: Thornmail isn't designed to kill, it's designed to mitigate both the damage you take and the health they restore. If you want tanky damage you take things like Dead Man's or Sterak's. I agree that Thornmail isn't really in the best place right now, but not with the reason.
I definitely agree with what you say but the issue is that it doesn't do even that well.
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Talon12 (OCE)
: but when he doesnt feel oopsies strong he feels fucking shit
well, theres the balance. Not everyone is strong as every stage, fed, feeding. you know. thats game
: Well, I found my new mid laner for when my team doesn't pick tanks...
He's in practice yes very powerful but he has the same problem as old swain still. mobility champions. Which is why in a teamfight, swain goes off a mfer. Who would try and kill him while he's healing and draining. Though sometimes, he does feel a bit oopsies strong
Joiksu (OCE)
: Thornmail is good for some top laners though, and an early bramble vest is essential vs some champions (e.g. Fiora). Items that really should be fixed or changed are the gold items on supports (every man and his dog are taking these), and damage that enables waveclear could be tuned down. However in patch 8.4 Riot are going with the approach that they will tune up the **wave damage** with the new barons. I guess Riot just want quick games.
Yeah, I was going to state that but top laners arent the ones "Supposed' to do all the damage
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: I mean, your constantly Gold 1/2 for years, so you are probably in the place you should be as much as that sucks. But yeah top lane, not a place to climb at all, your basically relying on your bot/mid to not int, and one side's will int.
I can understand that yeah of being gold 1/2 but...you know currently im literally teeting off being demoted to silver and gold 0. like wtf
: TBH this is more aimed at Pre-gold. But my main suggestion for you would be stop playing top lane, top lane is in a horrid place right now, where you can't really carry the game, and the game is essentially decided by the other 4 in the game.
I might aswell be at pre gold with the amount of times i've gone up 50 points and then instantly fallen back down. Should honestly get demoted with all that god damn falling.
: How climbing works, and what you can do.
Let's say i've done all this and still keep falling. What at this point?
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: So looking at your match history, you really haven't played all that many games. Certainly not enough to where I'd be too worried about win rates. If it puts it in perspective, 1 loss in 2 games is a 50% loss rate, 1 loss in 100 games is 1%. You've only played 30~ games in ranked, so your winrate will be all over the place for a while. A decent loss streak this early can tank your winrate, but it really doesn't mean anything because over the season it will become irrelevant. You seem to be having success with Yorick (except for that last game...) and other tankier top laners, so maybe stick with that for a while until you get your mojo back.
XD that last game was a computer problem where fps dropped to 2 and i couldnt do anything so yeah. But i see your point. Stick to my little niche
: Is it your first time playing ranked? Fresh ranked accounts start with S3-4~ mmr, so if you would normally vs people lower than that it's entirely possible that your rank is simply higher than your skill at the moment. Until you play about 100+ ranked game winrate doesn't mean all that much, because low sample sizes have a very polarising effect on averages. Losing consistently probably means you're vsing people who are quite a bit better than you, and it's taking your mmr a while to adjust.
If you mean ranked in general...uh no. I've played since season 4 or so and been able to keep a mid-high gold consistantly. So thats why I'm so baffled about what's causing this.
: Well then you've got something to work on! A lot of improving is not only recognising mistakes or things you could do better, but developing the habits. For example, if you notice your map awareness is a bit lacking then work on that first. Good map awareness can save you and your teammates from devastating ganks and keep you one step ahead of the enemy so it's pretty up there in importance. Make an effort in your next game to check the map after every other CS or just every few seconds. Even if it's just a glance, you'd be surprised how much information you can get from less that a seconds attention. In particular in the early game keep a close eye on the enemy jungler, know where they are and it makes your lane that much easier. You know when you can play aggressive, and when you should back off, and even if it doesn't give you that early lead, it does a lot to stop the enemy from taking it. Try to work on one thing at a time. You aren't trying to learn everything as fast as possible, it's quality over quantity here beyond the basics. If you try to do too many things at once you'll just end up average at all of them. We tend to be our own worst critics, so once your map awareness or whatever you choose to work on first is somewhere you're proud of it, pick something else. You'll more than likely come back full circle, but that's just part of climbing :)
I can see all your points except one I'm not climbing, I'm just plummeting. Update: I'm now at a 32% winrate for ranked. A bit fucked if you ask me. "Win one, lose one" is how i feel it should be primarily but instead it's "Win one, lose a dozen"
: Well how's your cs? Positioning? Are you paying attention to where minions are and the range of your enemy's abilities? Are you looking at you map all the time or not at all?
Cs is pretty good unless i get outright zoned. Positioning probably could be better but I think its pretty good. Yeah I pay attention to minion location and how the enemy plays. Map observation is a bit lacking but it works sometimes.
