Achenar (OCE)
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Not sure if that DJ zed is original. I've seen it in so many places before. Hell there was even a custom skin made 2 years ago with the same splash. though i maybe wrong and this guy was the original creator. Edit: Justice served
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: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
I have to write a narrative of 1000 words for my english assignmet now i can do it about LOL and thus its a win-win for me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
what happen to snowdown showdown. i really loved that
: would be amazing to allow us to edit settings for a custom game, things like disable/enable minions add x amount of gold per second increase/decrease walk speed disable certain items change starting gold decrease/remove cooldowns etc etc
dat would put vandirill out of buisness
: Fewer fancy hats but even more rapid fire
: can i transfer back to NA, OCE community is shocking and your still not giving us dom so i what a free transfer back
ßmo (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aegis,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=EPlpQ1m5,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-01-16T05:54:57.590+0000) > > I highly doubt people are stupid enough to think that being an American player and transferring to OCE will make their ping any better (if it was bad in the first place in NA). This is exactly what happend when OCE came out.
OCE wants to make more money meaning if people transfer to OCE and buy rp from OCE then the money will go to the OCE riot dim wits
: Free NA -> Oceania Transfer Window Now Open (Until Feb 8th)
January 23 2014...... February 8 2014.............. THIS IS 2015 CHECK UR DATES AND TIME RITO {{summoner:3}}
: If you managed to get 20 death before 20, you will receive a secret "challenged" skin.
: 2015 season kickoff sale!
Rito can all of the LOL community on every server have 1 chance to refund everything bought with ip so people can sell unwanted or mitaked buying
: here is my problem i have 30 dollars saved up and the shop i went to only had 10 dollar cards not 25 so i got two 10 dollar cards not a 25 card {{item:3070}}
shouldve got 3 10$ cards {{champion:222}}
: 2015 season kickoff sale!
why u always do an rp sale why not an ip sale RITO
SirKotton (OCE)
: Tryndamere with rp o.o
Limechewy (OCE)
: or blood moon{{champion:8}} still waiting for those skins riot
he is a blood moon champ wats the point of a skin eh
: Don’t tell the poros, but Snowdown’s nearly over!
does this mean URF will be back all who want URF back upvote this comment
: Eternum Rek’Sai ravages a new world
ok rek sai came out like 3 days ago with his skin and riot puts the page up now um a bit late cause 100s of people have his skin not good enough rito
: warwick's w got buffed and his ultimate got nerfed thank the lord let alone skirmishes blade aswell warwick is the most broken champ in path 4.20 and now they have got to nerf yi sooner or later because both of those champs are crushing everything
ww w got nerfed as his ult
: Patch 4.21 notes
fkin stop nerfing ww he ait op early game
: Patch 4.21 notes
ty for fixing dat bugg with the skrimisher sowrd rito
DLChade (OCE)
: Must say, im getting upset with you dark horses guys. Stop leaking secrets ive worked hard for! Hmmmm at a guess of next few dark picks.... Top shaco, mundo support, thresh marksman, Cass support, J4 support, adc kennen. Many older odd junglers don't work sadly though (rip ad Malz jungle)
well u just told em evrything they need to know
Raymondo (OCE)
: LOL agreed {{champion:19}} OP
{{champion:19}} can get to LVL 6 with out recalling in the new jg while others :/
: Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia
so a dark horse {{champion:157}} is rly good in supp cause then he can ult 2 champs and dash to 2 and block 2 champ skill shots or ults

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