: I just find hextech annie valuable because it's exclusive to a system that came out and not many people have it or are seriously lucky enough to get it in a box. Hence and therefor making that money not only go towards "pixels" but my entertainment as stated above. Ty and yeh go hard on the gems get it so we look OP ON TH RIFT
I'd just ignore the other troll; they obviously have never spent a dime on anything materialistic *sarcasm*. Pixels or not, I, much like many others, spend hours here a week in my downtime for entertainment, I CHOOSE to pay for extras, as it provides extra entertainment for me. Others wanna hate, go ahead and hate with your $hitty Base skin LOL. I'm at my daily limit for buying keys but I rlly wanna get it already D:
: > [{quoted}](name=187prelude,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=eP4ZnPAz,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-24T02:50:43.592+0000) > > This could be true but I'll have hextech annie before you :D Congratulations on your pixels. My care for Annie? Zero.
OR.. its a little sad you find $320 to be so much money, guessing not too rich in life? :/ How others spend there money doesn't affect you, people spend thousands on entertainment which is exactly what this is. Who are you to judge, honestly. To OP: congrats, I still need 3 more! {{item:3070}}
DigitX2 (OCE)
: i need help getting out of elo hell ;-;
Doesn't quite sound like your ready for ranked, perhaps just play some normals to improve your skills before playing ranked if your main goal is to get out of bronze.
Lapis (OCE)
: @Riot Please tell me if my reports are doing anything!
They do, but its not like every report is gonna get someone banned.. theres more factors involved than just reporting people that leads to bans.
VmixD (OCE)
: GayStar! New in game club for LGBT and friends of players :)
hahaha yes pls this sounds positively fabulous {{champion:44}} , Ill be happy to join :D
: My Friend Got Banned for "Scripting" RIOT PLS RESPOND
Tells Riot what they did was stupid, Openly admits to using smurfs in text.. Mmk then.
Olee (OCE)
: Does anyone feel like Aurelion Sol's ult seems to bland and lackluster?
I'd have to agree a little tbh, Yes I'm excited AF for him but his ult does seem a little underwhelming, guess i'd be more satisified if it resulted in a stun if you pushed the enemies either into a wall or another champion or something like that (think Gnars ult) But maybe that'd be too Oppressive. Either way his visual is amazing so I'm still happy lol
vtechz (OCE)
: Varus tips?
Depends how you're trying to play him, he's a better mid than adc currently
: I Don't want to play league anymore but i cant stop
I have this problem alot haha, i'll be like" I'm just gonna have a movie night" or im gonna spend tonight catching up on all my tv shows! OR im gonna finally play my new xbox games i got for christmas.. But everytime im like, "oh ill have 1 league game first" Nek minute; 20games later.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Welcome to Player Behavior Sub board
I think people tend to over exaggerate how toxic people are, if anything i find most people i play with to be good sports and decent people. I think it relates to how you interact within a game, if your pretty aggro then i guess thats what you're gonna get in return in alot of circumstances.
Beefala (OCE)
: Post your pic? :)
Its only pedophilic to him because he is obvz older than everyone else. {{summoner:14}}
: Ocean Week Part 2. Mystery Gifting yourself?
Blackfrost anivia on my first go!! :D Many thanks riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Zyra FanArt! (Made by me)
She needs to be more fierce!! haha nah looks great! good stuff!{{champion:143}}
: How is this worth a perm ban?
Well just look how negative and rude you were, it probably wasnt the first time either... im glad riot bans people like you tbh.
Fallion (OCE)
: As a main Support player what item should i build first? sight stone ? (Sona, Nami, Janna, karma)
I always change how i build, I either build Sightstone first or ill buy the upgraded tier of the supp item {{item:3098}} with a vision ward and then ill rush a sightstone before completing {{item:3092}} Especially if you're running {{item:3301}} The upgraded one gives more Health and gold per minion death {{item:3096}}
: how many games have u gays lose in a roll??
Man i hate it when those gays make you lose.. lol If your tilting though, just play some norms till you feel like you've had a good break
Ger1sh (OCE)
: Merch store mishap - Are Riot obligated to fulfil this order?
