: Either you are leaving for other commitments or because of the community. Don't confuse the two. If you are unhappy with the community work actively to change it. I see no reason why you can't balance work and hobbies. Even if it's the odd game on a weekend, why quit all together?
Community is great, especially on the forum. I have just been too busy to play :)
: tldr this game is bad you decided to stop playing it
haha I take it you didn't actually read it
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ludez8 (OCE)
: Help a bronzie
Yea I would love too. Add me ingame and we can start :) I will be showing you what to do and what not to do to escape bronze.
ILeoooI (OCE)
Honestly I have to dissagree, the end of last season I got placed in gold where the people are allot more relaxed and reasonable than bronze and especially silver. No you might still be in Bronze or Silver but I was unsure if I belonged in gold, so I hopped on my brothers account - Bronze V - he blames his team mates and opeople he duo'd with for the position and he would rage allot each game as well. But I started climbing and earlier in this week got into silver and am now climbing that again. And overall in Bronze the people aren't that bad attitude wise and as for those that were I would just ignore them and focus on my own game. I played vayne and was farming and pushing most of the time. Times that my team got mad at me for that was completely over shadowed by the end of the game when I carried, even if my team was all negative in score and attitude earlier in the game. The point is to not let it effect you. Don't tell anyone they are bad, just focus on your own game. Learn how the champion you are playing should be played and then do it. You'll see that every champion is meant to be played in a certain way. Learn when the champ is the strongest and weakest then play around that. You'll see that as soon as you start improving your own game and carrying or making big plays as support then your team will become less aggressive to you. Because remember - Everyone just wants to have a good time.
: Armour Pen Marks
Oh basically the true damage is what ever the armor pen value is. So if you have 25 armor and you get 5 armor pen and your attack is 30. You get 5 "True Damage" because that is not effect by armor. where is your attack to go through is 30 - 25 = 5. So just another way of looking at 25 - 5 = 20 armor.
3v0luti0n (OCE)
: I might main vayne because Gosu makes vayne look so fun and good. {{champion:67}}
I main her now. And yes she is very fun. Get easily counter picked but she is so strong lategame.
ThanatosX (OCE)
: Phreak has a comprehensive guide to runes for 2015. Armour pen is desirable on AD skill champions, as opposed to damage for auto attacking champions. The lower you can get their armour the harder your skills hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBhSnIt4RM
What he said ^. Armor pen works on your abilities and usually has better scaling that pure damage. example Zed Q: At level 1: PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 75 (+ 100% bonus AD) SECONDARY DAMAGE: 45 (+ 60% bonus AD) MIMICKED SHURIKEN: 37.5 (+ 50% bonus AD) MIMICKED SECONDARY DAMAGE: 22.5 (+ 30% bonus AD) As you can see 10 ad will not really have an effect at .30 the normal damage, but with Armor Pen which is true damage you will get 10 true damage for all the stats 10/10/10/10 instead of 10/6/5/3.
There really needs to be a tribunal in oce
: LP System
LP is not calculated depending on how many ranked games you win. When in game a total MMR is calculated for both teams. MMR is the chance your team would win. So if you have higher MMR then you will get less LP but when your MMR is lower than the other team you get higher. So since you won a few games in a row you are generally a higher mmr than those in your league you receive less LP. But it really is a weird system and don't think it works well.
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: Bard Secret Passive with Draven??
There are a total of 3 bard icons on the map. Each time a different one lightsup
Deche (OCE)
: Thats not what her E,Q combo is. When you E,Q she always had the standing still but the thing is if you EQ quick after eachother then her Q counts as if she was standing when she E'd, essentially doubling the range on her Q
There was never a thing where she Q'd mid air. It was always about doubling the range on her Q
: Cait E,Q ?
Thats not what her E,Q combo is. When you E,Q she always had the standing still but the thing is if you EQ quick after eachother then her Q counts as if she was standing when she E'd, essentially doubling the range on her Q
: Looking for a Silver+ Support main for a team rank team
Hey I main adc/support and would love to join
Think if his w is a bucket full of bait it could also work
: A Backdoor by Me :)
: Check out the Ezreal Q&A!
Guys what about urgot?
Tea (OCE)
: I just can't climb, help?
I mastered one champion and just stuck with him.
Plectro (OCE)
: Champion Mechanic
I like the idea, you should expand on the ult out comes.
Deadspec (OCE)
: Skin idea"little devil teemo "
I think the idea is good but the pentagram is a bit over the top.
