2muchcc (OCE)
: Is saying "merry christmas" really a bannable offence?
I think Riot's system must have messed up, yikes.
Helmsa (OCE)
: Please give kindred a new cool skin.
I think a new Kindred skin got leaked recently but it's unconfirmed
axeI (OCE)
: > **Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, _the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation._** That is nonsense. League of Legends is a team-oriented game. Your individual play and skill is not relative or a conversion for guaranteed wins. Over a large enough sample size of games, team factor IS and will ALWAYS practically be included in the equation on top of your own personal contribution. You also undervalue and not appreciate the fact that as LoL is heavily reliant on team work, the end-goal is to collectively **win with your team**. This also credits those who AFK, grief, intentionally feed or give up purposely in which **unfortunately affects the true individual player's skill in conjunction with MMR and winrate representation.** The system does not screen test player's IRL mentality, psychological/mental health and from that point their behaviour in which they portray in a ranked game. An individual could practically be a Plat 1 player however matchmaking is systematically flawed to skew better teams on the enemy side while you're held captive to deal with those on potential losing streaks and negative winrates coupled with behaviour that is common to that of rage and tilt. You also fail to acknowledge that you climb having built the confidence from your own skill that has improved while praying to the Riot RNG Gods that matchmaking is actually even and favoured your way in addition to having team mates with strong mental fortitude. Don't discount the fact that these are real factors, and while you're in control of your own gameplay, actions and effort - this does not sway your team member's behaviour and their ability to overwhelmingly surrender from 20 minutes onwards. Not even a high elo player who is smurfing can completely 1v9, given the circumstances described above. They hope that their team just feeds less and respond to pings so that they can be carried which unfortunately in most cases within low elo iron-gold (majority of the LoL community) listening and learning to be carried is somewhat challenging for those individuals to grasp. This is why I do not feel sorry for those in low elo. I also do not feel sorry for those who choose to climb higher knowing the stress that comes with the grind in solo queue. We've all been there once and it can be frustrating however the competitive edge in this game makes it that personal rank is bragging rights for many. You may be an Emissary that cheerleads for Riot however your statement on this matter doesn't countenance additional subjective factors on how ranked actually rounds off functioning.
> Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation. I think Dragon's point is that over a huge amount of games, your individual level of play is what remains consistent. You will get carried some games, you will 1v9 other games, you might have the worst team imaginable in other games, but over a long period of time you will average out to your "true" rank. There is a reason why Grandmaster+ players play 8+ hours a day, and lower elos tend to play less, or play more norms.
Yasuo currently has a 47.27% in Master+ ELO. But he has a 53.11% winrate in Bronze. I wouldn't say he needs a nerf, but he is definitely dis-proportionally strong against newer players.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: This is YellowBrickRoad again if anyone is curious.
While I am really not interested in having another discussion with you, I'd like to add that you claim to not go into these games with a negative attitude but you also say stuff like " is my new smurf is ready for ranked already so i can just hop on over" and "this is my fifth perma ban, its quite obvious i dont give a shit about the penalty because of how easy it is to make new accounts".
KaynMid (OCE)
: Permanently banned but this time its actually bullshit.
This is YellowBrickRoad again if anyone is curious.
: > Read through the whole chat-log again and honestly tell me he was toxic. He was toxic. Regardless of the intent, the fact remains that the term used (specifically "f*g") is one that is, in modern society, often associated with a severe negative connotation that directly targets homosexual individuals. If people want to do that in privacy, in situations where those involved are ok with such usage, that's their business, but the very fact that the OP has received a punishment for the behaviour certainly indicates that someone in that match was offended by the use of the term, otherwise there would have been no report and, thus, no punishment. To say that you think there is nothing wrong with what they did is not the point, that is your *opinion* and not consistent with *Riot's policies*, and since it is Riot's game, they are the ones to decide how harassment, especially when talking about things like homophobia, is dealt with. Yaia's logic on this is not flawed, it is based on how Riot treats their game, and how they "translate" behaviours considered undesirable by society into the game and it's systems. The bottom line is that he did the wrong thing and ended up offending someone, whether intentional or not, and so Riot dealt with the behaviour.
Your uptight attitude proves that you have no clue what could be justice here. "f*g" means a cigarette butt, but lets not beat around the bush, it is a shortened slur. I'm not arguing that Riot doesn't have the authority, I am saying that he is clearly a laid back guy and got banned for an auto-detection and if you are gonna sit here and say "he did the wrong thing and ended up offending someone" you are literally arguing a robot's point for it and it's hilarious.
Samo (OCE)
: League Coaching
Now this is an OCE player that knows how to build a network and become successful slowly. I'm G3 right now (jg main) and could definitely benefit from this.
