Aneirin (OCE)
: Did... did you even read the page? "Hecarim is pretty weak currently, but we want to be careful about how we buff him. A bit more extended dps should help him shine in the mid-game"
Pretty sure he's referring to the Celerity nerf and I agree. Riot took % MS off it and increased the MS to AD/AP conversion, then lowered the MS to AD/AP conversion in this patch instead of just reverting the original change.
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Quinncest (OCE)
: To all Quinn players
Maybe try something like Stormrazor -> Shiv -> IE. You used to be able to go Ghostblade, Duskblade, Shiv, IE but that's probably not as good after the marksman changes.
Quinncest (OCE)
: Your Ban Picks And Why
{{champion:163}} {{champion:8}} Actual decent bans. If you let the Enemy Team have these champions you probably deserve to watch them curb stomp you for the next 20-40 minutes.
: U guys got lucky. I also got it but from a hextech chest 2 months ago. It would've been a coincidence man, my friend got spirit guard udyr from his orb. It's just random and u all got lucky :)
tbh I think the orbs & chests during this event are just being incredibly generous. I got Dreadnova Darius out of a Lion Orb this morning.
: Missions not working?????
Yeah these missions bugged a few times for me. Just keep playing games and you'll get them done in no time.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Ultimate (and Mythic) skins are automatically made permanent skins shards, as per a relatively recent update to how Hextech crafting works, so there's no bug here. Source: (Hextech Crafting Guide)
Still doesn't explain how me and 2 of my friends all got GG MF on the same day. Maybe it's just a huge coincidence, but it's one HELL of a coincidence.
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: Something wrong with the queues today?
Generally after like 10 minutes you assume something is wrong with your internet connection, ISP, or Riot's servers. Who in their right mind sits in a queue for 70 minutes?
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Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi ToshiroT1. We ran tests in regions all over the world and they didn't go as well as we'd hoped. Since then, the Clash dev team has been planning what’s next for the mode, and that planning wrapped up recently. So we should have an update on the future of Clash in a little while.
TL;DR - Dead on Arrival
belquin (OCE)
: Hey DarkSoul and others interested in this topic. It's definitely a hotly discussed one internally too and you guys have provided some solid strategies of how to adjust and target different goals. Our main approach when doing a skin giveaway is to give players who may not currently watch the OPL an opportunity to tune in and have a look. The hope is that some people actually enjoy it and end up following a team / player or just the league. Of course it is also nice to reward existing OPL viewers, but you are right - there are better ways for us to reward current viewers. Once again, we do really appreciate the thoughts, it gives us a valuable perspective and forces a discussion on our end.
OPL viewership will only grow naturally. That starts with player development and infrastructure improvement (can't watch a stream if your internet is shit). People won't watch OPL if they're looking for quality gameplay (right now), especially when it's in the same time slot as LPL and LCK. You can't bait players into watching OPL with a skin thinking they'll suddenly find it entertaining. I was around in 2013 during the first season of NA LCS (which is basically where we're at right now). Viewers will care about players, then teams, then the overall strength of the league (specifically in that order) and it's only going to happen naturally as the region starts producing better players and/or players with a bigger presence in the community. I need to have a player I can rally behind. In the short term, this means building up player personalities. In the long term, this means having a higher volume of players with a level of skill worthy of a viewer's attention. You can't buy viewers. For the time being, just stick to rewarding the ones you already have.
Aneirin (OCE)
: Personally I'd love a system like that. So far the reasoning against it is that people might use it to try and work out what negative behaviours goes unpunished to game the system - not sure if I agree or not but that's the official word so far.
The only real issue would be if players were able to use the information to make a CBL.
Aneirin (OCE)
: You're correct, this is an issue. I've heard that Riot Tantram is working on some update to the honour/feedback system or something so here's hoping that it's an issue that'll be dealt with.
Adding visibility to punishments shouldn't be that hard. Right now if 3 people report a toxic player each game they're toxic, and it takes 10 games of toxicity for them to get a punishment, each player has a 1 in 30 chance of being notified that the player has been punished (this is my understanding of the current system). This is unacceptable. When you report a player, the client should keep track of it in a list. Highlight reports resulting in punishments in red (maybe red for bans and orange for chat restrictions/suspensions), reports not resulting in punishments in green, and reports yet to be reviewed in yellow. Players profiles should also have an overlay indicating that they're suspended or banned.
1. That's not how reporting works. 1 report will flag the game no differently to 4 reports. 2. If you were being toxic enough in response to toxic behavior, the ban was probably warranted anyway. A grown up would just mute the toxic player(s) and move on. 3. The issue isn't that players aren't getting banned, it's that it's incredibly rare that any of us actually get informed that a player we reported has been punished. This, I agree, is a problem that needs to be rectified.
Aneirin (OCE)
: IFS popup is rare, not something you get every time a report is processed.
