: Except they're not allowed to any more than you are? He posted this because he got banned.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=QQQebebR,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-04-10T02:33:24.440+0000) > > Except they're not allowed to any more than you are? He posted this because he got banned. Clearly not, i've seen more Chinese players on OCE than in years previous, and they're all the same, and they almost never get banned, short of them using a trigger word, it doesn't happen
SUP Wolf (OCE)
: My second account just got ban because of oce toxic rubbish player report
And Riot Wonders why we want to server lock, so these people don't come on our server. This is just as bad as referring to OCE as Dogs, if they can be insulting to us, then we should be allowed to insult them back
: New at Syndra
Don't go Q W E in max order, Go Q E W, W doesn't do much even at later levels, its purely just for an unnecessary slow, Riot could remove W and it wouldn't make a difference to her play style, that's how worthless it is. Start Doran's Ring and 2x Potions, then proceed to get lost chapter and boots, then finish luden's echoes Depending on match up: If into a High AD comp (or a Zed/Yasuo) build Zhonya's Hourglass 3rd Item, and getting the Seeker's Armguard as early as possible If into a High AP comp (or a Leblanc/Lux) build Banshee's Veil 3rd Item The end build i prefer: Luden's Sorc Boots (or Tabi/Mercs depending on how difficult the enemy team is to deal with) Zhonya's or Banshees Deathcap (If i'm ahead) or Morellonomicon (if enemy team has heals, like Raka, Vlad etc then you want to get this even if you're ahead) Void Staff Deathcap (This is just the 6th Item, it is a must have on Syndra, she's a burst mage) However I've also used: Rod of Ages Boots Zhonya's or Banshees Rylais Liandries Deathcap As well as: Seraphs Embrace Boots Morellos Rylais Liandries Deatchap The lack of Zhonyas in the third build is because the Serphs Shield should be enough to keep you alive if you play the match-up right, otherwise swap out morellos for it. Abilities R Max, Q Max, E Max, W Max in that order The best combo is the Q into E, which can be cast simultaneously, you can (once you have a better grip on her) add W into the combo, because the ball while midair will still be effected by E, giving you extra distance, this requires a substantial amount of timing though Use R as a finisher, try and get as many balls out as you can before you press R, most times you may only get one, however optimally you want three. W as i mentioned earlier serves no purpose, Slow is trash, True damge is almost nothing (hence not worth leveling up until later) and the actual base damage it does is worthless as well. The only time W is useful outside of farming is if you're into a minion mancer, you can use W to move their minions around, Namely Zyra and Heimer. To farm with Syndra, Early you're gonna struggle, mana is a big issue, however once you have a decent amount of mana, you can then use W and Q to farm. The easiest way to do this in a cannon wave, is to wait until the normal minions group up, then throw the cannon into the wave, and press Q underneath it all, after luden's you should be killing all 3 sorcerers and the cannon. in a non-cannon wave, a melee minion is what you want to throw. There are several optimal rune paths My preffered is Domination/Sorcery, best for when the enemy team is squishy: Electrocute Cheap Shot Eyeball Collection Ultimate Hunter Manaflow Band Transcendence However you can also go Sorcery/Inspiration, best for sustaining and farming (for example if you're into a Galio): Arcane Comet Manaflow Band Transcendence Scorch or Gathering Storm Minion Dematerialiser Cosmic Insight Another Variation i've used is Sorcery/Domination, Useful when you just want to farm/push all game rather than burst): Arcane Comet Manaflow Band Transcendence Scorch/Gathering Storm Cheap Shot Ravenous/Ultimate Hunter The final variation, My ARAM runes (which work just as well in Norms) is Domination/Precision (Again a bursty rune page) Electrocute Cheap Shot Eyeball Collection Ultimate Hunter Presence of Mind Coupe de Grace If you're crazy enough you can even try her support, in which you go Sorcery/Resolve Aery Manaflow Band Transcendence Scorch Font of Life (you have to stun someone for this) Bone Plating or Inspiration/Sorcery Glacial Augment Perfect Timing Futures Market or Biscuit Delivery Cosmic Insight Manaflow Band Transcendence The Support build i prefer is: Eye of Watchers Hextech GLP Rylais or Morellos Twin Shadows Void Staff Deathcap Understand that if you go support, you will be behind