: What do we think of ACTUAL Toxic players???????????
jimz, the best thing the developers ever added were the mute options, unfortunate that they are so regularly needed, this community is incredibly toxic! if someone is being toxic negative or just looking to blame someone, don't feel bad for hitting those mutes and continue doing your best and help your team, something I have learned from this game is when someone is doing badly and they are getting tilted and shot at by other team members is to simply state "continue what you are saying and I will report your behaviour" usually they will begin taunting you, however if you're like me you will have already muted them and the focus is no longer on the person having a bad game (we've all had those) and they continue typing away to no one, makes me laugh sometimes! they just want someone to target. being support main I've had my share of people having a bad game (me included) saying "great shot" "bad luck" "don't worry it's just a game" can have a turn around for them, if not then gg next game and forget. a truer statement for this game "Don't feed the trolls" was never written.
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: Why is punishment so harsh on a first time offenders
I've been playing since the first year of release when the server was America. I have never gotten a ban or restriction but I take into account I am not the only person playing. There is nothing worse than being trapped in a game with someone like you. I report it if it is on my team and I report it if it is on the enemy team. you deserve what you got, first time offender? good you wont do it again most likely. Trolls, afkers rage quiters and people wasting time because they want to play silly buggers isn't fun, not for your team mates that are not in on it and not for the enemy team. I don't believe that any punishments for wasting other people's time are lenient if it were up to me you wouldn't have your account! You want to play this game? Take into account you have 9 other people who are having a game after work, before work or just to destress in general, want to mess around? play bots or something where you are not wasting other people's time. Get caught doing this or bullying and get punished, don't complain about it.
: the assassin update
i agree been playing since sona release... today was my last day, this update has killed the game for me, just got destroyed by talon at level 3 he was half shotting me in mid lane, no matter the mistakes he made I couldn't compete with that damage range cd and the sustain on his mana, wow riot you really did it this time. I thought vayne was a mess on release....
: Server Problems?
just got booted from a game where everyone dc... hope I don't leaver over this %%%%

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