Therein lies the problem. Even when players **_do_** get punished, the community's perception is that these players are getting away with toxic behavior.
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: They aren't rewarding viewers they are trying to grow it. Although yes the numbers drops significantly after the giveaway, there may be a few hundred people who watch the games and think "huh, this isn't as trash as i'm led to believe". You also don't have the exact numbers in terms of average viewership and the like for the OPL. OPL sitting on 5k viewers is pretty good considering the the GRAND FINAL last season maxed out at 5,602 viewers on twitch. You're also saying Riot "lost" 30k, but that assumes the people who received the skin for free had the intention to purchase. The skins don't have a monetary value if no one was going to buy it in the first place.
It's at 3k tonight after another Infernal Drake... See the pattern?
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tieger05 (OCE)
: Riot is breaching the Australian Consumer Law (Please Read).
What is false or misleading about it? A server bugged out resulting in cancellation of a bunch of games. At no point did Riot mislead the player base or promote the event with false advertising. Hell, Riot doesn't even profit directly off Clash this time around because a) we got free tickets, and b) tickets can be purchased with BE. Build a bridge. EDIT: Not to mention Riot has already compensated the players who randomly got assigned a loss by refunding clash tickets.
Xnether (OCE)
: Well rip me,i main gangplank. {{item:3031}} {{item:3036}} {{item:1018}} its fine tho, ill just have to build a pd or statiik before IE
I hope you realise the meta GP build for the last 5 months has been {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3142}}
: A nice general article from 6 months ago:
That's a little bit too general though (and likely outdated as of this partnership). They clearly had no idea what they were doing at the time that article was written because: 1. We don't have the OPL fan base to fill a stadium - even for finals. 2. We would probably have to pay (similar to how we bid for FIFA WC/Olympics/Commonwealth Games) for something like MSI or World Championships to come to Australia which is the only way we're gonna fill a stadium. 3. We need a studio for weekly OPL games in the first place (which they just announced along with their partnership with Riot Games). 4. Does Australia even have the network infrastructure to host something like MSI or World Championships (assuming we even had an appropriate venue)? I'm asking beyond this. I'm asking will we have franchising for OPL in a few years? Has the AFL realised how harmful it would be to try to make a Women's LoL League?
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: Why does she look like the old Nidalee Splash Art?
This shit is haunting.
: Who is Riven? Illustrated Bio
Why does she look like the old Nidalee Splash Art?
: Who is Yasuo? Illustrated Bio
Why does he look like Beetlejuice Green?
HeartVine (OCE)
: Clearly this needs to be said *yet again*, the IFS *does not* notify *every* player who contributed a report to a punished player. It will notify only the most recent (specifically, those in the game that triggers the punishment, maybe even only one of those), and only those who reported for the behaviour (or, rather, category) that got punished. Just because you don't receive a notification for it doesn't mean the player wasn't punished.
That's the problem though. If someone tells me to 'kill myself' and I report them, they should be banned within minutes. If the automated system was doing its job, I should be the most recent person to have reported them and I should have been the one to trigger the automated chat log check for the match.
: 1. It's not going to be perfect, and never will be. Nothing can stop anyone from randomly being toxic in a game. 2. Yep. That's not a unique feeling for your server. 3. Yeah, you don't always get the notification that someone was punished. Some say you only get the notification when it's the triggering game, but who knows how that all works.
Point 1 is actually an issue on OCE though. The blacklist on this server is all but non-existent because it changes from server to server. From what I've been told, NA's blacklist is borderline overkill in how strict it is.
: Zero tolerance phrases, like hate speech and "kys" are punished pretty harshly. There are many instances where players complain of having received a 2-week ban without prior punishments because of this. I don't have an answer as to why some players weren't punished where others are; however, if a player is toxic, they'll eventually get hit with a punishment.
You seem to have fallen through some sort of wormhole and found yourself on the OCE forums. On OCE, we seem to have one (or multiple) of the following issues (I'll wait for a Rioter to tell me which of these is correct): 1. The automated system is shit. 2. We have too many toxic players and not enough people reporting them. 3. Players are getting punished, but we're not getting the notification that someone we've reported has been punished leading players to believe that people actually aren't getting punished. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if all 3 were true.
: Because Riot doesn't care about death threats or racism. When I've asked them, I always get told "*This is not acceptable! This seriously goes against what the Summoner's Code stands for!* ***We won't do anything***"
Riot needs to purge these players from the game. I've been playing since Season 2 but right now these scumbags make we want to quit.
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Gehirn (OCE)
: ARAM’s Unofficial (Read: Accidental) Never-ending Sale Comes to an...End
: Champion and skin sale: 06.03 – 10.03
Why does it take so long for these sales to go live after you announce them? Like if you're gonna release them in NA time, announce them in NA time. Don't announce them first thing in the morning and wait until 7:00pm AEDT to release them.
: Yes, of course. Dark Star Jarvan!