on your build timing (hence the idea of taking Future's Market), you want to poke the enemy as frequently as possible with Q without OOMing yourself. As a support your job is to CC not kill however if the opportunity presents just take it, your adc will flame you anyways regardless of what you do. The support combo is multiple Q balls, R to hit them with everything, then stun the enemy and anyone else with them by using E on all the balls. The max changes here, you want to E max, W max, Q max. W is still useless but the slow is good for a set up, moreso if you have Rylais or another slowing mechanism. As support your E serves two purposes, stun the enemies, or disengage them. A few cool things you can do with Syndra * E Rengar out of Ult jump (or normal jump too), this applies for almost all the non-unstoppable leaps * Q > Flash > backwards E onto the enemy team, kind of like Insecing with Lee Sin however its extremely dangerous and will probably get you killed, so make sure you've got a backup afterward in order to get out Feel free to add to the list Hope this helps
BarnDog (OCE)
: Ban this player please
I love {REMOVED}, He's the best player out there
Darkweava (OCE)
: First Offence: 14-Day Suspension
KYS is an instant 14 dayer
: ADCs
As a support main i agree with this, but also disagree with the comment about afk farming. Your adc (providing they're winning the farm game) can turn the tide of a game, especially if they're an entire item up on the enemy adc and we peel them accordingly. As a side role top laner, who solely believes in AFK farming/Splitting to win games, this is a simple "I have more gold, therefore do more damage (or tank more) than my opponent will ever be able to do" situation. Applies as much to splitter's as it does to adcs (Who understand their role) Both of these strategies require you to actually win the farm game though, so i see where you're coming from about adc's being useless, especially in plat or lower, where adcs barely amass 80cs/min. Its also notable, that adcs below plat have 0 positioning skill, and thus often lose fights just by being a few units short of their necessary placement on the map. But we also need to factor in, not all supports can support (most are autofilled), those that know how to support know their role (usually) either to peel or to set up. This makes adcs less likely to pay attention to their supports, because maybe they had 20 games with autofilled supports who did nothing but fail them. The solution. Stop autofilling people, so actual supports get their role, and adc's don't always get some trashbag who has no idea how to play.
: jhin vs vi and caitlyn
Depends on if Cait uses her sniper to disarm or to kill. Based on the logic that a police officer should resort to killing as a last resort, she'd be able to disarm him from afar, and Vi could be close by in order to cuff him, since he's so thin, she could crack him like a glow stick, as well as break that damn mask of his. As much as i love jhin, there is no way, even lore wise he could win that kind of 2v1, at worst he'd get to kill 1 maybe 2 more people. But no matter how it seems, he would not win that.
: Both are point and click machines. You can argue Jhin does pure and simply because his Ult is a skill shot. Neither are very mechanically intensive though. Jhin has 1 point and click, 1 trap, 2 skill shots. Cait has 1 point and click, 1 trap, 2 skill shots.
> [{quoted}](name=BarryButcher,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=36M68TzT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-20T05:06:40.820+0000) > > Both are point and click machines. You can argue Jhin does pure and simply because his Ult is a skill shot. > > Neither are very mechanically intensive though. > > Jhin has 1 point and click, 1 trap, 2 skill shots. > Cait has 1 point and click, 1 trap, 2 skill shots. Based on this, its most likely jhin takes more skill since he unlike cait, doesn't have an escape, he's likely to die more than a cait is, since she can just net the fuck out Jhin HAS to crit something to get a speed boost, if he's running away and there's nothing to crit, he's gonna die faster than cait will. Cait also has up to 5 traps, jhin generally gets 3, maybe 4 if his CD is low enough, his traps also have a longer wind up than Cait's, they're basically instant. Cait heavily relies on her support to CC chain with her traps, Jhin requires the support to do that, on top of peel for him, because he's a stick in the mud, jhin ult is also counterable as it lasts longer and once he pops it, he can't move (think bard ult etc.) Cait can, and her ult is basically instant
: uhhh what?
