down arguments {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How many Boards posts do you have?
Hey DarkShade918, you have a total of 766 posts on the Oceania League of Legends Boards! Hmmm, i thought i was more active, maybe it should check forums too {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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