Tele (OCE)
: What is wrong with ranked?
Abuse it. Rank as much as possible because you will be getting experiance and heaps of it. You'll see how they act and how they cs, when they poke and when they back off. If I got que'd against diamond players I would want to play all day. 10 games at a higher elo and you will be much better for it already
: Self Experiences.
Hey man I got this you can look at: http://forums.oce.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=60990 It's a guide I made on how to escape bronze. But I can some it up: 1. Get good at farming 2. Ward your own lane 3. Know your role - In the guide 4. Know your champion and how to play that champion 5. Don't flame
Neurotic (OCE)
: Champion Idea: Kaleb, The Magic-mancer
Was this on the old forum?
: The passive is stupid in 2 ways. Firstly it means you would die over and over in lane until You buy warmogs, then it doesnt exist.
Noted. I changed it to 0.5%
Cale017 (NA)
: While I can appreciate creativity, every character starts off as the idea of only one person, this character would be completely and utterly unhealthy to play against, as, or to have to balance the game around or balance to fit the game. I don't mean to come off as rude or anything like that, this is just an honest, perhaps brutal, analysis. His passive is awful. Absolutely awful. First off, it makes him *literally* unhealthy: he has less and less health as the game goes on. Not only is this an awful idea in general, as a hyper carry character will likely be building only damage items and not more than one, maybe two, survivability items if behind, but it makes him susceptible to the same issues that plague hyper carries like Yasuo or Yi: a single dose of CC and they're dead. The only difference here is that while most hyper carries can sustain at least one hit, giving them enough time to try and eke out a win or an escape depending on the situation, at the late game assuming he ends up with 2000 health naturally he's going to be sitting at 1000ish. And the less max natural health he has the lower that will become, until he's essentially useless in teamfights. The rest of his kit more than makes up for this passive, but that doesn't mean he has a weakness, if anything it just shows that he's too strong. A champion's passive is supposed to *help*, not hinder them, but here it's just being used as an excuse for making him overpowered. That Q is an interesting concept, using a poking damage ability to apply stacks of a specific other ability, but honestly it's just lazy at this point and all it will encourage is Rean to sit back and farm under turret or wait as long as possible in teamfights to jump in and mop up while throwing out stacks of true damage. E needs to be better defined, although it doesn't really work well in the first place. You have made no mention of how to actually proc the stacks outside of his W and his ult, and have no upwards limit on how many stacks a champion can be debuffed with. Plus, this opens up a route for him to be played as a tank, stacking higher armor to make up for his lower health (Frozen Heart would essentially remove any mana problems he has assuming he's a mana champ and not energy) while still doing insane amounts of damage by building up stacks on people before going ham. His W is a cool concept, but it's clearly designed solely to make his plays look flashy while actually removing much of the skill from this kit. Considering how incredibly easy it is to get stacks on people, especially if one were to build CDR or attack speed as focuses, he would be able to cast this infinitely depending on the mana cost and his own mana regen/mana total through items if it isn't energy based. Having the stacks fall off independently after a certain amount of time doesn't change that in a 1v1 scenario he would ALWAYS have stacks on an enemy, making him practically impossible to duel, and in a teamfight scenario he could hop around like some demon child of Yasuo, Kalista, and Katarina, making him almost impossible to lock down with CC save for point and click abilities, which is just BEGGING for bugs as there's no telling what would happen if he's about to be hit with point and click CC but uses his W to go somewhere else the moment it would have hit. Not to mention that at max range this would completely outrange pretty much every point and click, and even most skillshot, CC in the game, meaning that his half health passive is, yet again, not a true weakness. The cooldown being so long at max level is NOT balance for how incredibly overpowered this is in most scenarios, because it takes almost no skill to get Curse Mark stacks on someone. The only way to balance something like this is to have it state that he can only jump one time each to one each person time he's in combat, or that there's a time limit to how long it is before he can jump to that person again, but that essentially just makes him Yasuo but AP. His ult is just plain broken. Considering how easy it is to get stacks, and how there's no defined upper limit or other balancing idea for this aside from their own inherent time limits, he could get five to ten stacks on someone with almost no effort and effectively delete anyone from the map. Especially if this doesn't consume stacks, which since you explicitly state his W does I'm going to assume that this does not. So he would be