Doesn't make a diff to me lol, i'll still squash the spider with my tentacles His weaknesses haven't changed, he's still a close ranged meat sack, if you can land poke (like illaoi Q, kayle E etc.) in a fight, you won't have an issue, you just have to wait till he wastes his shotgun knees now, and then fight around his ult (its not that hard to dodge)
Mysteries (OCE)
: For TT 3v3 ranked to be available 7 days a week
They won't ever do that, TT is a rarely played mode, and it already drains queue timers as is, honestly hope they don't ever make it fully available
: Need 29 rp
Make art (shitty or decent) and send it via support ticket specifying how much RP you need (usually maxing out at 50RP)
Neëko (OCE)
: Let's talk about how we can fix Neeko
Or alternatively, you could just remove any ad scaling and reduce root time, completely gutting her so no-one has to deal with her again (AP Mid Neeko main btw, and i 100% want her out of the game, she's a piece of shit who's way overtuned)
: mastery tokens
Tokens are only awarded at Mastery 5 and 6 To get to Mastery 6 - you must earn two tokens, with an S- or higher **To get to mastery 7 - you need an S or higher** Both of your Soraka "S" ranked games, are only S- therefore, given that you're currently Mastery 6, you are not doing well enough to earn them
: who has the most cc?
Personally, i think Leo and Nautilus take the top spot Leo has 3 stuns (if you time it right) and a root 1 Hits a single target, and with enough CDR, tank and good timing you can proc it 2 times in a single fight 1 AoE stun, that can hit 5 members (of course this can be really difficult, but sometimes you get lucky) 1 Root, that can be animation cancelled and positioned in a way that can surprise an enemy if you play it well enough Nautilus on the other hand, has A pull, a multi-target knockup, a root on every auto (unless its against the same target) and a massive slow that shreds Armour His hook's hitbox is fucked, like if you learn him, you will see just how stupid that hitbox really is His AoE slow, can hit 5 targets and shred their armour His Auto's root you for a long time (or at least it feels like it), and they do bonus damage (add the W shield and you have a 100+ damage auto) The knockup when positioned correctly can flip a fight upside down, especially if the original target flashes behind his team
: Support - Silver 3 LF Duo (ADC prefer or Jungler)
Only 1.6mil, amateur :^) I'm over here with 2.6-3.1mil on 4 accounts
: PSA: Akali went from a 47% winrate to a 37% winrate.
> [{quoted}](name=Broken Scripts,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=YFQyfF10,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-09T02:41:16.093+0000) > Where are the Urgot nerfs? Urgot is destroying toplane with almost zero counters. What do you mean almost 0 counters - Ranged Top laners - Nasus - Illaoi - Jax - Lee Sin (If you're decent at him) - The list goes on, Yes Urgot needs nerfs, but he's not "destroying top lane" i would only rank him as A tier tbh
: Not Perma Ban
Complaining about getting let off on a warning??? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: #**_~~Picking situationally~~_** I pick most of the time depending on what my team picks. If you counter pick an enemy, you counter that 1 player, _(and if you fall behind then you don't even do that.)_ and most of the time that counter is only for in lane anyway. But if you pick a champ that synergises well with your team, then rather than making 1 enemy player weaker, you're making 4 allied players stronger. One of your problems might be that most of your champs there all fulfil the same role Ekko/Zed/Fizz/Kat (within reason) do the same thing, jump in, eliminate someone, and jump out. Usually (not all the time), if you can pick Fizz into a matchup, you'll be pretty safe picking either Kat or Ekko too. And the reverse is also true, if you can't pick Ekko into a matchup, chances are Fizz and Kat will also meet the same disadvantages. _***~~So before trying to pick the right champ for the situation, i'd start with expanding the range of champs at your disposal.~~***_ Ill use myself as an example, I'm a mid laner too, I prioritise who I pick, from this level of importance (keep in mind that this is just what I do (or try to)): _***~~1st: Complement our own team's champions. (if my Jungle picks Malphite, then obviously picking Yasuo is a good idea) 2nd: Fill out any holes in our team (e.g. if we don't have CC, I won't be picking Karthus) 3rd: Bring my own flair to the table. 4th: Counter one of more of the enemy champs (i.e. Teemo into Nasus).