: Patch 8.2 notes
Not even mad about half of these changes, the other half I actually like, except one particular part. The removal of sightstone. And not that as a whole, this change was one I liked, but the removal of one sightstone in particular. The Ruby Sightstone. Why must you remove my enabler for all actives support builds? Redemption, Iron Solari, Support item active, all decreased by 20% with almost no way to bring it down and even then it's a measly 5%. Please replace it.
: Greetings DiamondAries, **Let me start by going over what you mentioned in getting more efficient in your jungle clear**. In my opinion I think that jungle clears as to where you start and where you go should always be situational. During your time in your loading screen, try to identify what lanes you want to gank early on. This is can come down to how much CC your side of the lane has, how many escapes the enemy has, if they are a champion that will push a lot and etc. Once you have figured out what lane/s you want to gank, you can start figuring out a plan to gear your clear in a way that lets you gank that lane at a good timing to start the snowball for that lane in your team's favour. _E.G. If you want to gank top lane, start at the bottom side of the map so that your clear is timed so you will be able to gank top lane at either level 3 or 4 (depending on what type of clear you choose to go for)._ There are many different ways you can situationally adapt your clear to the current game, so experiment and see what works well for each situation. --- **Next let me go over what you talked about with your builds.** I personally don't play Zac too much so I haven't personally experimented with his builds a lot, however I think that the build that you have mentioned works quite well in a large amount of situations. Some items that you might want to consider though are things such as **Sunfire Cape**. This would give you some extra damage in team fights from the AOE burn and still give you the tanky stats that you need to survive team fights. I would also recommend looking into **Locket of the Iron Salari**. Though this is still a defensive item, the active helps teams a ton in team fights letting them survive longer, and if you pop it before you jump into your team, helps out your backline a lot. --- **Quick note about team fights.** Now you mentioned the main reason you want to change your build is because you feel like you need some extra damage in team fights if your team doesn't have it. Sometimes the best thing to do in this sort of situation is instead of building damage yourself, change the way you are playing. This can be either through peeling for your backline more through use of your E or ult or coordinating with your mid and top laner to either get onto their backline and kill their squishy targets or set up a combo such as the well know Orianna ball on Zac. --- Hope this information helps! If there is anything I can elaborate on or any other questions I can answer let me know. I would also highly recommend having a look at the [**OPL Junglers Round Table**](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/IEnRVa1X-opl-junglers-round-table-live-friday-6-7pm-aedt) Tonight at 6-7PM AEDT for some general jungle knowledge and possibly have your own questions answered. ~Elam
Thanks for the info Elam. I really do appreciate this.
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Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Good early game Damage, high mobility with his jump. What's not to like? Plus its very difficult to stop him getting into places you don't want him. Like into either pit for a steal, or your back line
You dont even have to go in the pit for a steal, you can cut across the back of it and smite mid-jump
: The exhaust nerf?
I feel like the only questionable thing about the nerf was the atk spd reduction being removed. Other than that there is no reason to shred mr and armour when the spells designed use was peeling, not duelling.
Nightjar (OCE)
: well I mean ignite is cool and helps against lifesteal and the heal spell, so I guess use that instead. Ignite is also now going to be the defensive goto in botlane, as well as the aggressive support spell.
Remind me if I'm wrong but doesn't {{summoner:7}} Heal remove Grievous Wounds?
: UNRANKED TO MASTER - ONLY FIDDLE - Episode #1- We start at GOLD 4!
Not gonna lie, this was actually pretty good to watch xD
Bots Bot (OCE)
: Leaver Warning ~~ Really rito
First of all, its an automated system, so it can't detect the circumstances for your absence. Second, it was only a warning, so why are you complaining Third, its ARAM. Don't have a cow man. A lot of bots and scripts use ARAM to farm cause they are quick games that often no one cares about. Report them after the game, and mention them to the riot support team.