Ingénue (OCE)
: In cases with slurs, its a bit harsher. It doesn't matter if it was intended to be negative or not, it's pretty clear and simple that a lot of players don't want those kinds of words in their games in any capacity.
Sorry to be the one to say that you are complete full of it. No one in this game was offended. And if they reported him and he didn't just get auto detected for profanity, then they were either trolling or they are a very angry individual and they are the toxic ones. Read through the whole chat-log again and honestly tell me he was toxic. He seems like one of the most laid back players especially considering he was lagging to such a high degree. It's disgusting that this decision can be justified by saying "someone got offended, so even if he wasn't really offensive or intending to be offensive, he still gets punished". That logic is fundamentally flawed. I can virtually guarantee that no one was offended by what this guy said but if we assume they were, why should he get banned based on their subjective feelings. If he said something objectively wrong or mean, I would agree with a ban. He didn't though, he just used profanity that some people (whom, I am unsure of) might subjectively disagree with it. This is not toxic and the only reason he got banned was because he used naughty words that Riot doesn't like, not because he targeted or accidentally offended another player with his language.
: Unfair Ban - Ban Appeal
I don't care what anyone on this post responds with, this is 0% toxic in any receiving way. This guy seems like the most laid back and chill person I have ever seen. He is lagging on 1000 ping and not getting stressed out or flaming or anything. This is a rare case where he got auto-banned for using oh so precious swears. I would definitely agree with a reversal of the punishment in this particular instance. I read the whole thing and haven't seen any insults period, much less directed at any individual. No person in their right mind can take offence to his remarks. The only way this ban makes sense is that he got banned for simply using the language. Lets be real. No Rioter looked through this and determined that he is a toxic player. If you want to point me to a human that genuinely read this and thought he deserves a 14 day ban on this game alone, I would say they should be fired. They would be doing their player behavioural systems a great dis-service. This is not justice. This guy is just trying to make the light of an otherwise bleak situation, and you are punishing him saying he is a bad-tempered ill-meaning person. How dare you. These are some of the only people that keep coming back and playing League. You are banning your core player-base now. This is embarrassing.
Renadox (OCE)
: Level 7 Mastery Lee Sin Difficult
Make sure to place a lot of wards, buy control wards, and farm/path effectively if you want to get an S. Unfortunately, most of the time getting an S is not playing optimally but playing for an S.
Pawdawine (OCE)
: Getting 1 Refund token every season
I started playing League in 2014 and people back then said the exact same things you said. Probs never gonna happen.
Lezgodx (OCE)
: Old champ select music
This is so nostalgic
: Platinum 3 from 10 games (Fresh account)
I think it's based on mmr, so it takes your previous mmr, and then uses the mmr system for placements. If you lost 5 games in a row then won 5 games you would get placed lower than if you had the losses dispersed. So on a fresh account, it is entirely dependant upon placements and you can get Plat 1 if you play at a scaled high elo level, everything below that is trying it's best to be accurate to a close elo to last season. (Mostly under) If it is a fresh account it is a bit unpredictable and some people have placed at elos really high or low compared to what they are on a main.
Ninox (OCE)
: Or 4. I don't believe the equation has any relevance to what you are trying to achieve (higher rank/improvement). Games are entertainment. There is entertainment in competition, but ultimately games are designed to be fun. To be an escape from the harsh reality. If you're not enjoying your time playing on some level, *then* it's an exercise in futility. I tried, again, for some reason to help you, and you still either dodged or refused every advice I gave you, so I'm tapping out here. It's not worth the time.
Dismissing evidence? Who do you honestly think you are? You are clearly the one trying to advance your beliefs. You would clearly rather win an argument on the internet than actually get a higher elo. Any high elo player will tell you your mindset is so horrible for ranked and I can see exactly why no one wants to coach you. You are pretentious and think you know a lot about maths and statistics but really you are forgetting a simple thing called common sense. If you can't get to a higher elo, you must need to improve. Do you honestly think that with a 37% win rate in Silver 4 that you playing infinite games would get you your true elo which I'm assuming you think is much higher? The truth is that your frame of mind is delusional and you simply do not want to get a higher elo, I don't know what else to tell you. I have read this whole discussion and none of what you are saying makes an ounce of sense. The only thing logical you have said is that over an infinite number of games you would get a perfectly accurate elo. This is of course completely irrelevant considering ranked is a ladder and if you can't climb, you aren't good enough to climb.
: Why does no one want to live coach me?