You could do a chargeback, depending on how you paid of course
Eris 666 (OCE)
: Losing LP due to afkers
Unfortunently implementing such a feature would just cause people to want to abuse it, which would result in creating more people going afk
: ... So he falls off right at the start of the game? @Cold, I suggest reading through this: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/5-24-time-to-chime-a-magical-journey-to-high-elo-master-446306
No you miss-understood His level 1 is very strong, however incomparison to others his level 2 isnt as strong
: Bard Support Tips?
Just a little piece of advice i know :) Don't do what many do which is start W to put down heals for your jg, You're level 1 is probably one of the strongests in the game starting with Q in the bot lane, my advice is to be aggressive and alotta times you'll get that first blood if you land the stun. :) Careful though with level 2, you fall off there!
Raito (OCE)
Oh please you probably dont even wanna see your snowdown shop, I just looked at mine ready to splash some cash and 4 of them are 520rp skins that got discounted... The only good discount i got was the 1350 El tigre braum skin which was reduced by 70% but i have maybe played him once my entire gaming history lol
: yes but this would make her all the sweeter.
Oh most definately, her movement is one of her biggest weaknesses so having to get up close and personal to the enemies in order for your plants to actually attack them can lead to you getting zoned and killed lol Edit: Just played a game with zyra, did the most dmg as a support and it was actually my winning match to silver 3 haha, she's definately strong but agreed her plants are whacky
Jink (OCE)
: League Clamping is stupid.
What division is this? that'd suck big time!
: fix zyra ffs
Her winrate has actually improved alot this patch soo something must be going right
Corsage (OCE)
: It is explained in your League tabs but yes you require 100 LP to get into a promotion, if your MMR is really high you will be able to skip a division . With the new promotion helper implemented by Riot, if you lose your series (promo) then whenever you get back into it you will gurantee 1 win ( series) , 2 win (promotion to next league)
Oh yes what a handy tab! tyvm :) Up to 90LP now 3wins in a row woo, almost time to earn me a promotion :D
Corsage (OCE)
: It wasn't luck, 3-7 on provisional will get you from Bronze III up to Silver IV . It's just when you won , the team was obviously in the higher elo bracket and were expected to win. The win you obtain from your provisional is probably game where 52% chance of your team winning and 48% their team winning Preseason also doesn't change how the MMR system work overall , the MMR system remain the same unless you skip a year of playing ranked ( by not playing any soloq for roughly a season) in that case it take into a different formula OT : Rank is a system to place you where the system think you belong , you can gain MMR through winning ranked games , you can also lose MMR if you lose games. The season last from Jan to Oct/Nov and then we enter preseason . During a season, getting gold and above will reward you w/ a skin . Being ranked will award you w/ an icon and a border (only apply for silver and above). The system uses an algorithm of formula to work out your MMR. Playing your first 10 games will give the system a hint of where you might belong , the system will start you off at 1.2k MMR which is Silver V , and every win/lose will net you or lose you MMR . The system then place you in a League that it think you belong to . Afterward you can "climb the ladder" to a higher ranking .
Oh i see thank use both alot for that explanation! Is there a way that i can view my MMR? Since completing my provisional matches and being place in Silver IV, i played 2 more games since and won both i think i have about 60 LP now whatever that means, i've read somewhere that you need 100 LP to get a promotional match is that right?
Rioter Comments
: Akali is broken
Akali isnt broken, there are so many ways to shut her down i actually think its difficult to get ahead as her currently
Gravelord (OCE)
: Ice Naut sounds amazing!
I agree it does kinda suit him in general doesn't it! He is a sea creature afterall! Personally i think Diana should get a bloodmoon skin seeings as you know she is all about the moon lol Basically i just don't want teemo to get it as naut/di deserves a skin before he does.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: OMG RIOT!!!!!!!!!! :D
Its probably the best skin outta the new ones coming out! Gragas, ryze and varus are a lil dissapointing, 750skins seem like a waste of time, i'd rather them improve them to look better and up the price like the azir skin!
