: The Hearts of the Warriors
GG report noob garren
kejitron (OCE)
: i think project gnar could work remember im only 12
I think gnar would be battle cast now project
: WTf i got banned rofl
Fitzky (OCE)
Dunkmaster darius doe
Sexy (OCE)
: Halloween skin; Scream/Ghostface Rengar
I feel like Nocturne would b e a better ghost face and he already has a spooky skin
: Who's your ISP and what OS are you on?
Gloric (OCE)
: Skin Idea - Sion - Mecha/Terminator/Cybernetic Sion
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey Deadspec, Does this happen all the time, or is this a new issue you are seeing?
This a new issue that's just started happening I haven't downloaded any new programs that might be doing this also
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey Deadspec, Does this happen all the time, or is this a new issue you are seeing?
Oh I reinstalled league and now I can view the store but when I click on buy champions ect it just crashes. also this happens all the time and I was hoping on buying the bard bundle today
: I would prefer a zed that looks like shredder from the teenage mutant ninja turtles, or better yet a ninja turtle style characterXD
Well ramus kinda has a ninja turtle skin
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: If TechnoFlame's instructions don't fix it, could you please tell us what OS you are on and what your ISP is?
His instructions did fix it sorry for the delay
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DaFurher (OCE)
: I think im Demi-sexual or Asexual
I'd have sex with teemo
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: Most likely it will be counted as music. So I'm going to need to adjust my in game music everytime I see a Sona or play her myself. {{champion:37}} DJ HYPE!
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Deadspec (OCE)
: I'm Bronze 4 and happy with the results
Just wanted say thank you for all the useful advice about being bronze 4
: Champion Idea :D Cerva the Spike Spitter
Looks like twitch and malhite
PlayDis (OCE)
: Voting begins 03/02/2015 http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/community-events/ocean-week-diorama-and-art-contest
Oh thank you I feel kinda silly :C
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: > [{quoted}](name=Deadspec,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ubmb2FzG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-30T13:55:50.450+0000) > > Why do you feel the need to tell us all this ? Because if the community stops people from playing, then letting people know can help to make things change in the long run. If no one voiced why they leave the game, who would know exactly why they stopped playing?
fair enough
: Good Bye League
Why do you feel the need to tell us all this ?
OI M8 they are true blue auzzies so give bazza and dazza a break. also it's a reference to oce week so they gave them typical Australian lingo names
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: I actually feel a little sorry for low elo....
Welp I'm bronze 4 and I'll say it's pretty noice being bronze 4, perhaps next time I won't solo
: Australian LOL Number Plate League !!!
I like how teemo is a P plate
: I thought you were going to say the way :c Why u gotta mislead me lyk dis, i cri evertym {{item:3073}} {{champion:32}}
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Ocean Week Q&A!
Why didn't {{champion:17}} get eaten by sharks ?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Deadspec, **TL;DR**: if you want to improve your own game play solo queue, do not spend your time criticizing other players mistakes because that doesn't help you improve. *I have used rank and rating interchangeably below* Playing **solo queue ranked** is one of the best ways to determine your **current** skill over all as a player. You should only play ranked if you want to see your rating **AND** learn and improve from each game. This means not looking at external reasons for losses but looking at your **own** mistakes in game and how you can get better. Obviously there are some games that are frustrating losses, a dc, an afk , an extremely negative player. But those games are far and few between (in my experience) and you shouldn't let those instances take up too much of your time. Don't worry about others just focus on your own gameplay. There is only one reason players get "stuck" at a certain rank. It is when they reach their natural rating. Whether this is bronze, silver, gold , plat , diamond, masters or challenger it's okay to reach a plateau where you hit a 50% win rate. That just means that is where your natural skill level is **currently**. If you want to continue to climb from the plateau you need to put more effort into learning the game. Watch pros, read guides, learn about all the intangibles (creep wave management, vision control, objective control, lane pressure, map pressure etc). If you do put in effort you will once again keep climbing even if you are stuck for awhile. The only thing you should be afraid of is the feeling of **entitlement**. Never think you *belong* in a higher rating than you currently are. Never *think* you only lose because of other factors outside of your control. That is when you get truly stuck. That is when you plateau **AND** you don't look to improve or learn, you just blame anything and everything but yourself. That is when people get stuck for extended periods (or worse tilt and drop tiers) and that is when people complain about "Elo hell" (which is totally impossible depending on how you define this.) Personally for me ranked has been a great learning experienced and really helped me improve as a player (some of the learning was even applicable in the *real* world =O ). But it is what **you** make of it, as long as you focus on your own game and look to improve on your mistakes you will find it a rewarding experience.
Thanks I'll trying do all the things you recommended
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: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
Looks like the crime fighting duo going to have a beach party
: Oh yeah! The ozzi chant! Ty for reminding me!!!!
No problems mate
: Australia Day ideas!
You should have some pavlova, oh and your could have a thong throwing contest thong being what you call flip flops, Oh and you must eat some lamingtons classic Australian dessert. also you can't forget about cricket, cricket the Australian version of base ball I guess. But most of all just have fun with each other oh and make sure to yell ozzi ozzi, oy oy oy!
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hi I was wondering given the slight changes and adjustments to certain characters do you find some characters having a harder time too make all the characters look coherent with each other ? and what is your plan to make sure that every one looks like they are from the same game. Whilst saying this I love or the diversity in the league of legends champions
Falconite (OCE)
: ===Filming idea for LOL===
Just get OBM and your done also it's free
Aleith (OCE)
: Surprise party Amumu
It's my birthday and I can cry if I want too
Zaps (OCE)
: I dunno how to choose. I have a Zilean of them.
That's a nice pun it seems pretty thresh
: 1. Name all the current Battlecast skins. 2. What do they all have in common?
Urgot has a battle cast
Raxxxis (OCE)
: I'm OCE. I'm at ~35 ping. I was NA, which was ~300 ping. Neither is laggy. Because it was consistent ping. Not spikes. It is spikes that cause the issue. If your Internet actually has high ping, you'll know because it spends forever trying to log you in. Furthermore, there is a ping cap at which the server simply denies you access. Try it. Use your bandwidth up completely then try logging in. What the OP is asking for is not a "tell me my ping" but a "warn me if playing right now is an issue". Perhaps a ping test that checks how stable your ping is, not what it is just once. Like your first 10 seconds in Q is a ping test for stability. Not stable? No playtime. Excluding bot games, of course. PvP I'd have that for all though.
: yea a great idea maybe when his passive ends the blobs could get sucked into the ground and burst up
that would be cool
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: Any news on updating Taric?
truly..truly..truthfully outrageous
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