able to jump to one target, which is an awful design flaw considering that hyper carries who are dive heavy require some form of defensive ability in their kit, and completely remove them from the game during each teamfight. And as a side note, I'm not entirely sure how you're getting that he can deal 400 damage from the math you listed there. You've essentially failed to define the actual mechanics on this ability aside from "it hurts someone using the neato passive effect I just half copied from other champs". Is it dealing an additional 10% per stack, so with 5 stacks would he be dealing 50% of a champion's health in damage to them? If not, then why is the max listed as 400 AP+10%? Is that the maximum bonus you can have? If so, why even bother saying it's a stacking ability when a single stack puts you at the cap for the percent health damage. If the stacks don't apply to the percent health( you REALLY do need to word that more definitively) and only the magic damage, you would need so many stacks to make that damage relevant that it'd be insane. Assuming he builds nothing but AP and ends up with, just for sake of ease, 1000 AP at the end of a match that means that unstacked his ult will deal a whopping 25 extra magic damage at .025 per AP. You get 4 stacks on someone and it becomes at least a little better, dealing 100 damage, but if he's a hyper carry his scalings shouldn't be that low. Instead what you have here is an artificial weakness ("Nuh uh, he's balanced cuz you have to get stacks to do damage") but all it really means is that this character is built to get stacks incredibly fast, as he would *need* to in order to make the most of his ult. He'd need at least 8 stacks just to get the scaling to even BEGIN to matter, and even then he'd only be sitting on 200 additional magic damage. This means that his E is actually far more powerful than his ult, as you could spam it in a teamfight almost endlessly so long as you can keep stacks up which, judging from the way this ult seems to work, is incredibly easy to do. And how does it actually work? Is it a targeted jump? Is it a distance nuke, where he can sit from the backline and pop someone like a grape? This ult is incredibly lacking in detail, and feels like calling it half baked would be overestimating it's concept. All in all, this champion design is sloppy. It's nigh impossible to balance, either the game around him or him around the game. No champion's stats should be fighting counter to the gold investment a person tried to make in them, which this champion would if you tried to build him as a tank and run off of just his high percent damage capabilities and you know people would. His passive is just... awful. His Q is just Yasuo, his W is Varus but with true damage, his E is Katarina, and his ult is so incredibly lacking in definition that it could be either overpowered or entirely useless. He lacks the tools that hyper carries need to be effective (some form of escape or defensive mechanic) while he has abilities that make him able to play as a hyper carry without having to build like one. He effectively has either no weakness or the world's worst weakness depending on whatever limit, if any, his stacks have and how hard it is to keep them up or get them stacked high enough, but even with that it only limits his teamfight potential, leaving him basically impossible to handle in the laning phase. There's no point in labelling someone a hyper carry if they're actually at their *weakest* during the end game, which this guy definitely would be in spite of how massive his damage potential becomes at that point. Honestly, all this looks like is you wanting to come up with a champion who can utterly stomp people and sound all cool and edgy while doing it. The concept for this character is something I would expect from bad roleplayers online, or people creating versions of themselves as escapism on DeviantART. There's a fine line between creativity and regurgitation, and this is definitely the latter. You want to make the champion that you would enjoy playing the most with no actual originality in his kit, no unique feel, a dried out and overused theme, and while being entirely binary. Most of the elements of his kit are copied from other hyper carries, but none of his kit contains what makes the hyper carries able to do their job while giving him access to mechanics that let him do his job better than they can. You've somehow managed to make someone who's binary even for a hyper carry, as there is absolutely zero difference between weakness and strength in this character's kit due to the stacking mechanic and it's interaction with his other abilities. So either he's going to be completely and utterly untouchable or he's going to be completely and utterly stomping people into the dirt. To be frank, it's a bad concept. I commend you for trying to come up with someone fun, but you focused on someone who's cool to you personally instead of someone who fits into the game itself, and you gave him everything that you would want on a kit to make him overpowered so that you could feel like a great player while using him. He's essentially an AP mix of Katarina, Yasuo, Yi, and Varus with no *legitimate* weaknesses, plus more than enough strengths to make that weakness negligible, while requiring almost no skill to play, and that just plain doesn't work.
