: Like really this is Australia we are known for our offensive language and it meaning absolutely nothing. we call people cunts and it's a good thing why take it away? we call things gay, things that can't even be gay. It's such a normal thing why stop it? if someone is intending it to be harmful then sure say something but punishing if its a little bit is rediculous. Stop being such sooks and get over things. Or maybe perhapos start carrying a tissue box around with you in real life.
but not everyone think the same way Australia is a multicultural country people in other country might don't like the saying so it not ridiculous not to punishing
: New player reform system heads into testing
roit can u pls punisher k8 he is toxic would my report will work to punisher him ??
: DeathKittyQQ, In response to your question, Riot has provided you with numerous options to make the game a more enjoyable experience, especially when faced with impolite teammates and or Opponents. You have the chat filter, which stops a majority of the actual slurs and other rude words from coming through, and perhaps the most useful system, the ignore button. The best advice I can give you for dealing with annoying teammates is to just hit tab, then hit the ignore button. If you hit the ignore button then you won't see anything that they are saying and you can continue playing in peace until the post game lobby where you can report them for Verbal Abuse/Harrassment. With the new system proposed on this page, you could end up being the one being punished if you rage back or AFK.(This also would happen with the tribunal). TL;DR- Just use the ignore button and report them after the game. In the communities eyes, going AFK because of bad teammates is almost as bad as the Teammates themselves.
ty i will try u way ty u so much ^_^
: Player Behavior Design Values: Reward
yeah ty riot for the positive reward it will improve the community
: New player reform system heads into testing
is afk a good choice to make u not mad because when i have toxic team i just went afk i can't understand then so mad
: New player reform system heads into testing
people is toixc if they losing people need remember it a game u can't win $1000 in one game when someone is bad let team down it having fun not been mean


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