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: Supporting not the best team
I am only B1 so I don't really have any qualifications to say anything, but I found that picking supports that can be built to carry helps a lot. Morg is my favourite example. Starting with a Spell-thief's gives you some mana regen and gold income, and after a SS and Frost Queen's, it is quite easy and viable to build AP and be a secondary APC. Her kit also compounds this with great CC and a shield, so even if you don't carry and build support, you can still make game-making picks. At lower ELO's, I heard Lux works well too, but drops after Gold or so. Zyra I imagine is good too. Sona is a god atm
: I just fucking cant anymore
If you lose 2 games in a row, stop playing ranked for that day, or at least a couple hours. Losing 15 games in a day sounds like an exaggeration, but tilt is a major factor in play performance. Have a break from LoL for a couple hours, run around outside, play a different game, or even play ARAM for the fun of it. Playing ranked when tilting is easily the best way to lose LP tho
: I have the same problem with Sol :( stupid pros at worlds! but my guess would be **Sejuani.** She is not as immobile as you would believe, she is incredibly tanky does insane damage, and like Zac her ganks come from nowhere. She builds similar to him as well, being an AP mage-esq tank. Plus a good ranged AoE stun never goes amis.
Sejuani is free this week, it's a sign!
: I have the same problem with Sol :( stupid pros at worlds! but my guess would be **Sejuani.** She is not as immobile as you would believe, she is incredibly tanky does insane damage, and like Zac her ganks come from nowhere. She builds similar to him as well, being an AP mage-esq tank. Plus a good ranged AoE stun never goes amis.
Haha yeah I completely forgot about Sej. I played her once on free week but since then nada. I'll make a piont to buy and play her soon, I've almost got enough IP
: I totally agree. Great gank potential, very chubby (tanky), BUT the only bad thing is that he's a meta jungler atm, so he might get banned too
Same things I was thinking, although I have never tried him out. I'll give him a go.
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Tomo7182 (OCE)
: drag chat of the screen, you don't need it at all to win games
especially with the ping update
Nightjar (OCE)
: umm as someone who started out in this game playing warwick jungle... he's a bit stale. I think his gimmick is chasing, that huge close range healing, the lockdown and his simplicity. I don't want him to lose this identity but I feel he could be updated a bit. Such as making his e an active ability rather than a passive and buffing the movespeed so that he can only activate it when a nearby enemy is low hp and then he can activate his hunt for like 110 mana revealing them and granting alot of movespeed but only towards the hunted target. Improving his q animation and whilst we're at it, at 2.5 atk speed warwick's animation gets buggy. I feel his ult might want to be changed too since it's cool that he has cc but the point and click nature of it makes it really annoying for someone like say vayne. I feel rework warwick should keep his passive, basically the same q maybe turn it into a aa buffer where the next aa heals him like his old q did. W should stay attack speed cause it's useful in a teamfight and I quite like it for rushing objectives like towers, dragons, and baron (warwick's specialty). New e grants alot of movespeed and his ult's range should be shortened and made into like a nidalee pounce that then surpresses the enemy like old warwick did, giving a little more counterplay and skill required to choose when to use it, reduce the cooldown since it's a bit weaker and shorter ranged requiring him to put himself in a little more danger and then done. Alot of small changes to make a warwick that's basically the same but less of his gameplay issues and slightly more skillcap whilst still being beginner friendly (I feel rework warwick won't be beginner friendly for new jungle mains and that makes me sad).
The point and click is great, since its one of the only ways to kill Vayne and the only useful thing about WW But yes I agree he is a very "niche" champ and it is objective control. He sucks at teamfights bar his ult, and while he can duel well i feel that Executioner's Calling counters him really bad. He can get kited easily even when his W is active. In general, he just needs to be dusted off and updated to the current standards of LoL. Back then, sure, it would pass as a 1st 40 but now with all the new tools in champ's kits, he needs to catch up.
: How would that even work? And keep in mind, that a skin doesn't change gameplay, only visuals.
I think he means you play as Tibbers instead of Annie, and your ult summons Annie instead of Tibbers. Not actually you play as a flaming bear and can summon the little queen of burst herself.