XXHavana (OCE)
: I believe I was wrongly banned, and deserve one more chance. (Riot please read.)
Wait so you've been temp banned before and chat restricted and yet you still chose to be toxic. And you're surprised that you're banned now? Idc what you're reasoning is, if someone is talking trash to you then mute and report them, stooping to their level is just pointless and from what the chatlogs show you started out being pretty negative anyway. I think you've had enough chances. Kudos to riot for banning toxic people. {{summoner:1}}
: Vision
this x100000 being someone who likes to play support alot i cant count how many times i've heard "we have no vision supp what r u doing" when i have all 3 wards and a pink out.. 1 person can't ward the entire map!
Olee (OCE)
: I'm actually 110% sure I'm the worst ADC in the world, like no exaggeration.
: "Chill its just a game"
Depends on the context. If someones getting really heated and mouthy or something i'd say its quite appropriate. If its just them being silly then definitely annoying.
: can we stop saying ggez
Agreed, i find it really rude and unnecessary!
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
Dear god i hope that isnt another zed skin aha, looks shweeet as though! As for the charity, if the animals doesn't win i'd atleast want the environment to win... Afterall you improve the environment and that helps the animals that live in it aswell... Bit of a win-win situation :D
Bibimbap (OCE)
: Yasuo VS Akali... Just wondering!
interesting, i wouldnt have thought akali was a counter to yasou.. I wonder if its pre 6 or post 6 thats she is considered to be a counter.. Considering she gains alot of burst once she hits 6. Either way counter or not i definitely think it comes down to the skill of the player :)
ripne1 (OCE)
: bring back doom bots
Agreed i really loved this mode XD!
: Server being really slow
Yeah i just got home from work and i cant seem to login either :(
Sexy Man (OCE)
: Racism, sexism and toxicity
You forgot to mention homophobic. Im aware of my sexuality why does pointing it out seem to think its gonna offend me? "You're gay, %%%got" Well no chit.
: SUGGESTION: Ability to check CS/min at given intervals in MH
Rioter Comments
Niji (OCE)
: Can Riot please make TeamBuilder the main queue
Nah i like blind cause i'm not really a picky person... i'm happy to play any role and its always a different role i get each game... like a nice surprise. With TB i'd actually have to choose what role i'd want. Ruins the surprise for me :P I do however think Draft would be so much better than blind!
Kadaj (OCE)
: Boosting... Is it killing the climb?
Im a little confused how the boosting works tbh So someone else plays your acc to win matches? Or do they duo que with you to help you win? I just find it a little odd if thats how it works cause they can't garuntee they're gonna win the matches.. Idk maybe i'm just dumb {{item:3070}} lol
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Twisted Treeline, Team Builder and Ranked SR schedule
Love my some twisted treeline, makes the weekend even better! lol if only i could {{summoner:12}} into time to play it non-stop.
Hirudora (OCE)
: A Typical Match In Lol
Fair enough that you sometimes get matched with people perhaps lower than the division you're in.... But from what you're saying you've been losing quite a few matches and that cannot be solely blamed on "bad team-mates" Also just because you spent awhile playing norms before you entered ranked doesn't mean others have to do the same. People are comfortable entering ranked whenever they feel like they are, for some it takes longer, others not as long. Afterall you do need some people to be bad for the low divisions no?? lol I'm not going to say learn how to carry a team because frankly i don't like that, if anything i'd say learn how to HELP your team (i.e offering advice, giving em some kills, advising em on their build etc) things that can help your team win the game which inturn helps you and also prevents relying on one individual having to carry the entire match and thinking they're gods-gift to the world lol. Tldr: Bad teammates aint the problem.
Ghazan (OCE)
: ARAM acting strange
Yeah its a problem, nothing worse than getting a game where theres 0 communication thanks to em lol
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=GoldenTomat0,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=8ppoLIkA,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2014-12-30T03:28:24.625+0000) > > the toxicity in all servers is disgusting. it's not significantly worse in OCE, stop making it out to be you **f**uckwit. you're an idiot, never post again tyvm. Far out look how toxic you are, and yet you're complaining about toxic servers lmao... YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
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