I am sorry but you did not read his abilities at all, so I understand the confusion. Let me go through all his abilities and explain things a bit better for you. Passive - This I admit can be lowered to say 0.5 per minute. But this works on the average game time Which is around 40 minutes. Very rarely will I have a 50 minute game. So lets say the game goes for about 50 minutes as you did above and we are using the 0.5 % passive instead of 1. Then he would have lost 25% of his maximum health. Making him 1500 health instead of 1000 like you suggested. Compared to a champ like Yasou 1912 at level 18. His passive is meant to push him in a certain direction, not to help or disadvantage him in this case. It just stops people Building tank like you suggested. Q - I don't know where you read it will do damage. It does no damage. So how you will farm with this is beyond me. Plus if you build max CDR then you can at maximum have two stacks on a enemy with ur Q alone, because the timer on the stacks does not reset when the number on the stack is increased. And only with max CDR can you do this at max level, even then it is a small opening a little less than a second. Plus Yasou's Q is a line ability, this one is like the second active on Riven's ult - A ARC/wave ability. W - Is not a active. It's a passive, like teemo's E. And you will only get stacks on a target you Q'd or is auto attacking. And having such a squishy auto attacking at melee range is just asking for a stun and melt. Just take Jax, Irelia, WW, Darius, Vayne, leblanc, fizz and more. His not hard to counter. All you need is distance, cc or burst damage. His W is meant to help him out in lane and finishing off enemies. Let think for a bit. If he had no other attack modifiers it would take him the following amount of hits to kill a target at the repective levels 14/10/8/7/5 with his W, Assumung you don't use your E,R or Q in the mean while and that not 1 of the total stacks on a target. Meaning he will have to deal all those hits within 3 seconds. Since after 3 seconds you lose 1 on your total stacks, because this ability does not reset the stack like most other champions in league does. Plus it does not count as a on hit effect. E - Again you didn't read the ability. At one time you can max jump six times (5 enemy champs + 1 other target), assuming it is within 3 seconds because that is the amount of time it takes to lose 1 stack. Why because "Cursed Mark" stacks only apply to enemy champions. Meaning if he jumps to a target that is not a enemy Champion with a stack then it goes on cool down. And lets say you build Max CDR then you will have a 15 seconds cooldown, which is longer then some Champion Ultimate cooldown without CDR. It will be the longest defensive ability cool down in game and you will be able to engage on Rean without any fear because he has no cc or other escapes. You were saying that he needs an escape, so here it is. As for the stacks if you have 3 stacks on a target, you use your E then it takes 1, leaving 2 left on a target. R - His ult is like Kalista's Rend. To get stacks is not as easy as you might assume. As for the damage you read wrong AGAIN: > Deal 5%/7.5%/10% + 0.025 AP as magic damage (maxing at 400 AP/ + 10%) for each stack of "Cursed Mark" on a enemy, consuming all the stacks. Maxing means it cannot fo further. That means if you have 400 AP you will deal as much when you do when you have 100000000 AP. You can only have, Assuming you have 400 AP, 20 % Magic Damage per stack, meaning if you have 5 stacks you will not be able to 1 shot a enemy because of basic MR. So minimum you must have 6 stacks on a target to kill him with your ult alone. Please Read more carefully before making a judgement on a champion. As well as doing some basic maths before commenting something like this: > To be frank, it's a bad concept. I commend you for trying to come up with someone fun, but you focused on someone who's cool to you personally instead of someone who fits into the game itself, and you gave him everything that you would want on a kit to make him overpowered so that you could feel like a great player while using him. He's essentially an AP mix of Katarina, Yasuo, Yi, and Varus with no legitimate weaknesses, plus more than enough strengths to make that weakness negligible, while requiring almost no skill to play, and that just plain doesn't work. I play ADC, I have been working on a few champions and this is just the one I have balanced as much as possible. As for no-real weakness? * Very weak early and mid- early game. * very much item dependant. * When his E is on cooldown he has no defensive abilities, and being a 25 cooldown on max level is intense. I don't think you even looked at that. His play style is Do allot of damage quickly then you are useless Until everyone gets low or they have no more CC ect.
: his passive man...no one wud play him because of his passive...
> [{quoted}](name=Strider Hiryu,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=fxMBOiux,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-02T07:09:18.426+0000) > > his passive man...no one wud play him because of his passive... Wouldn't you say is E makes up for it. Plus giving him high base stats but poor stat scaling will make him durable early game but still have insane escape mid and late game.
Fog (OCE)
: My life is complete.