: Yasuo needs a rework, HUGE ASS NERF, or something along those lines
I know man, it sucks. BUT there are ways to counter him. 1. **Lockdown** - Champs that can lock him down are awesome for stopping Yas, as he is very movement focused. His passive relies on it, and his dashes make him very hard to hit. Hard CC is perfect for this. Most Yas players go top lane, which is perfect for some of the best champs that lock him down. Cho'gath is a pretty decent choice, as his silence stops Yas from casting his tornado, and the q knockup doesn't get blocked by the windwall. Nautilus is pretty good too, but you have to be more mindful of the wall stopping your ult. You still have your passive though, and your shield makes you pretty solid. 2. **Tanks** - Yasuo's tank busting is pretty terrible without first scaling and grabbing a BoRK and Last Whisper. Add to the fact that there are awesome items you can build against Yasuo, and most lockdown tanks can itemise against him. Randuins takes some damage off of his already weaker crits while giving tank stats, and Frozen Heart reduces his attack speed which in turn increases his Q CD while giving your lockdown abilities 20%CDR. I'm not 100% sure with the interaction with this one, but Thornmail theoretically should return damage back to Yas even on his Q's since they apply on hits. I could be wrong tho, I've never tested it. 3. **Outplay** - Not as hard as it sounds, but at the same time more skill reliant. The main source of Yas's longevity is not his damage, but rather his Windwall. Being able to completely neutralise any projectile or line ability or attack is why he is so hard to play against. Baiting this out before you all in seriously weighs the fight in your favour, especially against a burst mage like Ryze or Annie. Some champs are better for this than others. Having a spammable click-and-cast is the best way, since you will have it up, and he either blocks it or gets poked. Skill shots are arguably better since sometimes you can stay out of range, but then he can also dodge it with no expense, especially with that dash. Vel'Koz has his Q, which has the benefit of being cheap so it doesn't strain your mana. You also have Annie, which also has the benefit of her passive, and because of Q's refunds when farming, you can actually target a minion in front of Yas to try and bait him out. Lux can throw a sneaky shield wand out to bait the wall with a non-damage ability and can proceed to kill Yas after it dissipates. It is important to note tho, just because his wind wall is down it does not mean you'll win the fight. He has extremely high damage and snowballs really well, so an early death can mean a GG. Jungler coordination can also help, but don't rely on it unless you are using skype or discord or something. I hope this helps :)
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Gesteppie (OCE)
: thast probably your ISP's connection to the servers in Sydney then.
Probably. I filed a support ticket and they said much the same thing.
: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
While I do play on Ethernet, I still got around 80 average ping. Sometimes I would load into a game on 20, but as soon as the game starts goes straight up to 80. I also get random DC spikes where my ping shoots up to 2k+ which is really weird because it only happens on LoL.
: Well it only drops for wins and drops more often with pre-mades. Playing in a 5 man premade raises the droprate by around 10%. Just play shorter game modes like 15 min arams There's also a nice 125rp key in the shop.
most of my games are with 3-4 man premades, and it's been 3 weeks since my last drop. I havn't gotten one since posting either
Xuízunä (OCE)
: @Riot: Question about armor pen boots
Dude, there is a plethora of ways to reduce enemy armour. BC shreds like 30%, and Youmuu's, Duskblade, Last Whisper duo, and I'm pretty sure Maw or Scimitar offer some more Armour pen. There are enough items that together fit all the roles perfectly. BC for bruisers, Duskblade foir assassins, Last whisper for adcs, and Youmuu's for basically anyone
: Lore these days is a pretty video, and occasionally a lore event full of short stories.
Lore events I love to death. I can still remember the Bilgewater event with Murder Bridge and how cool it was. TBH i really think that Riot heavily neglects the lore aspect of the game, and its something that really puts me off. Every character ever needs some kind of personality, and Ryze has none at all now.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Ryze Rework
I hate it. It isn't Ryze at all now. This should have been the kit of a new champ or something. This isn't a rework, this is Riot making a new kit, and slapping "Ryze" on top of it, a personality we know from our noob days back when we started. His new lore? lol what Lore? No story whatsoever besides "he collects shit that made the world to save it". Well... what else? Is he a good guy? Does he have a life? Is he even human? Like wtf Rito pick it up PLEASE only compliment I have is that his new splash looks cool. He looks too scrawny for a tank mage now.
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: Can we gut Azir first? Losing half my HP from half the lane away is cancerous. Let's not forget the fact that if he throws three soldiers at you, you're gonna have to flash or get killed in half a second. Oh, and his disabling ult, which does so much damage and splits apart teams. Let's just make that ult deal 80% of the ADCs HP and stop them from going anywhere. Azir is a disgusting champ who needs to be gutted, then we can gut Kha'Zix, the bronze stomper.
neither of them need nerfs imo Kha will always outduel everyone because of isolation, nuff said Azir is a control mage, jumping on his face with an assassin will screw him over. Talon in particular is really good, also Kassadin, since they can blink over his wall.
