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Airì (OCE)
: when did you send in the report?
Around the time the icon came out 7
: Rare icons available for a limited time
What happened to the Goat icon that came out one year as a reward for Luna Reveal?? I don't know anyone with that icon but me, I only got it because I emailed Rito.
: Blind pick should be deleted from this game.
I don't think it should be removed. It just needs to be improved.
: Nice idea, but imo it wouldn't solve the problem, as you'd be penalised for simply being last into the room (someone has to be last). Role select like they've got in ranked and draft normals (where available) is the best solution. They've also already got the tech to do it, so it would be the easiest solution to implement too.
A friend of mine did bring that up too, but someone is always going to call last anyway. Typed or champ bubble.
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: Thank You
Just a question, with the mystery gift will it be over a certain price? Or could I get a 520 skin :D
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Will there be a sexy Taric skin bundle coming out? Because I am so ready to give you my money, Riot!{{champion:44}}
: OMG why didn't I think of creating a Taytay club {{item:3070}} The reason you can't create the club is because it has already been created by another summoner. I'll see if I can help you get invited.
I can also get an invite please!!
: PRAISE TARIC{{champion:44}} - if you join the club within the next 15 minutes you can become part of the Gemlords Club himself, for only the small price of your soul... BUT WAIT THERES MORE, if you join NOW you can get a second {{champion:44}} FREE.{{item:3512}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1027}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: You should be able to after you have 5 approved members in the club
Hia Maraudaur, what do you mean by "approved" members? Because we have 5 members in our club but once we get into loading screen or in game we don't have a tag.
Zaps (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Login Issues and Client Disconnection - 02/02/2016
It's doing it again. No one on OCE can log in........
Zaps (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Login Issues and Client Disconnection - 02/02/2016
It's doing it again. No one on OCE can log in........
: Actually don't think announcing it earlier would've done anything. For starters, this skin is 2 years late so we were hoping that 2 years of developing a server skin would actually represent the server. Instead, we got what seems to be a cool looking Kassadin skin with a last minute recall animation slapped on to just say "hey it's oce related now". I still can't believe this was the design chosen over 2 years. There were so many other concepts like a Rugby themed skin (which is heavily popular in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa etc.) that could've actually represented our server and on first glance by anyone in the region could've been actually identified as an OCEANIC skin. When Thailanders see the Muay Thai Lee Sin skin, that's actually a skin they see on first glance and go "hey, that's our server skin". When Latin Americans see Ghost Bridge Morgana, they can identify it from a childhood fairy tale that was told. Show this skin to your average Oceanic player and I can guarantee you that a very small percentage of them will identify it with our server skin. It's just a very poor design. On top of this, you guys actually have the nerve to charge our own "server" skin to your own players where EVERY OTHER SERVER has gotten their one for free (and multiple ones at that, so the Ziggs debate is useless in my opinion). I mentioned this before but I've spent quite a bit of money on this game (well over $1000AUD) so the cost doesn't affect me at all. I just think it is a poor bloody performance and an embarrassment to even call this the Oceanic skin after 2 years of development. You say you don't want to set a precedent but you already have and you are clearly bending it to a playerbase that has waited YEARS for their skin. I'm sorry, but in all honesty this shows that this skin was one that was already in planning for awhile with the full intention of being released for 1350 RP but with the Oceanic theme slapped on at the end. You can say all you want about a 50% discount and charity, but we're only getting a 300 RP discount compared to OTHER servers (the skin will be 975 at release and we're getting it for 675 for 2 weeks ONLY). Honestly I'm really disappointed, if you guys want to keep reinforcing that this is the best result you came up with after 2 years, I personally will not buy this skin or anymore RP in the future.
This is our Server Skin... WTF HA! How? What part of it is Aus,Nz? Oh wow a star?? Well soon that might not even be on our flag so GG Riot.....
: September sales schedule
OH OH OH A Jax skin and a Quinn skin :O
: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
I remember last year or early this year Riot gave everyone (who was good) a free skin and if you had 10 or less skin left to unlock you didn't get one. Will this be the same for this free Champ? I only have 9 to go.
: Display your jungle dominance with Gromp
I like icons!!! I have my BARON ONE HAHAHAHHA {{champion:432}}
: Champion Mastery live!
So do we get a loading screen border once we hit level 3 or level 5???{{champion:412}}
: The wonder above
Please tell me that it is a support called Bard :D
: Bring-a-Mate
Use my code please :D
: Bring-a-Mate
If I have 3 friends that get to level 10 am I the only one who is given the rewards or do they get it is well? Because what is the point if only one party gets the reward???
Mindstar (OCE)
: Thanks for letting us know. We're taking a look into what might have caused this.
Can my friend who is new to LoL still use the code? Or does it only count from now?
: its because of the differences in AUD and NZD. AUD is worth more so we get more RP for buying
I dont see why it is so much tho?? $1AUD = $1.04NZD
B0R15 (OCE)
: Khiladi 420
Khi what..... What even is that?
: 2015 season kickoff sale!
I want to change my name but not sure what to make it??? Anyone want to help?? If there is a name I like I'll send that person a mystery gift. If you are the winner you'll need to add me and be my friend for two weeks or just do a beginner bots game with me and I can send you one after it thanks to the new after game gifting system.
: but then why didnt they saw a time even if they said 12:00am us or something so we would know?
Not sure. But let's just hope Riot will fix this because it is their mistake. They should have added more information about it.
: Can anyone from riot explain why I didn't get my bonus RP when I put my prepaid card through today?
I'm not from riot but I can help. The RP bonus is set for USA time so this event won't start until the 13th for OCE.
: I just redeemed my 25$rp card today (12/1/15) at 10AM and i did not receive the bonus riot points. On the link telling us about when the bonus rp starts it did not say a specific time?
It's starts tomorrow I'm sure. Riot didn't change the date. On the Na server it says it starts on the 12th so if it starts then for usa it will start on the 13th for us.
: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
Hey everyone :D The extra RP **doesn't start until tomorrow.** Save you RP cards!! If you have already used them I suggest just emailing riot support. I think you should get the RP back as it was their mistakes in providing the wrong information.
: Suit up for Snowdown with vault-clearing sales
Are we able to self mystery gift our selfs??? I would love it if I can send myself a 790 one.
: Patch 4.21 notes
Can someone please help me out?? On LoL right now, in the shop there is a mystery something for sale for 790 RP. What is it? Is it a mystery Champ or Skin or something else????


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