~~***_ This order changes a little with situations. Sometimes some things just cant be done. And assassins throw in a new situation entirely (ill bet getting to that later). **To give examples:** When I pick Roaming specialists. >### *If our team has a hyper carry in bot lane, like Draven or Kai'Sa, I'll be tempted to pick someone like Aurelion Sol, so I can maintain a relatively consistent presence in bot to give Draven etc the early/mid game cushion they need to get rolling.* When I pick bruisers: >### *If my team is lacking in frontline strength, I have Swain or Vlad to fall back on, which sacrifices some long range poke and nuke potential, but alleviates the pressure off our more fragile backline players while still keeping up some decent AP damage.* When I pick damage/utility mages: >### *If our team is well rounded then i'll pick the class that provides what (I think) mid lane should bring to the game, I.e. ranged poke and CC, so I'll pick someone like Zoe or Azir etc. Seeming I don't have to pick up the slack for anyone else, I can focus on bringing out mid lane's individual strength.* Thats the basic principle, but then you can go deeper and get more champion specific. I.e. if we have a hyper carry bot, but she is Vayne, then I won't go Sol, i'll go Taliyah instead, because then not only can I roam bot often, but i'm playing a champ that makes the most of Vayne's kit, bringing out the potential of both champs. You can tailor how much of something you think you need as well, if we need a bigger front line player than Swain, then I'll pick Galio, and focus more on being a true tank rather than a mage hybrid. Likewise if we don't need quite as much, I'll pick someone like Malz or Ryze, who can still take a few hits, but aren't as squishy as normal mages. Then comes countering the enemy. Once I've looked at the type of champ my team needs, (Artillery, bruiser, roaming etc), and Ive considered what champs synergise (or don't synergise) with my own team, then ill look at the enemy. For example, if we need a poke mage, but the enemy has a Heimerdinger, then I'll narrow the pics to Syndra or Azir who can both fulfil the poke mage role, as well as countering Heimerdinger in particular. _______________________ #**_~~Assassins~~_** Assassins like always, are the class that throws a spanner in the works. They win and lose games drastically. Unless they are poorly designed, assassins fulfil a very specific role in league. Their main and arguably _only_ purpose, is to remove one _(or two if they're strong_) enemy champs from the game, and then get the fuck out _(essentially making the game a 4v4)_. So rather than focusing on helping your own team, you're focusing on breaking up the enemy's. In other words, assassins should be picked when your team's combined combo/teamfight isn't lacking any specific aspects. If your team can pull off a good strategy as a 4 man (i.e. without you), then your job as an assassin is to make the enemy team also a 4 man. With one important difference, you get to choose which 4 enemies are in the fight. Essentially removing a key player from _their_ combo. If they pick Yasuo/Ori/Amumu, their team synergises amazingly (almost certainly better than your team). So you job as an assassin is to select and remove the key player from that combo. _***~~In this situation you should be picking to kill Orianna.~~***_ Ori and Amumu's ults work as a good combo. Yasuo and Ori's ults work as a good combo. But Yasuo and Amumu together don't really help each other all that much. So you need to quickly make that decision and take out the key player to minimise the enemy's combo, allowing your team to have the upper hand. In this situation I would pick Kassadin _(my favourite assassin)_, over more rounded mid lane champs, in order to deal with the pressing threat of a team wide Amumu + Ori + Yasuo ult _(which obviously is more important to get rid of, than filling out holes in your own team)_. If you see a situation like this in champ select, then picking an assassin playstyle is very justifiable. But if your team is lacking certain things (like lacking in poke, or is looking a little squishy), AND the enemy team doesn't have some crazy wombo level shit, then you should be filling in the gaps on your own team, rather than playing the hero and going for the assassin pick. Assassins are _(in theory)_, a high risk high reward pick. If you do it right, it's devastating, if you do it wrong, you might as well not even be in the game. So unless there is someone in the enemy team who HAS TO DIE (like Ori in that example). You shouldn't really be