: OCE teams are bad, OPL is a Meme and the communication and coordination among players is laughable compared to higher tier teams overseas (legit why do you think there are only 5 comments in this comment section). I mean did you see how Dire Wolves performed at MSI?, heard that one of the players didn't even talk with his team the entire game.)\ Start talking, schemeing and putting all the info together to pull a winning strat. Eyes out for opportunities and know when to cut losses. Legit if you mic check a team during a game you should hear everyone relaying info to each other about what they see and know, 5 pairs of eyes are better than 1. Seriously, step up your game because we're still the laughing stock of the LOL esports landscape.
mate, I scouted you on op.gg yo0ur bronze 5.... your opinion is fare but to be honest how you are coming accross is pretty shit mate, I am not saying any better than you at this game, tbh im worse but camon obviously overseas has better teams but it is all about opportunity and this was OCE's first world wide event so dont be to harsh... :p
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: Login Issues - July 13th
just unplug the internet from the wall and re plug it in.... but I can't get in do i need to send anything to you on this post to help tell me how and what I need to send as in logs etc, thanks. Hope you solve this quick :D
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