Are you paying them? Challenger players would not be proven wrong they would definitely get you "freewins" (that's not what coaching is for btw) but they probs wouldn't coach for free. Also based on your comment replies below you have a twisted and bad frame of mind for playing ranked. You have being playing since season 3 and have never surpassed Gold, and instead of improving you want to get free wins and justify your skill. "An infinite number of games is required to get an accurate sample size" you are delusional and unlikely to ever get to high elo if you think this way. None of your talk about ranked makes any sense. Good players get high elo, bad players get low elo. You get matched against players and if you are beat them in that game, you advance in LP, along with mmr. This is mirrored for LP and mmr drops if you lose. Ranked is a climb. If you get to a point that you can no longer climb, it means you are the skill level of the players in that elo bracket / mmr. While ranked isn't technically a measure of skill, it is a ladder. If you can't surpass a certain division, you simply aren't good enough. You might improve by playing some games in that division, but if you really think "as a bronze tier player, if you played an infinite number of games without improving, you would rank up" you are just plain foolish. Ranked is going to be accurate due to "peaks". Until that point, you shouldn't be thinking that you are trying to reach your "true rank", you are just at that rank and that is your rank until you decide you can climb further. If I climb up to Plat 5 and then get stuck for a few months before advancing to Plat 4, that does not mean that I was truly plat 4 and a larger sample size showed my true rank, because I got stuck. I peaked. You are going to have to accept the harsh reality that Challenger players never complained that they couldn't play enough games in Diamond and eventually got to play more games, they improved each elo they went up and now sit with the other top players. They are still improving. As they improve, the elos stretch more and more in skill difference (assuming we aren't involving new players joining). Look if you try desperately to claw your way out by spamming games instead of trying to improve, you are going to find yourself feeling down. You need to actually want to improve to get higher ranks, and instead of being pretentious and saying that the ranked system is not accurate, how about you either watch some videos or pay a coach and try to look beyond your keyhole perspective.
: For whatever reason, bug or not, Azir's autos always drew minion aggro, I've been an Azir main since the day he came out. This is just the same as him having no cooldown on his W when casting on towers, I said it was a bug, and everyone (even other Azir mains) told me I was crazy and it had always had no cooldown. Sure enough several months later when they bothered to fix it, they confirmed it was indeed a bug. ---------------------------- Theres no point taking comet on Taliyah, because the ability you use to engage knocks them out of the path of the comet... But my point is not about specific champs but more so about what playstyle works for you personally, some classes such as bruisers get to choose between pretty much anything, e.g. Do you build Aatrox tanky or damage? Do you build Nasus full movement speed or resistances juggernaut, or even AP? You get lots of choices with fighters, but with some classes such as Mage you pretty much only get 1 or 2 good runes to choose from. Hell most assassins pretty much can only go electrocute. Also I put absolutely no stock in what some website decides to rank champs as, I base all of my opinions and descisions on actual experience I have through playing the game. And from what I see, Nasus is a monster 90% of the time, Kalista can't seem to kite effectively anymore due to the excess of movement speed in the game now, and the effectiveness of even minor slows on her dash, and kindred can only get strong by running into certain death every 50 seconds to get marks she knows full well stopped being there the moment Lee Sin checked his map. I'm in silver, as is the vast majority of players, so using some stats from ranked pro and plat players means nothing to 90% of the community.
"Also I put absolutely no stock in what some website decides to rank champs as, I base all of my opinions and descisions on actual experience I have through playing the game." "I'm in silver, as is the vast majority of players, so using some stats from ranked pro and plat players means nothing to 90% of the community." No that just means you are low-elo. Champions can vary in effectiveness between elos, but tier lists are based off of win-rate, some use ban-rate and pick-rate aswell, but whatever the case they are always objectively the strongest champions for the patch. Players being at a worse standard making those champions not as good or worse champions better does not mean they should be adjusted accordingly... Your point about the majority opinion being important does hold some water, but instantly crashes when you realise that not all silver players are going to agree with you, you have formed your own opinions based on your own experiences as you said, and are now trying to dictate what is balanced well based off of that. I guarantee there is a silver player that thinks the exact opposite of everything you said because they have a keyhole perspective and most of them see the game different ways. If you are throwing away statistics in favour of your own opinions and then expect Riot to make changes accordingly that's kind of embarrassing. Silver players generally lack game knowledge compared to higher elo players so how would they know what balance changes are the best? Taliyah needs a buff but you are out of your mind if you think the runes are trash on her. The only thing she misses out on is Storm-raiders Surge, but Phase Rush now means if you hit your entire combo you get the slow resistance. Aery is still very decent for the nature off her poke in lane, comet definitely works considering you are constantly q'ing, combined with its higher cooldown means you do get it off quite often. Electrocute is not the best especially since that tree isn't as desirable as other trees. Phase Rush can work if you need to be slippery inside late fights. (You should be landing your 3 part combo with ease late). Unsealed Spellbook is pretty strong for mages right now and gives Taliyah the ability to possibly take ignite, exhaust or tp early. The truth is whether or not silver players are the majority, they are still bad and if you google the top win rate champions for a role and play one you like, you will have a higher chance of winning than someone playing a garbage tier champ. If you want to play the champion you exclusively love then go ahead but don't expect Riot to go in your desired direction with them. If anything these high win-rate champions are better in silver because they are naturally easier to play if they are op and very abuse-able. Of course, anyone can 1 trick a champion and get high elo if they are good enough, whether the champion is good or not. If you fail to climb with a certain champ you either aren't good at them or just aren't good in general. I have a friend that mained the old Urgot and got platinum 4 at his peak. (Perma'd now lmao)
cahlenger (OCE)
: Ah thanks for your response. My area shows "FTTP (1000 Mbps)" (purple colour). What ping should this get me?