picking an assassin unless you're relatively confident your team can hold its own without your contribution. If your team has holes, and theres no desperate need for you to be an assassin, pick one is a little irresponsible and selfish. Yes, if you're really good (like most classes), you can carry yourself a fair bit as an assassin-only player. But only to a point. Once real teamwork and synergy comes into play, you have to have a wider variety of options to pick from. With the exception of Zoe, all the champs you mentioned fulfil relatively the same role (within reason, obviously they each have their own unique flair). So if you're faced with a situation that doesn't call for an assassin, then you could potentially be robing your team of other needed stats. _(likewise if you play only poke mages, or only tanky champs etc. Its just more obvious with assassins because of the high risk high reward playstyle.)_ __________________________ #**_~~Where to from here?~~_** I've mentioned a lot of things. But don't just jump straight into playing all new champs and trying to consider all these things all at once. Start just by keeping up playing the champs you already are. But during the game, start to think _"What are we lacking, as a team?"_, and "_why?"_. As consistent themes start to crop up, _(maybe you're always short on poke?)_, start to investigate what poke champs you might be interested in, and give them a go. Once you've sorted out a poke champ, try to sort out a bruiser, or a roaming specialist. Once you've got a variety of champs to fall back on. Then start to focus more intently on filling the holes in your team. We all have favourites, and let that guide you. I like mages, so i'm always going to favour them. If I have a choice between a tanker champ, and a poke mage, I'll probably opt for the poke mage. Likewise with you and assassins, if you have the choice between an assassin and a roaming specialist, you'll probably pick the assassin. and thats okay! Don't be afraid of that, thats just your unique flair, and in such situations _***~~you should play what you are comfortable with.~~***_ I've won more games by playing my main into an unfavourable situation than picking a specific counter that I don't have much experience with. So like I said, take it slow, build up a pool of champs you're comfortable with that can plug different holes, and go from there. Don't jump straight in and think _"Im vsing Zed, so I NEED to play Lissandra, even though I've never player her!"_, thats not going to work. Good luck ^^ I hope this wall helped.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=cQE2qPcr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-07T09:34:57.078+0000) Your formatting is {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: What new feature would you most like to see in league of legends?
A Working Client, and a bugless game. On a serious note, the old spectator frame, less ARURF, more regular URF, TDM/DM gamemodes. The old spectate frame was good, i learnt a lot of my skills from watching the high rankers without even knowing there was such thing as high ranking (bless season 3) ARURF is self-explanitory, i'm sick of getting the same 4 champs, even though i own every single available champ, sometimes i want to play AP Shyv you know. I'm also sick of the one-sided nature of ARURF, i already put up with it enough in ARAM. TDM/DM modes are more my style, i've never been one to enjoy the idea of teamwork, and objective taking i do it because thats how the game works, but it's not enjoyable, and i'm sure some people would agree with me on the idea of a TDM/DM mode. (A League RPG and Anime/Movie would be nice)
: kleptomancy item value
Klepto's true value lies within the Skill Orbs, i play a large amount of Klepto Illaoi, and i've had level 18 abilities at level 15 on most occasions. As for the Gold Value, The Gold Bag drops are really low i find, but with each on i often pull 80-100g more freqeuently than lower values, that's a free cannon every bag basically, therefore make Klepto's value higher Honestly the ward change is a big problem, but i understand why they did it, its incentive to buy your own, Riot in all their braindamaged schemes, have always tried to make players do the thing that most Gold and below's don't do, buy wards and farm. The other major value that comes with klepto is the Elixirs. They can turn a fight in your favour if you get them (and remember to use them) keeping on with the illaoi theme, if you take the Elixir of Speed Rune, you can actually chase and dive freely if you get an elixir mid fight.