: OPL Final showbag reveal!
Could have gone without the skin code, but missing out on that sick T-Shirt? RIP
Pocky Boy (OCE)
: Can we still get key fragments on ARAM with champs we dont own?
You need to own the champ to get anything, same as the Rift.
: Still not half-decent Karthus skin
get his reaper chroma. looks sick as
: get a better PC? problem solved
Its not the pc, its the net. I have this problem to and there is seriously nothing we can do about it. Max speed in my area is about 2.5-3mb
: > [{quoted}](name=DiamondAries,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Or7IqVT1,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-04T00:54:03.720+0000) > > Well no one would fight her, she would fight us. Literally tumble into our team and get a penta, despite me hitting my knockup (i was vel) > > idk if she was hacking or whatever, but she just wouldn't die. I've played against vaynes before, and know that one knock-up means gg, but she would just somehow lifesteal it all back. I have never seen that much in-combat regen before ever, not even on a vlad Lol hacking because no one would fight her and she would win...
You're special kinds of stupid to assume that we'd would just not fight her at all. Literally everyone on our team would focus her. Xin would charge and ult, i would combo all of my spells, lucian would attack and cant remeber the rest of the team and she would still beat us. What was meant by "we wouldn't fight her" is more "we would stay away from her when she was near her team" Heck we caught her out once and she still got away with 2 kills
: She's always been broken, but Riot refuse to nerf her. Hell they buffed the thing about her that makes her overpowered. Silver Bolts used to do 8% Max HP, now it does 12%. People complain about the Tank Meta, yet the existence of Vayne makes the Tank Meta look like Wet Paper Bag Meta. No champion should have True Damage as a MAX % HP attack. It's absolutely ridiculous. "OH BUT VAYNE IS SUPPOSED TO KILL TANKS" cry the mongs that worship Doublelift. Yeah she can still do that if the MAX HP is changed to CURRENT HP and the % number reduced back to 8%.
I agree that true maxhp% damage is broken. Buff it to 15% but make it physical or magical damage imo so resistances can take effect, or nerf it to 6% max hp because thats still shredding tanks
: That applies to literally anyone with lifesteal. If you let them get away at low health and not expect them to come back in soon with full, thats your fault
lol she wouldnt need to walk away with low health, sh'ed get it all back in combat which is broken. literally 3v1 us and her lifesteal kept her above 3/4hp, which imo is bs
: Again, the assumption here being you have the passive up, if your alive for long enough in a fight to get off 6 auto attacks, the enemy team is shit and could probably be killed by the more effective vayne items.
lol its easy to be alive long enough to get guinsoo's procs when you life steal your max health after every hit. It was so bogus like even just thinking about it now makes me angry. I wasn't even mad at the game, and thought every played well, except the vayne because it was bs. Literally, every time she would come up the fun of the game just left because you are left with an unkitable invisible enemy that just two shots you with autos. Can't burst her down because of lifesteal. Can't fight her because she fights better. Literally, a full q w e w ult from me was somewhere between 2-2.5k damage with 1.3 being true damage because of the researched target. And she survived with over 1/2 her hp cause the xin in her face she just lifestealed her health back from. idk if she was hacking or whatever, but she just wouldn't die. I've played against vaynes before, and know that one knock-up means gg, but she would just somehow lifesteal it all back. I have never seen that much in-combat regen before ever, not even on a vlad
DipperOCE (OCE)
: ^
its just so broken you hit her with something and shed just heal it with lifesteal maybe riot should remove lifesteal from items, i like the mechanic but its just too broken on dueling champs imo you shouldn't gain that much life through dealing so much damage ever
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Jonius7 (OCE)
: Exactly, you should save up for Tier 3 runes. Making Tier 2 runes really cheap is a trap for new players who don't know this. So when they do get Tier 3 runes, their Tier 2 ones won't be used. In all essence, it's probably not that bad, you might only spend 200 IP, but you will have them sitting in your inventory, unable to be removed unless Riot Support does it for you.
