Saqib (OCE)
: hey animaee what is the "adopter gift" that you were given? ^_^
: Hey you two. There were a bunch of errors with the first email sent on Friday last week – not everyone got them and the URL was bust! The State Theatre is sending again tonight so please let me know how you go when it comes in.
: ***
same! im so confused ;;o;;
Camomile (OCE)
: hey riot, i have the same problem, when i tried to click the form in my inbox, it tells me that the page is not found
can you tell me who the email is from? because I purchased as soon as it came out and I didnt get one ;o;
: Could only be standard tickets only. I have a VIP ticket but didn't get an E-mail so I'm assuming so.
Nah it definitely states everyone who purchased before june 21 will get an email, then an extra option (?) to those who purchased standard, which i have no idea what the last option is referring to haha I got the tickets as soon as it went up ( i got standard as well)
: It should have hit your inbox already animaee. Check your spam/junk just in case!
I haven't received it... weird {{sticker:sg-janna}} Can I know who sends the email? is it through league or ticket tek?
: Rift Rivals Sydney Ticket Discount
Thanks!! I was wondering how long it takes to get the email :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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