: The leveling experience in this game is awful and unfun
Its not so much you're getting matched against high skill level players, even though you are The matchmaking system puts you with people of equal level/rank, in this game, people called smurfs exist, they are players from the super high ranks that are done with 1hr+ long queue times and thus create secondary (or more) accounts to get lower queue times. The system works on numbers, not on player skill So you could be a level 20, but so to could the diamond 1 smurf on level 20 account (this is stupid and they need to fix the system) I was lucky when i started playing league was still fairly new, but nowadays i go into lower ranked accounts and run into 9 other smurfs, who basically curb stomp me The only benefit of this, is you pick up new skill quickly because you can see how higher tier players play, you just gotta look at the stomp as a learning opportunity rather than a stomp (trust me, this is super fucking hard to do, took me 3 years to accept it like this)
: I agree about the ult. Sure he can pick and choose, but it's also telegraphed. If he's grabbing one in the middle of the fight chances are he wants to use it now so you know what's coming some time before he can actually cast it. If he saves it, you still know what ult it is so it's no different than versing the champion he stole it from really. As for the passive, it works on towers because it's just an empowered auto, like Rek'Sai's Or Nasus'.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=rZoFNNNW,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-01-29T13:43:47.142+0000) > > As for the passive, it works on towers because it's just an empowered auto, like Rek'Sai's Or Nasus'. Nasus' scales up, eventually doing 600 with IBG or Tri-Force (or more with the +12 now), Sylas straight up does nearly triple his base damage to towers WITHOUT a lichbane, i personally think, if Sylas can do that, Ziggs Short Fuse should be stronger too, since its literally designed to break towers, unlike Sylas'
: A mid laner’s first impression of Sylas
Ult is a big issue, large range for a point and click ability Definitely needs to be a skill shot, and a blockable one at that, E second cast range needs an increase IMO, its his only major and safe engage, however the knock up is pointless The heal is a little oppressive, either increase CD, or decrease heal amount SUBSTANTIALLY Q is in a good place, easy enough to dodge, difficult enough to not be classified as skilless Passive shouldn't proc on towers, its actually ridiculous IMO, 600 (without lichbane proc) is stupid, either reduce its damage to structures (like to 50% or something) or remove the ability to use it on towers, his mana costs are too low for it to be like that, you can take out a tower at an insane speed
lycheelol (OCE)
: Will LOL die in the next 10-15 years?
This game will die in 5 years, mobas are done With battle Royales just being better overall, plus riot are just running this game into the ground, have been since season 4 there is no way this game will live 10 years. Game styles come in waves, one year its RPGs. the next its FPS' same with Moba's and Battle Royale
weeboo (OCE)
: lol 20 min penalty
How to delete penalty a Step by Step process - Don't get them to start with (You need minimum 1hr of internet time to play a game, even if it only goes for 30 mins) - Once you have 20 mins penalty - Wait 20 mins - Profit :^) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
fum422 (OCE)
: i have cancer
Don't pick Tahm top, first and Foremost He's Rubbish, He's a support and He's an all around useless champ atm, if you like to tank and fight, i'd suggest learning Nautilus or Maokai Most Melees struggle into ranged top laners, so it really doesn't matter what you do, just let the wave crash on tower and wait for a jg to gank, if no jg just farm and def tower as best you can. Item wise is dependant on matchup, if its AD like quinn, gnar or Jayce, i'd start Doran's Shield, and Rush Tabi and Frozen Heart/IBG/Randuins/Deadmans. If its AP like kennen, karma or any other mage top, i'd still go Doran's Shield and Rush Spirit Visage/Adaptive Helm Either way you're probably fucked as Tahm without help, so it comes down to not inting, and hoping your team can make the difference up
: What do we think of ACTUAL Toxic players???????????
1) do you know what a mute button is? 2) Why do you care what people say, like, Words do nothing (as the saying goes, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me) 3) Toxic players aren't going away, you don't like it, don't play online games it doesn't matter what you play 4) get over it 5) best of luck to your family
Kilizi (OCE)
: will urf released at the same time?