The cost for tier two runes is negligible, even in their current costs. Making them 1ip, and one FWotD is all you need to give you all the runes you would need. A couple of 6300ip champs though, and you are blowing all your IP on things that won't exactly give you an edge. Yeah having access to a bronze stomper like Tryndamere or Yi is awesome, but seriously, having tier 3 runes at 20 when your enemies don't is a huge advantage especially in the early game.
NB33 (OCE)
: Im a jungle main, I need more then 2 pages, and if you want to climb in ranked you should need optimal builds
There are very few champions that need their own rune pages. Also, why would a jungler have different runes than a laner?
: Better info on abilities please
I get this for the client version, which gives extremely limited info on all the abilities, but the in-game tool tips are pretty good. Just saying, tho, if you click on the portrait in the champ select screen, the bars that appear show if the champion deals ad or ap damage.
: Oh that's cool i didnt know but thats coolXD
Lol who would. most posts are ignored unless its about QQ
Funk (OCE)
: Make it so you have access to all rune slots at like level 15 instead of level 30 and this might actually be useful. Otherwise theres no point in getting T2 Runes, might aswell save up for T3 coz you cant fill a page anyway until 30 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Pretty sure having a full set of tier two runes for 40 ip is worth. A first win bonus is more than enough to cover any cost of the Tier 2 runes.
: RITO PLOX。 If you guys can make the dicounts earlier, i wouldve saved live 20k ip ! Refund plz.
This is just the way the game goes. If you bought milk from the store, went there the next day and saw it on special, would you demand a refund?
: Tier 2 runes are useless at lvl 30 ranked, your not doing better, your just making us have the same grind as we always have, and giving the sub lvl 20's a deal. Would a challenger/master/diamond play with tier 2 runes cause they were cheaper, no. So why do you think the rest of ranked would. Hasn't changed a thing with viable rune setups, you just backed out and sprinkled some bs on top.
In case you missed the entire point of this announcement, it is precisely for the pre-30's. Of course you won't go to rank with tier 2 runes, thats not what they are trying to do. They are making it so that newer plays can experience the strategy and effects of a good rune page. TL;DR - You should just ignore this announcement if you are a level 30 with tier three runes
: How do you get rid of runes? i have some old tier 1 and 2 runes that i dont need anymore
If you go to Riot Support, the should be happy to remove them for you.
NB33 (OCE)
: The biggest issue for me is the cost of runes pages, i need enough IP for 16 champs plus runes but im limited to two rune pages, this makes starting out in ranked so hard especially for casual players who cant bot farm IP
You only need two rune pages. A general AD and a general AP. One could argue that a full tank page would be needed as well, but honestly I don't believe that.
Jonius7 (OCE)
: There used to be a way to 'get rid' of Tier 1 and 2 runes: The Rune Combiner. Now Tier 2 Runes are a trap that cannot be removed without lengthy Riot Support!!
How is this a trap? If anything is a trap, it's buying champs before level 20. Legit start saving your IP until you have about 16k, cause that's how much it will cost for two tier 3 rune pages; a general AD and general AP
: What about rune pages? Could we get a few more by default (maybe 5, one for every lane) because if you be a nice guy and fill instead of calling a particular role you either don't have appropriate runes, have to use general runes or spend 6300 IP on another page. P.S. Thank you for doing this, Riot, thanks a heap! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You don't really need more than two tbh. A general AP page and a general AD page is all you need. The other runes and pages are nice to have because of the extra niche you can have.
: If most people don't want to see him in their game, isn't that a fair enough reason to change him? Taric/poppy/sion were changed because they were unpopular and weren't making money. They were outdated visually and so no new skins could be made for them that would be up to the standards of modern skins, and so no one played them (because why play a badly modelled champ with 10 voice lines when you could play Aurelion Sol or Azir or Ekko, or one of the new shiny champs.) and if no one plays them and no more skins can be made for them, they have to update them in order to make money. Those champs were balanced enough without being changed.
Just saying, those champs got their reworks because of how out-dated their kits were. When they were first made, they were right on the nail of where they were put. However, as the game grew and the metas changed, these champs found it difficult to get along and found themselves in the niche cupboard and only being brought out for specific comps. The ban rate isn't enough to justify a rework. The pick rate, win rate, and general age of the champion are just some of the indicators that can show where a champ is.
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