FTTP is 10 times better than what we all have which is FTTN. NBN connection does not dictate your ping... whatever ping you had before I would subtract 15-20 and that is most likely your new ping.
WilliK (OCE)
: How long will it take me to get to silver based on my stats
You shouldn't be asking for an estimate, you should be asking for advice and looking to improve. I am only mid gold rn going for plat this season but I would offer some of these tips based on your match history: 1. Look up high-elo rune pages, your's seem really inefficient and overall putting you at a disadvantage 2. Stick to one role, and have a second to fill on. Maybe focus on TF mid and maybe have a backup. 3. Learn how to CS. As a bronze 5 player you current goal to climb should be somewhere like 60-70 by 10 minutes, 140-150 at 20 minutes. You don't necessarily need this for this elo but it helps a lot. 4. JasonWazza is correct, you are going to have to accept that logically over a large sample size if your win rate is sub 50, you won't climb. However, you are clearly performing well on TF this season and are slowly climbing on him. And will eventually get 50%. 5. While bronze players are kind of inexperienced and foolish, their main weakness is they throw their leads, and can't come back from early game losses. Try and learn to exploit these weaknesses. 6. Bronze players have a tendency to always push mid and never go into the side lanes, kind of just have a stare off with the enemy team. If you are confident you can 5v5, go into the fastest pushing lane and try and force a fight (if you have engages). If you aren't so sure, send your split pusher into a side lane and try and draw pressure. While the nexus is like the king in chess, it doesn't mean you are trying to forcefully get them in check every move, it might be better to get their queen or rooks first (inhibs, side towers, etc) to put a lot of pressure on them. There are a few more things I could think of but you are a unique player, you clearly have dedication to climb as you aren't playing much normal or flex games which is good, but you need to get into the mindset of {if you improve: you will climb} look to better yourself each game. Not much to lose in bronze 5 anyway.
Ninox (OCE)
: I'll try to keep it as simple as possible cause it can get pretty confusing. 1. Placement is pretty much entirely based on your end of season rank and MMR. 2. MMR found on sites like op.gg are at best an estimate. They use their own calculations not Riot's, because Riot's are hidden essentially to prevent abuse of the system. 3. You will almost always end up 2-3 divisions lower than your previous season rank. Very occasionally someone with very high MMR or who really boosted through preseason will end up a little higher. Those who stopped before reaching their peak rank will often only be 1-2 divs below their end of season rank due to higher MMR as well. 4. Placement matches don't matter all that much to your actual placement unless you were previously unranked. For the most part they are just to make sure you are still at your skill level. We don't know exactly what goes into your MMR gains/losses because of the hidden calculations. 5. At G5 last season, you should expect in the realm of S1-3. 6. If you want to estimate yourself, look at what ranked players you are being matched with in placements. If they're above your end of season rank, only knock 1-2 divs off your end of season. If they're even 2-3 divs. If they're lower, 3-5.
k well on my silver 5 last season smurf i got silver 2 so i was hoping that i could get a decent rank out of placements on this account aswell but oh well can just climb i guess
Rioter Comments
: Why do I have to spend 2900 gold to counter Zed
They are releasing the new "stopwatch" item and rune, will be good for both ad and ap.
: yup, ive got this, drunk flamed everyone a month or so ago, dropped from level 3 to 1, now ive been stuck at level 1 for way longer than it took me to go from lvl 2-3. I've given up trying to be honest, its the hope that kills you. I play dota more than lol anyways these days now, the community is nicer so you feel bad flaming, virtuous circle and all so I've never got in trouble there.
the dota community is just as bad as league lol they are either toxic tryhards, hardcore anime avatar weeaboos or no-life 4 chan users (my best friend has been 4000-5000 mmr btw)
: I once died twice in 3 minutes to the enemy laner and it was the junglers fault.
: With all these new changes, I hate myself for being so toxic.
