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: Do something riot
Even if the threads in question are made by silly people and ill-informed sometimes, this is a VERY REAL issue that needs to be addressed by Riot staff. The game in general is already competitive and fast paced, consistently allowing players who are Chinese to bypass the ToS through the language barrier is extremely stupid. What's EVEN more stupid, is that we have to rely on them actually typing something out to have them punished. What about griefing? Inting? I don't think I've ever once in my eight years of league successfully filed a report for griefing or inting and the Chinese players take FULL advantage of this to harass players and ruin games. How is it even an option if all you lazy Rioters even do is run a scan over chat logs and call it a day.
: Reminder that OCE still has a massive problem with the Chinese player base
Sadly Riot don't even regularly read their forums let alone drop by OCE. The server's going to remain a low elo cesspit fostering toxicity because apparently upholding their core values of player behavior comes second to the $$$ they generate from Chinese transfer students.


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