: /dev: New001 on competition beyond ranked
> Then there’s ranked: shit gets real, you have to focus on improving, pay attention to the current meta, and widen your champ pool. Really? While you definitely want to broaden your game knowledge and experience by playing different roles and champions in Normals, *reducing* your champion pool to master a few mains is **imo** the best way to climb the Ranked ladder.
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: Punishment notifier
Knowing exactly how close you are to a punishment only results in people toeing the line intentionally so that they can stay as toxic as they can as long as possible. A 10 and 25 game chat restriction (the first 2 tiers of punishment) are pretty mild, but should be an eye opener for people that actually care to change; the ones that make it to a permaban never cared about temporary punishments or they would've stopped their toxic behavior already.
Rocka (OCE)
: @Riot Player telling me to kill myself, not punished at all.
There are a few things that could have happened which don't necessarily mean he was ignored; * He could have received a chat restriction * They might not have processed his punishment yet * They may have determined he hasn't done it often enough or the singular case wasn't severe enough to warrant a punishment *yet*. It's generally not a good idea to ban someone for a single mistake. Some people have bad days, but unless they act like this often a ban isn't going to help anybody; it'd be punishing someone for a single event that wasn't going to happen again anyway. Riot's Player Behavior Initiative is meant to *reform* players, not just punish them. If you make a mistake just once, do you want to get banned because someone made a ticket?
: Finisher icons
The reason they gave for not keeping it (when they released the first ones for URF) is that they interfere quite a bit with gameplay clarity. They said they might be able to compromise but never spoke up about it again. My suggestion to them is to enable it in all modes, but give visual options to disable other players' finishers or disable all of them (default). Then it's up to the players to decide if they want to see them or not.

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