Rioter Comments
KaynMid (OCE)
: So ive been in silver for a week now, heres my take.
Sorry dude your still shit at this game it's just bronzies haven't figured out how Kayn works yet. You spend 3 years in bronze and get into S5 and try to give your "take on the difference between the elo's.". Bahahahahaha
Ingénue (OCE)
: I removed the name due to it violating one of the boards rules (the no name and shame rule). You are 100% right though, people need to report toxic players in the end of game screen in order for them to face punishment. Even if it isn't an immediate ban, all reports count and stack against a player if they continue on their negative path.
you bring up that rule but never explain why. people are assholes in game and they don't have to worry about been publicly exposed yet when streamers or people in the public eye are exposed riot takes action whether it's against their policy and in their position to do so or not. and they hide behind the shield of "we own your account". chances are this person doesn't care about the minor consequences of his actions and you are just taking off the pressure of been toxic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengorax,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=jiOXhAfN,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-04-19T00:24:13.383+0000) > > dw i got it Not sure what you mean here tbph, but cool.
: it offends me as a support main
unfortunately supports are a kind of fill class. more often that not people who play support didn't queue for it, and aren't mains. this is why support mains can seem to carry, cause they are good at it. but this results in support mains always getting support, so you would have to take a chance and pick mid/adc or mid/top in order to get mid.
: To earn some freebie. Sit by the closing notice. I arrived too late.
  Rioter Comments
: Cool cut out, one losing streak, which is the focus of my rage above, shit teams game after game, now literally go back another 10 games down, oh shit, i won more games in a row, than i lost in that losing streak. Fuck... its almost like the last 20 games is not a good indicator of skill. Overall is. And overall, besides the last 100 games in b5, ive been 70% winrate in b2. The last 100 games in b5, is why i have the winrate i do right now. For future reference, actually do your research before you claim to know someones situation, else you just come off as an illiterate fuckwit like you just did.
no one thinks i come out as illiterate or dumb, you are bronze. if you were better than bronze and play this many games, your team wouldn't be able to pull you down. end of story. you are toxic and need to reform before you will go anywhere.
: None of those kindred games are jungle. The lower elo i go the more restrictions i put on myself as to what lane and champ i play. If i played nothing but meta champs in low elo id be even more pissed when i lose. Hell take the zed mid games, im playing zed mid not because hes meta, but because i have like 5 games played with him. a 5 games played zed, that is consistently going like 7/1 during lane phase, and he "belongs in this elo" A kalista mid player with a 60% winrate over over 100 games in the mid lane. An ap shaco player who can go 25/7 in the mid lane, with 6 of those deaths being an udyr running him down stunning into xin three talon strike, after being fed by vayne because our malz afk'd. i was 14/1 at some point in that game. Mechanically i am a better player, hell even my macro is better in most parts, i fully understand that if there is 3 top i should 100% go an take that bot tower, that alone puts my macro play ahead of my elo, because i dont have to be told, they do. No the reason why i lose, is i may be better in most areas, but i am not better to such a degree where i can consistently 1v3/5 because thats what happens in every game i play, i absolutely DUMPSTER my laner, go some insane score like 9/1 then get the entire enemy team sitting on my ass, and my team is never good enough to take advantage of the fact that their team is now ignoring them as i am the only threat, as such i consistently end up in 3v1 ambushes and shit because its either i sit in our own jungle because thats where my team is, or i get killed trying to be productive and actually take objectives. And theres more evidence to point to that, namely my winrate at b1 was 70% My winrate at b5, has just dropped below 50% How can i consistently carry games, at an elo 4 tiers above where i am right now, but cant even carry this shitty elo. Think about that for a second before you reply, because my case, completely defies the usual player logic of "well if your teams bad so is the enemy team" because ill repeat, i win more games, against higher elo players, that doesnt make any sense when you apply the general consensus of how elo works. I mean fuck i even know how to fucking play from behind, the number of games ive gone like 1/5 in lane from being gank spammed then come out the end of the game 15/7 because i just farmed and played safe, is through the fucking roof. But none of those skills help me 1v9, they make it easier, but they dont enable it. At the same time, in higher elo's playing with players more around my level, those skills are invaluable, you need to know how to ward, you need to know how to abuse lane pressure, you need to know how to play safe, because if you dont, you lose, because the enemy team isnt made up of absolute spastics and will take advantage of that, and thats why i win in that elo, because i dont make those mistakes. In bronze 5, it doesnt matter how good your macro play is, bronze 5, is 100% a hard carry elo, you HAVE to 1v9, you cant rely on anyone to know what the fuck they are doing, and you can expect the enemy team to be greedy and kill focused, so they will run you down if they see you. Your own team will expect you to fight by yourself because of how fed you are. Basically, in b5, unless you know how to 1v9, getting fed, is like sealing your own coffin. Edit: And just to reiterate when i say i dont make those mistakes, im not saying im perfect, of course i make mistakes, but i dont make those particular ones, because those are the skills i have focused on, because why try to learn how to play at chaos 5, when i can learn how to play at every elo aside from chaos 5. Why is it chaos 5 and not bronze 5? simple, its pure chaos, i have literally won games playing full ap warwick pre rework, in the bot lane, as the adc role. there is no structure, everyone down here is shit, and the meta goes out the window, no one itemizes correctly, and being a better player doesnt inherently mean you can win, this is the league of throws after all, all it takes is me being the only good player on the team and getting 1v5'd once to lose the game, because my team wont be able to do jack shit against them since if they can 1v5 me they fed in the first place. Ask any smurf whos played in b5 coming from plat and up, the first thing they will tell you is that all strategy goes out the window, its either you 1v9 or you go down with the sinking ship, you cant expect even the slightly shred of teamwork. The most teamwork you will get is if you have someone on their team low enough to kill and you are low, someone else will come in to get kill credit, thats it.