That would be the best thresh skin ever
: Sick Zed SKin
Penta kill Zed, maybe needs a mike
: Champion Idea :D Cerva the Spike Spitter
It's a good idea but I will admit there are a few things I would change. How much energy he has? Lets say he has 100....... His Passive: Useless in team fights. But will have a huge impact early game. The following is just a suggestion, I didn't think hard about it but will make you more of a late game champion than early game bully. Passive: For each 3 minions killed permanently gain +1.2 Armor and Magic Resist (80 at 200 cs). For every champion kill permanently gain +10 attack damage and +5 for assist. This will solve that auto attack problem you had. And will make it he doesn't get stunned and melted by the AP lategame. But the passive doesn't take the other abilities into account. His Q: Way too energy greedy, can lower it a bit. Maybe 20-30. His W: (Would change it to this) Toggle on: You gain +10/20/25/30/40 armor. Plus a initial speed boost of 125% decaying over 5 seconds to 100% then stopping the speed boots. Toggle off: Ability goes on cooldown for 5 seconds Good energy rate. E: Cost too high as well. Give the poor guy some slack. R: Either remove the knockup and make it a slow or tune the damage down a bit. Hope this is what you were looking for, soz if too mean
: Character Concept: RanZoth, the Champion of Light and Shadow
Well I would like it if you put in Q,w,e,r passive format. I am unsure of all the abilities it has atm.
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: Deep Depths Fizz
Really cool!
: Compensation for AFKs in ranked (at least ranked)
I think their gold should just be divided between the team
VG Winter (OCE)
: Creating a new Clan
Why not. I am interested
: better than losing 7/10 and dropping isn't it.
Exactly what happened to me. And I won my first 5 matches as well
: Why aren't champions like Renekton picked more
People use to follow the META. Like lissandra now. Renek use to be played constantly season 2 for a long while with shyvana.
Rioter Comments
: Can Yasuo animation cancel like Riven?
Yes it can be done. Was done at world championship and remember the commentators being super hyped about it.
: It's all got to do with MMR, not rank. You can be Silver 5 and still have the MMR of low bronze. It also works the other way, you can be Silver 5 and have the MMR of mid/high silver.
Riot took your rank into concideration this time.
Deche (OCE)
: Escaping Silver - a detailed guide
Btw if anyone has more questions don't be afraid to ask or want to add some
: ...so you were trolling? that is literally the worst troll post i have ever seen...you werent even trying.
Yes fight... Amuse me... >mybodyIsReady.jpeg
Sackboy (OCE)
: Out of all the ADC's, who do you reckon is the 'hardest' to play?
I would have to go with Draven or with Kalista, they both have unique mechanics that is hard to learn and even harder to master.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: what were you at the end of the season, they mentioned that pre-season would be almost completely no existent in the placement algorithm
Which makes me wonder why I got placed in Silver II, that is where I was at end of season, so I won 7/10 and got placed back there
: @RIOT. Explain your pathetic excuse for a matchmaking system.
I Agree, I won 7/10 games and got demoted from Gold V to silver II
: @RIOT. Explain your pathetic excuse for a matchmaking system.
I know the feels. Was Gold V, won 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 and got demoted to silver II
Rioter Comments
: Bronze is killing me
Add me in game. I've made it a pet project teaching bronze players how to get out of bronze. I won't carry you to silver, maybe a few matches, but will jus show you what to do when so you learn not only to carry better but to make heaps better gameplay decisions
Deche (OCE)
: Escaping Silver - a detailed guide
Thnx guys for the good feedback! Glad to help out the community!
: t1pz n tr1kz for junglin 1. New SR Jungle heavily rewards efficient clearing of the Jungle and well timed ganks so try not to focus on being a farmlord Udyr or some nonstop gankmachine lee sin. 2. FOLLOW THE META. 3. You're 100% responsible for warding the enemy Jungle and objectives. Buying wards (Including pinks) every time you base is what you wanna be aiming for since knowing about (ganks/roams/junglers location) is key to all ins, tower dives and counter ganks. 4. Gank timing is something you learn overtime but if you're really not sure on what you should be looking for then I suggest starting off by ganking each time you level up. 5. Try your best to stay away from taxing lanes after you fail a gank because that's a quick way to get an AFK. 6. Mid laners are your best friends so try to always be there for them when they need it. 7. Bot lane is somewhere you wanna go if you feel like taking a drag or picking up assists but keep in mind that bot lane will be warded 90% of the time and 100% of the time your team won't tell you where those wards are. 8. Top laners are usually grumpy old men who want you off their lawn unless you gift them kills and don't tax at all so steer clear unless you can guarantee them a solid lead. There's heaps more I could of added but it's mostly high elo stuff and I doubt that it'll be relevant until you hit high plat. With that said GL with climbing and enjoy being blamed when people lose lane. 8)
Thnx for your contribution I have put it in the guide :)
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