> [{quoted}](name=Kilizi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=9TQMs2EA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-22T20:34:10.345+0000) > > will urf released at the same time? I hope not, ARURF is rubbish
: new player from Dota 2... dissapointed
First things first, DoTA is trash, always has been, always will be (doesn't stop me from playing it though) DoTA and LoL are two very different games, although both MOBAs, DoTA is slow, and is more strategy driven, league doesn't need that, since the games last 30 mins or less (unless you're in an elo where no one knows what ending is). Balancing is a nightmare, but i'd say a 5+ second stun in DoTA is far more unbalanced than the 3 second Morg snare that in itself, is arguably busted, the reason balancing is a nightmare comes down to two things (champion count has nothing to do with it), the first is how much focus on pro play there is vs solo play, riot doesn't care much about how normal players feel, when they balance for high elo pro players, the second is the balancing team are low ranked, and play maybe 1 game a week, so they actually don't know shit about how the game works, and listen entirely to the complaints of high elo pro's assuming that the Pro's know something about the game that they don't You can creep block, its a hard strategy to do, so often not worth it, all it takes is to stand as close to on top of the minion you can get and hope the enemy player clicks you instead Too bursty - league games are short, because of this exact reason, nobody likes being stuck in a 60+ min game, people who do are crazy Blink dagger is flash, Teleport scroll is teleport You don't need invisibility, if you want that, play Akali or some shit, its in kit's instead of an item for a reason, invisibility is a broken ass skill that should never have existed in the first place, Camouflage is just straight up fairer You only have a bad impression because you though DoTA and LoL were the same, which means you didn't do any research, you just picked up the game, its like comparing OW to Paladins, same theory, different game different play style
slykyubi (OCE)
: Why is punishment so harsh on a first time offenders
If it was a play ban (ie. Inting/Trolling/AFKing) its an instant 14 dayer, since the other two ban types are chat bans only and obviously chat has nothing to do with gameplay from a punishment perspective On that note, i 100% agree the punishment is too strict especially on a once off, the only way you can get away with troll groups is with a 5 man, since everyone has agreed to troll, if it was just you and you convinced one or two others, then the other players on your team will probably still report you.
GamexOver (OCE)
: Quest wont complete!
Were you logged in when you watched them, it won't credit it to you unless you were logged in with the account that you want the quest to complete on
weeboo (OCE)
: lol champions
You can only access your champion pool from the client, or make an assumption based on your match history (Like under your boards logic, Match History)
No one uses team chat - Sometimes i have to, because my friends net is too shit to run discord, i'm sure the situation is similar for others and even if not, for those willing to accept random invites from randoms they played with before Old Runes were garbage, the only benefit they gave was a sense of personalisation which you can still do I agree on the essence, IP was much better I have no idea who Riot Bright is Graves has his cigar? Loot boxes are a waste of time absolutely, same with the new events where you have to pay to get anything decent TT hasn't changed, other than a coat of paint? ARAM is fine, its good when you just wanna bludge, instead of play Ranked or Norms Mejais is a cursed item, Sword was no different, remove Mejais/Seal Riot will never fix the problems with the game, they can't make money otherwise
: In-game emotes as boards stickers.
I can't wait to use the Blitzcrank Emote, every time someone makes a stupid post RIOT GIVE ME EMOTES AS STICKERS FOR BOARDS {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
hokyabox (OCE)
: in what universe did this question come from?
> [{quoted}](name=hokyabox,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=aGYEUGRE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-08T08:01:25.290+0000) > > in what universe did this question come from? One where the OP is high as a kite
: I get bored of each champion?