stop thinking you are better than you are. disco heat plays random picks and builds all the time, and hes diamond lol. you think you are like a b5 smurf from plat and up? you have no shot calling skill. you have been bronze 5 in 3 seasons now.
: been a long time since i made one of these posts, because i wasnt at the trash pit elo for a while
Dude, you aren't good at League of Legends. That tier is trash, and why are you in it?. Everyone wins more games the higher they get matched with, but you aren't climbing are you. If you get matched higher you play safer and more competitively, and cs more efficiently. You need to stop blaming your team, find a one trick champion and climb if you really deserve higher. http://imgur.com/a/SWYqu http://imgur.com/a/fmRDU 3 seasons of bronze 5.
: That... didn't really answer the question. Or are you saying that removing the paint drawings would make her no longer overloaded?
I typed out about 4 paragraphs but i couldnt be bothered and changed it to that
: Alright, fair enough. Is there any suggestions you could make to help solve*(or at least make a dent in)* the problem without compromising her theme?
Wuks (OCE)
: That's because the word you mentioned is often seen as a derogatory way of addressing transgendered or transsexual individuals, depending on context.
excuse me but this is Australia, when someone says that word it isn't derogatory because it's just common slang, generally most Australians are "conservative" so I can see why people would be scared, but really who is getting offended by someone saying %%%%%%, it's the same as saying gay compared to homosexual realistically.
: Udyr really needs a buff.
You didn't need to do a long post about this to justify him been buffed. I had to stop playing him cause he's gimmicky now, but I one trick climbed him from bronze 3 - silver 2, then just played mid lane and I'm about to get gold, when in other seasons I've never been out of bronze. He is only good rn against idiots.
: Lmao @ people trying to suggest that RIot is not greedy. Corporations are the definition of greed. What they do, they only do if there's a return in it for them. They constantly want more and do whatever it takes to increase their profit margins. They will not be content with with what they have now, they search for ways to have more, whether it's short term or long term. That's the definition of GREED. Tencent (owners of riot) are literally this. Their purpose is to turn their investors/shareholders money into more money. They truly just want your money and that's it. Any decisions Riot make are purely based on $$, whether it's literally which skin/champ they think will make them the most short term or if it's some kind of marketing/image thing they think will help them in the long term. These are the orders they receive from Tencent. i guarantee you that the owners of Tencent, the management of Tencent and the management of Riot don't care about you in any way other than how much cash you have. Stop trying to use trivial and irrelevant things such as people getting banned, which would largely have nothing to do with the owners and management, to try to claim otherwise. I wonder what meager amount of resources they actually spend (compared to how much they make) on their banning and player behaviour shit anyway.
If someone gets banned and then says they shouldn't have got banned because they spent money, and Riot doesn't conform with that, then Riot isn't greedy. And even if they are thirsty for money (like every business ever), that doesn't stop them from treating their player-base fairly. Treating people fairly doesn't mean caring. And also, what does Tencent have to do with this? Riot decides what happens, Tencent has 0 influence, they just make money off of Riot for investing in them early. Tencent been a greedy cooperation doesn't matter; they saw potential for Riot's game to take off and put money on it, and are now living the pay-off. Riot still gets a lot of money, people getting banned for toxicity is an issue that comes from the player's greed and acting in undesirable ways by Riot. Making money =/= greed. They will advance their game to do what they can to make money, which is usually, y'know, what people pay for? If you are buying skins that you want and Riot is making money that they want, where is the issue?
