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Jeps (OCE)
: Are you B2 - S1? Looking for a team? Keen to play Flex?
IGN: Deep Sanity Champion pool in order of strength: S: Main/s - Vayne MF Twitch Lucian Kha'zix Jinx Xin Zhao Udyr Irelia Thresh Blitzcrank Draven A: Strong - Ezreal Varus Caitlyn Hecarim Ashe Kog Maw B: Competent - N/a play most champions to atleast my level Preferred roles: Adc Jungle but really anything other than mid Weakness: map awareness sometimes About you: just a silver 2 pleb looking for more experience been playing league for a few years
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jimaf (OCE)
: LF ADC and sup to make a 5 man
friends list is full im a silver 4/3 adc main and can play supp
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Kairutox (OCE)
: Looking for Top/Jungle/ADC
Summoner Name: Deep Sanity Season 6 rank: Silver 4 Current flex rank: Bronze 3 Best Champions for Role: Vayne, Lucian, Twitch / Hecarim, xin Zhao, Reksai Role: Adc/Jg
Kairutox (OCE)
: TeGC looking for new roster!
Summoner Name: Deep Sanity Season 6 rank: Silver 4 Current flex rank: Bronze 3 Best Champions for Role: Vayne, Lucian, Twitch / Hecarim, xin Zhao, Reksai Role: Adc/Jg
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cow (OCE)
: Recruiting for Team
IG name: Deep Sanity Division: Bronze 2 Main Role: Jungle Main Champs: Jg - Xin, Irelia, Shyvanna, Amumu, Rek Sai. Adc - Vayne, Jinx, Twitch, Ezreal, Tristana Backup Role: Adc Reason For Recruitment: kinda bored of soloQ want to learn more about 5s a bit more What Value Are You To The Team?: Could be anything ;)
Kairutox (OCE)
: I believe i have you in my friends list already? or am i mistaken?
yes you do
Kairutox (OCE)
Summoner Name: Deep Sanity Current Rank: B3 Season 5 Rank: B1 but got to s3 in preseason Top Five ADC Champions: Vayne Jinx Tristana Twitch Lucian Why Do You Want To Join A Team?: to improve as a player and become better
: LF Bronze/Silver Support and ADC
Adc main - currently bronze but ended on bronze 1 last season climbed to silver 1 after season ended ;)
Kairutox (OCE)
: if you take Irelia out, what would your top five junglers be? do you have any experience in a team? do you have comms such as curse?
probably rammus or amumu, yes i have experience in teams my last 2 teams have reached silver and gold but then have disbanded, and yes i do use curse i can use any comm needed, also sorry for the late reply
Kairutox (OCE)
Summoner Name: Deep Sanity Position: Jungle Season 5 Rank: Bronze I (climbed to silver II after season ended) Current Rank: Bronze II Current MMR: 1069 Top Five Champs: Xin, Lee Sin, Irelia, Rengar, Rek'Sai Why do you want to be in a team: To show people the potential that i have and to learn new things and definitely have fun ;)
Kairin (OCE)
: Group Queue for Season 6 (Experienced Players) BRONZE AND SILVER
Roles: Adc Top Jg Champion Pool: Adc - Vayne jinx Tristana Twitch Draven Ashe Top - Nasus Darius Shen Shyvana Jg - Shyvana Xin Jax Amumu Evelynn Hours: any hours of the day Skype if possible: yes i have skype {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: looking for Silver+ to join ranked 5s team
Hey, I'm silver 5/4 Adc Main My main champs are Jinx Vayne and trist i am willing to learn other champs if needed i do well at other roles but not so much as support\ i am online about every hour of the day unless im going out or doing something {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Gothnam (OCE)
: Creating Ranked Team
Adc Main Silver 5/4 Main Jinx Vayne and Trist - Can defs learn more adc's if needed
: LF an adc to join my team
Hey, i tried adding you in-game but you declined i think is the adc role still open or not? add me in-game or reply to this please.
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: New Ranked Team Looking For Members.
Hey, im Deep Sanity - Im currently Silver 5 I mostly prefer Jungle or Top, but i can play any role well if needed but not so much of support i have skype and curse and ill can download any other comms if needed to well i have been playing league since half way of s2 i have quite a bit of experience in teams (only started in s4), but my highest rank within a team as been silver 5 which is still going. i do get a bit salty when i make a mistakes but then i pick up and become positive for my team and move on, But thats about it i hope you would consider me for this team. Thanks :)
Delve (OCE)
: LF players for Ranked 5's team
hey, i am bronze 3 slowly working my way into silver! hopefully! but i have had around 3 years of experience in league, i main mostly Adc, Top and Jg. i am looking to improve any where that i can not just at skill but also as a person, thanks. :)
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: Ranked 5's high bronze/low silver team
Hi im b4, but i was b1 had a big drop in lp, i play any role i am confident in all of them. Adc>Jungle>Top>Support>Mid are my prefs in order
: Serious team looking for an ADC and TOP laner
Role: Adc M9 :d Main champs: I pick to counter but Jinx Draven Vayne Trist SIvir And more IGN: Deep Sanity
D1sturbed (OCE)
: Old S4, Now B1, LF Duo partner/team for Normal/Ranked
i was b1 now back to b3 almost b4 if you want to duo add me - Deep Sanity
Xquishy (OCE)
: LFM Silver/Bronze, serious semi-serious, Ranked team LF Mid/Top
IGN: Deep Sanity Rank: Bronze 5 (should be higher tbh) Preferred role: Top or jg mostly but can be flexible any play any role Best champions in said role: Darius, Trynda, Fiora - any top laner really TS: yes and skype Play style (aggressive, passive): Both Preferred play style (Assassin, Utility, Tank, mage, etc): any style suited to the team or the counter pick Can you shot call/are you a vocal player: vocal
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: Looking for awesome people :D
sure id be willing to help you
: Looking for Bronze/Silver DUO
Sure id be willing to climb with you
Aerlion (OCE)
: Silver 4 Jungle & Mid main looking for Team or Duo.
I would be happy to duo with you or add you into the ranked team i'm in. But i am in B3 slowly getting out because bronze is a trap. Add Me - Deep Sanity
: Rank team LFM serious
IGN: Deep Sanity ROLE: i play any role but no so much supp unless i have to. availability: mon - thurs 3 - 10 pm fri - sun any time im 16 almost 17 been playing since s4 but i have improved since.
Shok (OCE)
: New Team LF all!
Sure id be keen
Zoki (OCE)
: Intrested in finding duo partner for RANKED- Bronze/Silver
Yeah, id be willing to climb i am b5 aswell i mostly top jg or adc so add me - Deep Sanity
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SparksElm (OCE)
: Looking for team members for open ladder
- In-game name : Deep Sanity - Preferred role : Top, Mid, JG - Roles you can play : all lanes and jg - Availability : all day of the week (but not on the 6th i'm travelling but will be still able to play) - Skype, can get any others - i am bronze V but i don't play like bronze you can add me as a back up, if i don't get in the team - Thanks Deep Sanity
: Creating a team for oce ladder tourney!
In Game Name: Deep Sanity Preferable Roles: I Play All Rolls I Don't Mind Preferable Champions: Darius{{champion:122}} , Tryndamere{{champion:23}} , Malphite{{champion:54}} , Katarina{{champion:55}} , Quinn{{champion:133}} , Morgana{{champion:25}} - there are more but it'll be to long Xd Rank: Bronze V - dont play like one through i hope i can get in!!!

Deep Sanity

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