: Demon vi ehhh wait VI=6 thats one 6, there is 6 eyes on this skin thats two 6's, She has 2 legs, 2 arms and two horns. That is 3 6's {{champion:254}} is the new{{champion:17}}
: New ranked team bronze/silver
is this 5:30 nz time or aus time? if NZ time i can almost definitley join i might be able to if its aus time. i main mid/jg add me if interested
: New player reform system heads into testing
am i the only one still waiting for the tribunal? how longs it gonna take to implement THIS? {{item:3070}}
: IKR, so many games where someone is a complete an utter a**hole, and they always get away with it, instant retaliation would be awesome!
what about the times its unjustified? what if, completely hypothetically, someones parent just died or something? and they see something as provocation? (say, someone making a yo mama joke?) i mean, yeah they might be rude, but do they deserve a ban for something they think you deserved? just food for thought, theres 2 sides to every story
: So what does the current report system achieve? Do not get punished at all at the moment for verbal harassment? And i mean in OCE
theres not even a tribunal in OCE so i dont think anything happens except maybe auto chat restrictions
: I'm sorta worried about the line "punishment based on community-driven standards of behaviour" the standards for OCE are really really really REALLY low.
: OCE really needs this. {{summoner:32}}
we still needs the tribunal :( like damn rito, OCE is so toxic its not funny
: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
wait do the people who've already connected get skins as well?
: K guys, if we reach the 6th reward, we all get {{champion:36}} and his skin **for free!** if you already own {{champion:36}} then you will just get his skin!
no you dont? i thought it was just unlocking him
Jetique (OCE)
: So, these points are involved with the entire community? And if we do reach 55 million points we all, as a community acquire PP Mundo?
it means its available to be bought not free
: Do we need {{champion:36}} to get the free {{champion:36}} skin
its not a free skin it just means its able to be bought
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
so do we still get the champion if we already connected to fb friends?
: I agree with you 100%. I found it frustrating towards the end, because if I, say, wanted to play Malphite for fun and to ult around the place, I couldn't. Because I would get blown up by evelyn or someshit because I dont get 10 bans. I found myself wanting to have 5 or 7 bans so I could remove the flatly broken champs so I wouldn't have to worry about it when I wanted to try a NEW and SLIGHTLY LESS OP pick. I ended up giving in and playing an OP champ so my friends could pick something interesting and we wouldnt get completely smashed. BTW, hec isnt OP. I destroy him every game "meta urf" picks or not.
malphite IS a meta pick.....
: It will just make a lot of people play custom games. Which means more leaver's afk's and a lot more hassle
Not really. people are already starting to tire of urf but it would be cool to access whenever we wanted
LePro C (OCE)
: ***
So now after finally bringing back URF exactly as people wanted, all you do is complain. {{champion:6}} to be kidding me
: Really i don't see what most people are complaining about it is a crazy mode that riot has made for us that took time and effort and all we do is say it's "It's boring" about it yet noboody takes the time to thank riot, you should be ashamed if your one of these people if your not good on you.
Its funny people have spent the last year spamming BRING BACK URF and now its here people arent grateful they just complain Thanks for URF Rito!
: U.R.F. rising
all the death recaps say TONS of damage... im phreaked out {{item:3078}}


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