Luxium (OCE)
: Permanently Banned
I love all these posts because they are unironic. I'll give a template. Title: states ban Introduction: I recently got banned, here are the chatlogs: INSERT EXTREMELY TOXIC GAMELOGS Conclusion: Was that really that toxic? Poll: Everyone votes yes
Ninox (OCE)
: The ticket system isn't automated, but there are macro responses. With cases like this guys, usually it's one of the real fringe cases where they have to dig quite a bit deeper to find the lie/truth, so on their first cursory look, and probably also their second deeper look, support still determined the ban was valid. I suspect there was more to his case than we will ever see, though I gather it turned out he had been unknowingly hacked, and this likely contributed tot he problem. Support may have believed that he was the hacker, leading them to say nothing of it until the owner tried to recover the account, or they didn't see the evidence of hacking until it was brought to their attention and they were looking for it. That would be my best guess as to why his resolution took so long. There may have been mistakes on the support teams part, they are human after all, but cases like his are very rare in my experience. Most false bans I have seen are resolved within a week (give or take for response times and all that).
It's not exactly "automated", but people are complaining that they don't read it and just give a bot like response. I have seen one of these (not on my account obviously), but it is a sign of neglect. The only problem is, the issue is resolved if it's fair, and if not, the people end up been lying. There are issues but you will always get a fair case.
Kakoda (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengorax,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AYlA45NU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-02-28T10:20:59.714+0000) > > Many people lie. Many people are truthful and seek help in tickets and get it resolved. Very rarely is it resolved on the boards if it isn't resolved on a ticket (re read that so you understand both sides). My issue is with the people that complain on the boards when they are lying. Sure people who aren't lying handle it the wrong way in my opinion, but they at least get their account unbanned. > > The issue is when people lie and then make up something like; "Riot banned me unfairly and I contacted them in a ticket and on here but they wouldn't unban me, I've never scripted and I'm not toxic, I got hacked". It's like it's a joke to them, they don't give any evidence or even specific information about their situation leading everyone including Riot to not trust them. Then they turn out to be lying after all. > > It is a very very very rare situation if someone is banned unfairly, seeks help from Riot and remains unresolved, and the only time that could ever happen is if It's an opinion case. Like if Riot thinks your toxic and you aren't. I was the person you are referring to. Sending a ticket didn't help at all. Almost 40 emails sent back and forth they didn't help at all. Only though going to the forums I was able to get help. If you lose your account to recover it you can use support team if you get ban for say being toxic and that was a mistake you can use support team. But on extremely cases they just can't help you.
I read your case before this, and the only difference is that you were telling the truth. The fact is, in the end you got help. Riot has to suspicious but their ticket system isn't the best way to get help unless you have solid evidence. Even if you know you've been hacked or something, sometimes Riot can't tell if your lying or not. I said "Very rarely is it resolved on the boards if it isn't resolved on a ticket". This means that if you don't get it solved on both, you are most likely a rare case. But your boards post had no substance to it, Riot had to look into your situation as they initially should have. It all boils down to the ticket system been automated. If you are truly treated with injustice, eventually you will fix it. People who claim they never got their account back are lying.
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Ninox (OCE)
: It's the whole boy who cried wolf thing, except when a whole bunch of people start crying wolf, people stop believing a wolf cry from anyone, which makes it real difficult for the people who actually need help to get it. Holds true in anything in life but is relevant here. If you wanna come to boards to ask why you were punished because you don't understand why your chat log was offensive that's fine, happy to help you, even if you are obviously toxic. Come to boards and try to convince me that you did nothing wrong and you are a poor unfortunate soul who got caught up in a "broken" system then I'm not saying anything till I get some kind of confirmation. If you obviously lie on boards I'm more than happy to tear your argument apart and tell you exactly why you were banned and that you won't be getting your account back, because these are the people that muddy the water and make it so damn difficult to believe and therefore help the people that have actually been caught up in a mistake. I agree with your OP, though I will say, we usually only resort to the "Riot can ban you for any reason" argument only for people that flat out deny that their punishment was legit or for those 'threatening' legal action. Most people are sensible enough to get the reason they were banned (whether they agree with it or not) pretty quickly and just move on.
When I defended the "Riot can ban you for any reason" statement, It was because people like to use it and say; "SEE! IT'S UNFAIR! I TOLD YOU, THEY WILL BAN YOU FOR NO REASON", when that's not what it means at all is not used to ban you or justify banning you, but just lets people understand ownership.