I can honestly agree with this. I appreciate that Riot finally gave Jarvan a skin (I feel like the last non-esports skin he got was Warring Kingdoms back in 2013). I got the skin, I like the skin, but there were certainly far better candidates. EDIT: I think J4 would have been a pretty good candidate for Mecha Skin. He'd make for a great Kaiju-killing mofo.
Star Tear (OCE)
: Current State of League of Legends for Support Mains
Play a Warden Support. Enchanters like Lulu/Sona/Janna/Nami are out of meta.
Blando (OCE)
: this guy has been hardstuck for like 2 seasons, just absolute gutter trash low gold ls/iwd wannabe fuck kappa
At least I'm hardstuck Plat you low-gold hashinshin wannabe
Munrotis (OCE)
: added you, let me know man definitely be keen to play some games, liek i said we play at 5pm most days, probably be online today (18/2) at around 4-4.30 aedt if you wanna join
Don't play with Blando he'll just cry about how Riot hates Bruisers and rage when he gets camped kappa (Mods can fuck off this is clearly sarcasm)
: riot doesnt know who to stop toxicly
Did OP just admit to account sharing?
: What we learned in week 4 of the OPL
What we learned: If you wanna watch a bunch of rookies to see who can throw harder, watch Academy League because at least is has decent casters.
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: Champion and skin sale: 26.01 - 30.01
So is this sale actually gonna make it into the store before the 30th?
: My bad, I was posting from my smurf.
: Abuse isn't the same as play. Abuse is in the type of gameplay where Ekko was in with Tank/Bruiser having access to stupidly high amounts of %HP damage without even building AP. If you see an AP Cho'Gath do you think he's abusing AP Cho? No, because you recognise that you can deal with the weaknesses present. The same is for Galio.
It was ABUSED because the braindead balance team made a change nobody asked for and was nerfed soon after. ABUSED. The only reason it went under the radar was because it happened after World Finals as opposed to during the competitive season. AP Cho'gath would also get abused if Riot reverted all of his abilities back to having 1-to-1 ratios or something equally stupid. EDIT: Why am I even debating this with a Hardstuck silver?
: You need to actually build AP to get those numbers, which as a Tank he shouldn't be. Risk versus reward. Cho'Gath has similar high AP ratios, but you still would rather fight an AP Cho than a Tank Cho because it will die so much faster and easier.
I mean, when Riot released reworked Galio they literally said if people started abusing AP Galio they'd immediately gimp his AP ratios.
: Yep, its gonna be one of those seasons. Starting with 8.2 where silvers don't realise that removing sightstones will actually lead to **more** wards on the map than ever! Just because bronzers don't buy sightstone, don't balance around that please. I loled when she said Morgana was op in the jungle, like seriously. Get a real jungler to invade her and shes toast.
It wasn't even Jungle Morg that ended up busted from those changes - it was Mid Morg. Pretty much every Jungler pro/pro streamer immediately said words to the effect of 'it works but it's not really worth picking'.
: So what, you expect the Devs to be Diamond + ? Just because the Devs are low elo doesn't mean they know nothing. They know the game inside and out mathematically, and they see how every little tweak is effected in gameplay. It's worth noting that while the majority of Riot employees are Silver to Gold, the game has always been balanced around Diamond + level of play, and never below. You want to know why the Devs want bruisers in bot lane? Because ADCs have been one of THE biggest issues this game has had since Season 2. It's stale gameplay and every time the Devs push to try and change up the macro meta, the players are stubborn as fuck and refuse to listen. Every other position has variation. Top lane ranges from Tanks, to Bruisers to the occasional Mage/Assassin/Marksman. Mid lane has variation being Mages and Assassins mostly, with the occasional off macro of a Marksman. Jungle can be literally anything (when Riot aren't nerfing the shit about of EXP/Gold gains) Jungle even allows Supports like Leona to be played as ganking Tanks. Support even has a variety of champions that can be played as Support. But ADC, you play something that's not a Marksman and watch how everyone bitches. But sure, let's fire someone from the Dev team because they aren't Challenger, you know so much more than them so they should hire you.
I expect them to actually somewhat understand the game that they're unknowingly butchering.
: I mean... have you seen the balance changes? The balance team is terrible.
The balance team is terrible. Literally nobody asked for Ekko Jungle. Hear me out here. Even with the changes they made a while ago, he's a) still far better mid and b) easily outclassed by 15+ Jungle Assassins/Divers. What's the best case scenario when Riot makes these stupid changes that let's champions be played in other roles? One-tricks who are too stubborn/bad to play a meta jungler for the 1 in 10 games that they get their secondary role/autofilled get to play Ekko Jungle? On the other hand, their unwanted, unnecessary and unwarranted changes to Ekko might have made him absolutely broken after Riot just spent the last 2ish years getting rid of Tank/Bruiser Ekko and balancing him around being a mid lane assassin.
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