Find New Builds with those champs Find New Rune Combinations for those champs Rotate your pool Learn to play them in an alternate role Stop playing league (I highly recommend this one) - Can't be bored, if you don't play the game right :^)
Jennieeee (OCE)
: FPS lag or is my computer dead now
Check your HDD/SSD it could be overheating, or the dust inside your computer might be clogging it Or, looking from a file perspective, the drive could be full of unnecessary files, which might be causing it to slow down the drive may also be damaged in some way (Age, Damage, Poor wiring etc.) I had to move league from my G Drive (500gb, HDD) to my C Drive (720gb SSD) because of this kind of problem, now the only lag i get is Ping related If all else fails, a fresh install usually works, if the problem persists, then you might want to send a ticket to riot support
iJk7 (EUNE)
What exactly is the point of this post, most of us aren't math nerds and couldn't care less about the formula. Post something relevant next time
: MMR matters more than actual rank
*Insert Obligatory Git Gud Post here*
Astara (OCE)
: While I 100% agree with you, I had something similar happen to me and when I submitted a ticket the response was basically that it was my fault for accepting the request and that they don't police private messages. /shrug
> [{quoted}](name=Astara,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=B7YmaGf0,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-01-04T08:19:16.367+0000) > > While I 100% agree with you, I had something similar happen to me and when I submitted a ticket the response was basically that it was my fault for accepting the request and that they don't police private messages. /shrug Unlucky you then I've sent several tickets on this kind of topic, the only time i get that response is when they feel that i was the one who instigated it (I do this, i get a sick sense of joy out of triggering people), most of the time though, i get the typical 'we can't tell you that we banned them, but we are looking into it' response, but it seems to work, i've seen several of my reported/ticketed players stop playing for 14 days, so although riot's support team is useless, they must do something at some level
: Verbal Abuse from Client chat
Just send a ticket to riot under reporting other players, state this players name, and then they can go through your logs with that player (or at least i hope they can, since once its on the net, it can't leave) Otherwise, in future if this happens, instead of just letting it happen, screenshot/copy paste as it happens so even after the leave (even if you can't get a full transcript) you have evidence of what transgressed
Laxant (OCE)
: Banned for internet not working???
Clarify Are you asking if you're gonna get banned? or Are you asking to be unbanned? If the first question, generally not, you can't get banned for leaving one game, if you leave multiple however that chance increases exponentially If the second question, no you won't get unbanned, just play out your low priority queue games
Ãndy (OCE)
: Do real people complete reports?
Post Logs, so we can see if you deserved it
: Please, help me what to buy.
Do not buy champs or chromas with RP, that's just a waste considering you can get a champ whenever, and the essence emporium opens for chromas every now and then. Can't make a call on the "your shop" skins, since you didn't tell us the percent off you're getting Of those 3 skins, none of them are good, don't waste money on them
Neegor (OCE)
: Region lock OCE
I agree completely, i'm yet to play with a single off-shorer that isn't toxic, and i play with a lot Region Lock it so NZ/AU/Islanders are the only ones able to play. Force the banned trash to find a different server and the rest to go home, and get out of AU
Zabulon (OCE)
Unbind Enter key, its not hard...
: 1v1
It's called custom games, you set them up on howling abyss
: Abilites do very little damage?
1. Build damage items, if you're playing a mage, build ability power, if you're playing an ADC (attack damage carry) build Attack Damage 2. Go watch some youtubers to find out how to play 3. Don't lose faith, the game is not easy, and its not beginner friendly, just learn how to play, it takes time and effort
: I think that the Nunu and Aatrox reworks turned out okay, especially aatrox as a champion he is really cool imo. But some new champions have been pretty cancerous to verse and were a disaster since release imo, zoe, ivern and neeko. I do believe however that they can be fixed with the right fine tuning.
> [{quoted}](name=Gol Acheron,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=qWXqxUKu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-13T14:31:06.597+0000) > > But some new champions have been pretty cancerous to verse and were a disaster since release imo, zoe, ivern and neeko. Ivern????, dodge the root, no more problems Neeko isn't hard to vs either, just dodge the cc, and don't get caught out with the fake neeko Zoe is the only cancerous champ, but she has counterplay, you see her ult, boom you get free CC and free damage, dodge the sleepy bubble, not difficult in anyway shape or form (unless it comes from Fog of War, in which it's still easy to dodge, you just get less time to respond, its called not having slow reaction speed)
: Help me rank up
Git Gud, don't rely on others
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