IPDaily (OCE)
: to be honest i find the automated system to be a joke and subsequently riot (considering it is their system that they implemented) purely because it can't ever take being provoked into consideration, considering how toxic the community can be, its more often that not someone is antagonising or instigating/provoking someone else, then it becomes this never ending flame war between them. however it then only takes for the instigator to file a report and hey presto the victim has been banned instead, which for a fact i know happens. Also in regards to accounts with riot, i strongly urge you to not spend any money period on your account as riot does not see you as a customer and you are able to unlock all items through games. so irregardless of how much money you have spent on your account for what ever reason, if you get banned, is gone for good into riots grubby pockets.
I'm a very toxic person, but just not in game after my restriction. I will flame out-loud, which Riot mentions that even if you have negative emotions, as long as you try and don't voice those emotions onto your team, any anger dealing way is fine. Unfortunately (what I kind of don't get) is that Riot doesn't fail to take into account been provoked, they just disregard it. They believe that no matter the circumstances, if you are toxic towards your teammates you can be warned or punished. Sadly, even if someone is intentionally feeding, flaming, trolling, and been toxic all at the same time, you still don't have the right to flame back. Which really sucks because they are giving you so much negativity, and instead of taking it out on my team I usually take it out on my wall. I would lie if I said I haven't reached for the nearest object that isn't my computer and smashed it. My friend once got permanently banned, he was literally the most toxic player you could meet. A real silver 5 player. Nowadays he can play any role, focuses on top, is Gold 4 climbing to plat in solo and flex, and is one of the most passive players in game. If you piss him off, you must have really messed up. He respects Riot's decisions apart from a few balancing changes. Based on the information I've given you, you would be surprised to hear he lost around $700 in champions and skins. Why doesn't he hate Riot? Because picture if all that stuff was free. You wouldn't be complaining about a ban. So why should Riot's player standards change just because you have forked over a bunch of cash? Wouldn't that make them the greedy cooperation? "If you pay us we won't ban you, if you can't afford it too bad". Fact is your logic is really the opposite of what makes sense. They have consistent standards stated in their EULA and TOS, if you disobey that they won't hesitate to punish you, it's your fault if you spend money first. That's the definition of a fair company. Poor people aren't bullied compared to rich people.
Kakoda (OCE)
: I'm sorry, I disagree with you on some things here. I agree 99.9% of bans are correct and for the small chance that it was a mistake you need to bring attention up in the forums. I had my account perma ban and for 2 weeks almost I fought it. I sent almost 40 emails to the support team with no help. They kept telling me nothing was wrong and my account deserved the ban. They kept saying they looked into the case but probably not in enough detail. If it was not for my post on the forms and someone from riot taking a closer look at my case I would not have had my account restored. Yes most people do lie and waist time of the support team. Though a very small group sometimes are truly innocent. The support team I feel can not handle extremely complex cases, let's be honest like all support teams they have very limited resources. My post was the only reason I think that I was able to recover my account. If it wasn't for Riot Gehirn personally looking into my case it would have not been resolved. I'm great full that he took the time to look into it for me, though at the end of the day if I didn't kick up a stink in the forums he would never have even known about my case. The support team closed my case I'd say 4-5 times before he looked into it. All in all, if you are truly innocent and the support tram was unable to help you need someone from riot to help. They will only see it though the forums. Though yes, most people do lie and sadly that's what makes it so hard for someone who done nothing wrong to be helped.
Many people lie. Many people are truthful and seek help in tickets and get it resolved. Very rarely is it resolved on the boards if it isn't resolved on a ticket (re read that so you understand both sides). My issue is with the people that complain on the boards when they are lying. Sure people who aren't lying handle it the wrong way in my opinion, but they at least get their account unbanned. The issue is when people lie and then make up something like; "Riot banned me unfairly and I contacted them in a ticket and on here but they wouldn't unban me, I've never scripted and I'm not toxic, I got hacked". It's like it's a joke to them, they don't give any evidence or even specific information about their situation leading everyone including Riot to not trust them. Then they turn out to be lying after all. It is a very very very rare situation if someone is banned unfairly, seeks help from Riot and remains unresolved, and the only time that could ever happen is if It's an opinion case. Like if Riot thinks your toxic and you aren't.
Ninox (OCE)
: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour/be63rQGe-account-perma-band?comment=0002 http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour/be63rQGe-account-perma-band?comment=000200000000 At no point in your thread did you mention anything about being hacked, in fact you admitted to sharing the account with your brother, who it appears was responsible for some (though not all) of your bans prior to your account being permanently suspended. Your punishment and the reason for it were explained quite adequately in your original post.
This is exactly what I'm talking about. They talk crap and complain, then get shut down very quickly.
: unsure wether truthful, or proving his point {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
No one misunderstands this post, I was very clear. He's probably just playing along with an ironic (sarcastic) comment which is usually on the posts complaining about account loss. I just laugh everytime I see people complain about "unfair bans" because they talk so much s*** and then Riot just shuts them down.
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