: Everyone goes through loss streaks, be it because you're just a little off your game or you've pushed to the point of vsing people who are just better than you or maybe you've just had a bunch of games where you've gotten your off role. A 50% winrate is nothing to be ashamed of, if it stays that way, it just means you've reached your plateau, if it continues to fluctuate then there's a lot of different things it can be. The best thing you can do is to just keep in mind any mistakes that you notice while you're playing. A loss can still have valuable lessons, and so long as you're improving you'll climb over time :)
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=6EzUxOsc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-20T13:43:16.271+0000) > > Everyone goes through loss streaks, be it because you're just a little off your game or you've pushed to the point of vsing people who are just better than you or maybe you've just had a bunch of games where you've gotten your off role. A 50% winrate is nothing to be ashamed of, if it stays that way, it just means you've reached your plateau, if it continues to fluctuate then there's a lot of different things it can be. > > The best thing you can do is to just keep in mind any mistakes that you notice while you're playing. A loss can still have valuable lessons, and so long as you're improving you'll climb over time :) I can't figure out my mistakes. I'm doing everything you would do in a game. My main is top, I don't get anything but that. SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHY AM I GETTING DEMOLISHED
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: The Lethality Meta
I agree full-heartily with Sesshomaru, Lehality gives people who are able to burst the ability to steamroll the game. The culprit I notice are people who are able to either abuse it such as Rengar, Kayn and even Garen of course. Unfortunately some of the runes, Riot's also introduced have made the process even worse. Dark harvest, Electrocute, Aery in some cases for the annoying champions like Teemo who has the ability to proc it twice in an auto. This game is going down the wrong path when raid bosses such as Nasus, Darius and in some cases{{champion:420}} die in two seconds flat because all their Armour and magic resistance have been penetrated away by the absurd amount of it avaliable. Sure that some people should be able to one shot. Big example being Zed, That's his whole kit. I've played a few games where I've played things like Poppy, Mao and Nasus that I end just being as useless as a squishy because I went full tank. However on the other spectrum. Some tanks are still impossible to bring down without a team of 5. Sion, Mao, Ornn. The side point I'd like to also make is the introduction of "% health damage on every new item/champion or even true damage" A champion isn't fun when every new release is "After 3 auto attacks deal 50% of the target's health in damage." Understandably this is made for tanks but it just gets annoying.
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: Even on AP mages? Can't wait to obtain that freelo :^)
Oh yeah, there's so much of it that even tanks will die :)
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: Welcome to the damage meta so far.
Here's a bit more proof to why even though it's pre season and even though "It's a work in progress". This season is not very player friendly. (https://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/195485392/201189745?tab=overview) I can see people going "You went late game vs a vayne" Yes, i understand that but she has a negative kill score which ends up meaning her ability to come back from behind is just silly. I'm the Darius OK, my build is about being a tank for my team against 3 ad users and 2 ap as going full damage doesn't do anything but show that this is how the game is going. Level 1-5. I win against riven and decide go for {{item:3742}} . Could have gone damage with cleaver sure but then i lose cause her damage is stronger. Come back to lane with {{item:1031}} and then riven hits 6. All my Armour and all my survivability the moment she gets her ult. From that point onward, I need to play safe against her or die. Bit of a lose lose if you ask me. If you try to engage, I hit shield and lose all my damage or she dashes with her 40% cd and dodges all my skill shots. Once 15 minutes hit, She has her {{item:3071}} which therefore negates my{{item:3047}} {{item:3742}} and what other Armour i have at that time. Then the rest of game goes and the history shows. I get melted even with all my resistances cause "Lethality is fair" and "Armour % reduction is balanced" On certain picks. IT completely shatters the idea of a balanced. And DON'T even get me started on "Supports" brand, fiddles and even annie in some cases, I also forgot to add "Support mf" who is a promient pick this season as the ult is full ad on-hit stack and does a buttttttload of damage even with no damage items. Sometimes they get support items for the team and then sometimes they f that and just go "Ap carry number 2" While it's hypocritical to say it when I've got an ad ezreal on my team but at least he goes{{item:2301}} for sight. This is just one of the many games I've had since the beginning of season 8. Where if you don't pick something that can 100-0 in 2 seconds flat, or has something EXTREMELY gimmicky. E.g. {{champion:120}} and predator. You just simply aren't going to win.
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: Darius Changes
I just played Nasus vs Darius and i did notice what used to be a super strong counter of burst is now a slow noodle fight where somehow Darius out sustains Nasus, So now Nasus has lost the only thing against this counter that kept him there, the ability to out sustain opponents.
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: Hi, i'm Bradley 'tgun' Seymour, Support for Team Immunity - AMA
Do you find supporting is often hated more then it should in the lower elos when quite honestly, supports are the reason games are won? P.S. who's your favourite/best support!
: Mid is a really popular role, I recommend letting the mid mains go mid. Seriously, even in my experiences, people try go first time ekko over my 160 game viktor, they probably just want to lessen the chances of winning.
sometimes i dont get mid mains in my team what then?
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: First up gonna use league of graphs http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoner/oce/Deathchewy If you look here, you have a 58% win rate in top lane, but you need to pick up your abilitys in support/mid/adc or always get your second role as jungler. Fact is in solo you need to either be able to play all lanes, and play them all to a decent standard.
I understand that and i do have the backup roles of support and jungler but I've never done well in mid or adc unless I'm playing a champion i know well
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Heckiron (OCE)
: nasus
As a nasus main myself, I see why people hate him. Nasus thrives in a 1v1 mid-late scenario The idea is to deny his farm early and try to hit 6 way before he does because after that point, he becomes extremely difficult to kill without assistance. People who do well in that job include{{champion:122}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:92}} However, i find the only reliable "Counter" if i put it to be Darius but even still, A good nasus will win most match ups if played correctly.
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