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: Hello Dobby, Congratulations! I chose you as a winner! woot? My twitter username is [@AllouchSukeshi](, please reply your twitter username to this comment before sending me a private message so I can verify! (reminder: if you dont respond within 24 hours of this comment, I will assign another winner)
Woot woot! I panicked because I was asleep (ofc) and didn't realise it had only been 6 hours. I think I made a Twitter @oprahdoge and I'll try flicking you a message now <3 EDIT: Turns out I can't message you if you don't follow me, I followed you so flick me a message?
: $10 RP code giveaway! (ONLY OCE SERVER, not clickbait, not fake)
I need this RP because I'm a {{champion:17}} main and I need Cottontail {{champion:17}} be cute asf while I simultaneously tilt the entire enemy team. Also gives extra bonus points when I trash a Level 7 Yasuo, flash mastery, and proceed to desecrate his worthless corpse with beautiful easter eggs, then bathe in his tears {{item:3070}} {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}} . And with the spare $$ I shout an ARAM team a skin boost <3 And because I have no idea how to link memes: **Me to Me:** {{champion:17}} I should come up with an original story that's actually funny **Also me:** {{champion:31}} SHOW THEM MY TRUE IDENTITY AND INSULT THE DIRTY YASUO MAINS Let ~~my shrooms~~ the dankness consume you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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